In Theory: Can Xbox Scorpio Use AMD Vega/Ryzen GPU/CPU Combination?

Is it possible within console pricing limitations?

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It’s surprising, really, just how fast time flies. We’ve now been talking about the PS4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio, and the Nintendo Switch for months. The Pro’s already out in the market, delivering largely what we expected it would: a compromised, sub-4K experience at an accessible price-point. As we discussed earlier, the Switch falls flat when it comes to pricing, stuffing old, mobile parts into a tablet form-factor, then selling that at a price that’s higher what the PS4 is currently available for. The Switch is due for a March 3rd release, but apart from the improbable miracle of it somehow not pouring Nintendo’s thirty-year-old hardware ambitions down the drain, it holds few surprises. With a whole extra year to take advantage of changes in the hardware market, it now falls on the Xbox Scorpio to drive console gaming forward over this (half) generation.

Note: Please note that this feature is a theory and opinion based on current technological trends. The only things we know for sure about the Scorpio is its 6TFLOPs GPU, 8 Core CPU and high bandwidth memory.

The rumour mill’s long had it that the Scorpio would make use of AMD’s latest, in terms of its graphics and processing components. The fact that Sony made use of Polaris in the Pro, just months after AMD outed the Polaris platform, indicates that the Pro’s specifications weren’t locked down early. This runs contrary to Nintendo’s rumored approach to the Switch, where it opted for the mature, Tegra X1 SoC, over the much newer and more powerful X2. Sony’s willingness to wait before finalizing on the Pro’s hardware spec gives us a degree of confidence about Microsoft’s hardware decisions with regards to the Scorpio.

While raw compute ability in teraflops isn’t an ideal measure for in-game performance Microsoft’s 6-teraflop claim for the Xbox Scorpio’s GPU  limits hardware choices: Polaris 10 at stock clocks, a la the RX 480, can hit 5.6 teraflops, while the much older Hawaii platform, as seen in the 390X, can manage 5.9 teraflops. This possibly eliminates the chance of Microsoft using Polaris entirely. While Hawaii could (theoretically) hit the Scorpio’s performance envelope, it’s a three-year-old platform that runs hot and consumes far more power than would be viable for a console. Moreover, production of Hawaii parts was wound down months ago. This possibly leads to the conclusion that the Scorpio will make use of a Vega GPU, likely with a significant underclock to keep it within power and thermal limits.

Keeping Microsoft’s 6-teraflop performance envelop in mind, Vega is a near-certainty as far as the Scorpio’s graphics component is concerned. But what of the Scorpio’s CPU? It was initially assumed that the Scorpio would make use of an eight-core Jaguar configuration, possibly with a clockspeed bump like the PS4 Pro. It’s easy enough to see why: If the aim is to run Xbox One games at higher resolutions, and not to provide completely new experiences, additional CPU power isn’t really necessary. However, there are two possibilities for why Microsoft may opt for a real CPU upgrade. First off, when Microsoft initially took the wraps off the Scorpio at E3, it mentioned that the console will have an “eight-core processor.” Now, if a processor upgrade was completely off the table, there’d have been no reason for Microsoft to not dive into specifics.

xbox scorpio

On the other hand, the fact that they’ve left it essentially a blank slate implies that the eight-core processor in question doesn’t necessary have to use Jaguar cores. Again, if the aim is to offer Xbox One experiences, scaled up to 4K, there’s no need for a processor upgrade. However, Microsoft’s made it clear that Scorpio will offer exclusive VR experiences that will not be possible on older hardware. This is where additional CPU power becomes crucial: high, consistent framerates are essential in VR as lurching motion can cause people to feel nauseous. VR titles have to consistently hit 60 FPS or higher.

