If PS3 And Xbox 360 Games Were Movies

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Imagine if your favorite PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 exclusives were actually movies. And then imagine how awesome their movie posters would be.
Today we have collected some really awesome video game movie posters made by fans across the world. Check it out in the gallery below. If you have better ones, post them in the comments and we will make sure that we will include those in the gallery.
Just one thing. I know certain fans will probably be disappointed by the lack of an Uncharted movie poster, since we were not able to find a decent one. So if you have one in sight, shoot it in the comments.

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Alan Wake

Alan Wake

Source: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/218/9/2/Alan_Wake_movie_poster_by_jarredspekter.png

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  • aquaman22

    What’s up Rashid, cool article man. I really like articles like this, because I’m such a movie buff you know. I think you nailed it spot on with Wentworth as Cole, and I also really liked Colin as Sam Bishop from the Splinter cell series I thought he would be great. All I could think about was the recruit when I saw that poster lol. However I thought you blew it with the Gears of War movie poster lol. I can’t see batista as Marcus, and val kilmer is old and fat lol. I do appreciate the fact that you probably put him there because of Red Planet which was a descent film, well it was an ok film, but if he were to work out and get fit then hell yea. The rock, Well I don’t know how he would be as a supporting cast, since he’s really the star. (except for fast five) Great article man, keep up the good work! Aqua Out!!!

    • Rashid Sayed

      cheers 😀

  • an evil feeling enters the room . . . a force that starts to peel the paint off the walls but you don’t see anything doing it, it slows your breathing. BAM! you hear something in the next room but you know your the only one there. you can’t see it but you feel it. horror games on xbox 360 . .


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