id Software: ‘Extended console cycles are actually good for everyone’

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Its no secret that he current generation is lagging in comparison to PC gaming technology and hence there is a lot of talk going about how the next generation of consoles are desperately needed to solved this problem.

However in an interesting interview with VG247, , id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead believes that extended console cycles are actually good for everyone.

I think extended console cycles are actually good for everyone. I think they’re good for consumers and good for developers. As much as a new console will excite everyone about its technical gee-wizardry, your worst economic period is often the very first year of a new console. Install bases aren’t there, you’re selling lower units of games, people are having to pay $600-$700 for a console as opposed to $200-$300. And the first games to come out are among the least technically compelling, because there’s just such a rush to get stuff out for launch. Those are the reasons in my mind.

Rage releases this September on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • It has more than reasonable. Everyone always pay the price?

  • Finally…some common sense about “next gen”.

    This gen is not over, and shouldn’t even be considered to being close to being over. Developers are still finding ways to optimize current hardware usage, still haven’t fully taken advantage of HD gaming, still haven’t solidified 3D gaming, still are developing an install base for alternate “input” etc.

    Hasn’t console gaming always trailed PC gaming??? I was playing PC games online 10 years before I was playing on-line with my Sega Dreamcast! Consoles have always taken a performance hit because of their dedicated / proprietary hardware that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars less than what it costs to game on a decent PC.

    Can we all just go back to enjoying what this gen has to offer? Next gen will come, but change for change sake shouldn’t be why we have to shell out for a new console.


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