Commercial VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift actually have a 90 Hz refresh rate. In GPU-intensive titles, poor processing power isn’t much of a hindrance at typical framerates: you can reliably hit 30 FPS and above, even with modest kit like the Core i3-4130, provided you have enough GPU grunt. The problem arises when you’re trying to hit substantially higher framerates. Because the processor has to make draw calls to the GPU, a CPU bottleneck will arise if the processor is unable to the feed the GPU fast enough. The higher the framerate, the faster this has to take place. As far as contemporary AAA titles are concerned, you really do need something as powerful as a Core i5 to allow your GPU to hit VR-ready framerates.

Microsoft’s been cozying up to Oculus, with the Rift actually able to run Xbox One games in a virtual theater mode. If the Scorpio’s to be able to run Oculus titles, it will need significantly higher processing power. Microsoft could make this happen if they decide to incorporate a Ryzen CPU in the Scorpio. We’d reported earlier that a Scorpio presentation slide had apparently featured at AMD’s CES booth this year, where the emphasis was otherwise on Ryzen. The problem here is with costing and the way Ryzen is implemented. Because they’ve not been able to compete with Intel on IPC, AMD’s plan, til date, was to offer more processor cores, for cheaper. This made parts like the FX-8320 particularly well-suited for heavily multithreaded applications live video decoding and image processing.

xbox scorpio

However, PC games continued to lean heavily on single-threaded performance, meaning that AMD’s eight-core designs tended to lose out to dual and quad core i3’s and i5’s in games, even with sky-high overclocks. With Ryzen, the focus has been on improving IPC, with AMD claiming a 40 percent performance uplift per-clock, compared to Piledriver. But the economics here make eight-core Ryzen designs substantially more expensive. AMD’s own benchmarks pitted an eight-core Ryzen CPU against Intel’s 6950X, a $1500 processor.

While we expect Ryzen to come at more reasonable pricepoints, it’s hard to see a circa-$500 dollar console like the Scorpio packing an eight-core Ryzen processor, when flagship Ryzen SKUs could retail in the vicinity of $500 all by themselves. Nevertheless, prices aren’t set in stone and it wouldn’t be inconceivable that Microsoft makes use of a custom design with repurposed, low profile, mobile-oriented Ryzen cores, as they’ve done with Jaguar and the Xbox One.

Coming to pricing, it’s a tough call to see where exactly Microsoft will position the Scorpio in terms of price. They’ve repeatedly referred to Scorpio as a premium console. This implies that the Scorpio will launch at a higher price compared to the PS4 Pro. Just how much higher is dependent on two factors: differentiation and component costs.

Just how different the Xbox Scorpio experience is, compared to the Pro, will have a major impact on the kind of price point Microsoft sets. While the vanilla PS4 is Sony’s fastest-selling console to date, consumer response to the PS4 Pro has remained relatively tepid. Many people continue to game on 1080p displays and, apart from the moderate resolution bump, the Pro offers few others bells and whistles in most games, compared to the vanilla PS4. Apart from the bump up to 1440p or checkerboard rendering, there’s simply not much that differentiates the Pro or gives most people a reason to buy it over the now-cheaper PS4.

xbox scorpio

How would the Xbox Scorpio fit in this scenario? Microsoft themselves have stated that their plans for Scorpio are broadly similar to what Sony’s doing with the Pro: they want to offer a halfway house console that will run current-gen games at higher resolutions. But if native 4K/30 output is the only thing that sets the Scorpio apart from the PS4 Pro, there might might not be too many takers for the Scorpio if it launches at a higher price-point, around $500.

Microsoft’s statement on VR and Scorpio exclusivity are a positive sign: it means that, unlike Sony, they’re not entirely averse to the idea of some kind of Scorpio exclusivity. If this trickles down to regular Scorpio games, then Microsoft would have a bankable reason to sell the Scorpio at a price premium: this would be particularly compelling if the Scorpio receives a processor upgrade that allows for deeper, simulation and systems-based gameplay than is possible on current consoles. While Microsoft’s current line is that there won’t be exclusives, Microsoft has a history of backtracking on Xbox features, if the Xbox One’s always-online debacle is anything to go by. Scorpio exclusives, even if they’re just a handful, would give consumers a real reason to buy Scorpio over the Pro or a midrange PC.

Component costs play just as important a role in determining Scorpio’s pricing. Vega 10 is AMD’s flagship 2017 GPU. The full-fat PC iteration of Vega 10 goes head-to-head with Nvidia’s Titan X. This is a GPU that’s capable of delivering ludicrously powerful flagship experiences. Sourcing a Vega 10 GPU, even partially-enabled one, will not be cheap. While the mainstream Vega 11 platform might offer the right kind of performance for the Scorpio, Vega 11 parts are even further off in the horizon.

If a cut-down Vega 10 GPU is at the heart of the Scorpio, this significantly raises the minimum threshold for the Scorpio’s price. If, in addition to this, the Scorpio features a Ryzen CPU, we’re talking about a price-point that’s well in excess of $500. That’s not an unheard price for consoles in general: after all, the PS3 60 GB launched at $599 back in 2006.

xbox scorpio

But the higher the price set for the Scorpio, the more it will need to differentiate itself from the competition: by the time the Scorpio releases, the PS4 Pro will likely be a $349 box that offers a passable “4K” experience. If more developers start incorporating 1080p “bells-and-whistles” modes, it might actually turn into a viable alternative for premium 1080p gaming, compared to midrange PCs. If all the Scorpio offers at that point is a marginally higher resolution, people might not be willing to buy it at a premium price-point. If the Scorpio wants to succeed on the market with a high sticker price, it needs differentiators, and the most straightforward way of achieving that would be to have Scorpio exclusives. What Microsoft has to say about that remains to be seen.

All in all, 2017 is shaping up to be a very interesting year indeed for gaming. VR is likely to slip further into the mainstream. Pricing apart, the Switch offers a real console experience on the go, and the PS4 Pro brings eighth-gen console visuals more in line with the contemporary PC baseline. The Scorpio’s launching in a dynamic market. How capable it is, and how sensibly its priced, have everything to do with how it’ll fare.

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  • d0x360

    I don’t know if Microsoft will be using Zen but I can’t see them using Jaguar. Its very inefficient and just doesn’t make sense to use for gaming regardless of clockspeed. Sony & Ms only used it because their options for an APU configuration at the fab process at launch only allowed for something low end. So I expect an upgrade there and Zen is the obvious choice the question there is down to price.

    The GPU on the other hand is probably Vega. It gives them a ton of options in both directions when considering price, power, thermal limits etc. It’s also insanely efficient and plays to the strengths of vulkan and dx12 in ways no other GPU on the market from either company. It would allow them to easily hit any power target in terms of flops.

    Of course flops is a misleading number. Consoles punch above their weight. Their specs don’t tell the entire story.

    What I’m excited about is the extra 4 gigs of memory in addition to the shrinking of the dash’s resource footprint in the current preview build. It’s gone from using very little resources to using almost none.

    • Mark

      Lemme ask u sumthin; considering the fact that Scorpio’s L2 cache has gotten a bump in Megs, what do u think Microsoft is aiming for there with the CPU? Some people say it’s prolly not Jaguar because of this.

    • d0x360

      They could add cache without changing the CPU itself it’s really just of a matter of adding if. It wouldn’t take any more physical space.

      It really doesn’t make sense for them to keep using Jaguar. It didn’t make sense for Sony to either especially since we have already seen games bottleneck that CPU and an overclock won’t fix that. Adding 4 more cores might but shy of that both consoles really needed a better CPU from day 1.
      There is no evidence that says they will change the CPU but it’s really a common sense move especially considering I highly doubt that CPU could feed a GPU at native 4k on the AAA level and they have said it will perform at that level. It should…The 290x I upgraded not long ago could run Witcher 3 maxed out at 4k 30fps locked as long as hairworks is off. The Scorpio GPU has more computational power and it’s more efficient so it can do more with that power.

      For example if you were to take a single core from a modern Intel CPU and benchmark it against a single core from 10 years ago with an Identical clockspeed the newer core would perform tasks faster.
      Computer hardware isn’t like for like based on numbers written on paper and because of that even starting to speculate on capabilities is really nothing more than educated theory.

      We will know soon enough. June seems really far away but chances are we will see some pretty accurate leaks although they too need to be taken with a grain of salt because design docs can change all the time right up until the day manufacturing begins which will likely be just after e3. So we will get specs at e3 and just like with the xb1 Microsoft could adjust them upwards if they feel they need to. My guess is since they don’t need to they will wait a while and gradually overclock things to allow games to continue to impress.

      Probably a little rambly for your question but I one road takes you down 10 other roads so it’s hard to touch on why a CPU may or may not get upgraded without considering other changes to the system like the additional 4 gigs of memory all of which is going to just games giving the Scorpio about 11 gigs of system memory dedicated to gaming.

    • Mark

      Good insight. Appreciate it. All I really want is 1080p/60fps in single player games on a console. If not, atleast 1080p Ultra settings. I want to taste that mid-high end PC gaming experience……can’t wait. I just hope Scorpio’s a nice leap over the Pro. Really feel like Sony did “Half-ass” it lol. But ultimately alot of pressure’s on Microsoft, and that’s coming from their own Xbox community. We’ll see

    • Hiyperion

      Going with Zen even at 4c/8t (MS could argue it has 8c albeit not all physical) would give them far better performance. Clock per clock the IPC increase is phenomenal, so much so, that after a long time they are actually competitive against Intel (albeit not enough info/benches to make that a sure thing).

      They’ve been talking about a balanced design for the system and the rumored amount of CUs (at least per EG) revolves around 56-60. With a Jag they’ve increased the speed instead of enabling the reaming CUs as per their own words the test they’ve done have shown that the Jag wouldn’t have been able to feed them properly. Therefore, with almost 4x the amount of CUs I can’t see them going with the same chip, even at higher speed… not that much higher than the pro tough.

      And that’s just about the IPC, let alone the other arch advantages – core & cache improvements, power consumption etc.

      Tough, that’s not me saying the chip will be based of Ryzen, but I would be perplexed if they did the same mistake as Sony did with the pro.

    • Eddie Battikha

      I was guessing they were gonna use Puma, but a 4 core ryzen wouldn’t surprise me.

    • d0x360

      They already said it was going to be 8 cores. The problem with an 8 core Zen based CPU is price. They probably won’t use it but I can’t see them using Jaguar either.

      Really they could use whatever they want because it’s x86 so it doesn’t even technically have to be AMD. The could use a couple generations old i7 in theory.

      It’s so hard to even take a guess without first knowing whether they are sticking with an APU. If they are and that’s the most logical because alot of the cost of a console is paying off all the years of r&d. If they stick with an APU and just upgrade components of it none of that r&d needs to be done.

      There are too many questions… Every post another one pops into my head.
      Ideally it’s something better than Jaguar even if it’s not Zen and chances are very high it will be Vega based. Of course that’s another question…infinity fabric. If you’re building this as an APU it makes sense to use parts that share a design ideal especially if it could help performance but again who knows. We haven’t seen any of this hardware in the real world yet beyond engineering samples.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Well find out soon hopefully, I’m excited for PS5.

      perhaps the biggest takeaway I had from the meeting with Mark Cerny was the insight into how Sony views the console generations. PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio have been seen as the beginning of the end of the jump to a new, more capable wave of hardware in favour of intermediate upgrades. What’s clear is that Sony isn’t buying into this. Cerny cites incompatibility problems, even moving between x86 CPU and AMD GPU architectures. I came away with the impression that PS5 will be a clean break, an actual generational leap as we know it. I do not feel the same about Project Scorpio, where all the indications are that Microsoft attempts to build its own Steam-like library around the Xbox brand, with games moving with you from one console to the next – and eventually, maybe even to the PC.

    • d0x360

      The Scorpio is already a generational leap over the ps4 and xb1. The pro is a more of a slight upgrade.

      As for compatibility I think maybe Mark has brain damage…Well sorta. If Sony sees future issues it because they are doing something wrong and that thing is probably a custom API for AMD GPUs. Microsoft learned that the hard way with Nvidia and the original Xbox and Nintendo is about to learn it with the switch. Locking into a custom language designed by Nvidia means Nintendo will pay handsomely to for licenses If they want to ensure future compatibility.

      There is zero reason the x86 consoles couldn’t be backwards compatible forever as long as they continue to use x86 compatible hardware. Microsoft is using a variation of dx12 for Xbox ones main API, there is no custom language that would break compatibility so if Cerny really is worried about that in the future then it’s his own fault for picking PC hardware and using PC incompatible APIs.

      I also think talking about a ps5 is premature and if Sony were to announce it at this e3 or next it will without question be damaging to their reputation. Sooner or later the pro will be the only model you can buy but unveiling or even taking a out a replacement for it at this point is suicide.

  • Carty Seay

    It’s all about the games and community to me. I’ve really enjoyed Sony’s existing exclusives and am looking forward to the new ones, and have a long active friends list on PS4. For me to pony up for the new Scorpio, or update my gaming PC, it would require something that didn’t just impress me, but also all of my friends, and even then I’d still be revisiting my PS4 to play exclusives. I’m not sure I see that happening.

    • Mark

      If you’ve already got a decent PC, I don’t see the point of paying for Scorpio

    • Eddie Battikha

      Everyone realized that except for Microsoft.

    • Mark

      Nah they know. But there’s still alot of console only players like me out here.

  • quantum

    So from now on, in the comment section of articles relating to the scorpio we will see the same people that spent 3 years bashing xbox for its lack of power now say that only games and exclusives are important not power. Then they will write some weak list involving a load of games which more often than not are also on the PC.
    How about waiting until the thing is actually annouced properly and then bash it if warranted.

    • Riggybro

      Then why speculate on anything? Sporting events, politics, movies, entertainment…etc?

      It’s human to do so.
      I think it will always happen no matter what the topic or issue.

    • Luke Skywalker

      I believe speculation is a bit different than trolling, fud and lies

    • crazy_black_man-

      Power is important, yes. But games man. Cmon now, use some common sense, what good is the all the extra added power without the exciting library of games to use it on? Why would you be so excited about a more powerful console with an empty disc tray?

      “Oooh, woooow. Look at how good iDarb looks now in native 4K everybody!”

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      And what games are you playing? 🙂

    • crazy_black_man-

      Right now I’m focused on Resident Evil 7 in VR. OMG. Its da bomb.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Great! Is the Vive as good as they say?

    • crazy_black_man-

      You must be high on mushrooms again.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      You said VR right?

    • crazy_black_man-

      I said mushrooms.

    • jorden

      Other than the thousands of games that are shared between the xbox and PS4.. Ya we have no games..

      You ditz. I have more games than i know what to do with on xbox.

      NO ONE BUYS EVERY SINGLE EXCLUSIVE GAME FOR THEIR CONSOLE. Saying you have more is retarded! What would you do with 90+ exclusive games? you may as well say you take more trips to the toilet.

      So if i add up all the exclusive games ( which alone is more than i could reasonably play! ) AND all the games that come out on both consoles. its a CRAZY HIGH NUMBER! Now i also get all the power to play all of those games in better quality then ps4…


      Moron kid trying to use unrealistic argument.

    • extermin8or2

      When two consoles are at the same price point, power is important, when the lower power one is more expensive power is VERY important.
      When it’s incredibly unlikely they will be even similarly priced….. and the more powerful one is the more expensive one then games are more important. It’s simple and straightforward and logical. Games are important aswell all the time though.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Power is important to the hardcore gamers when the benefits are evident and add to the better experience. In the case of PS4 and XboxOne, the resolution differences and +/- frames were pretty much negible to the naked eye. With that said, There is one factor beyond power that plays the most important role in consoles sales, and that is Pricing. In my opinion the casuals who bought the PS4 did it based on its lower price compared to the launch Xbox One. The trend repeated again during this holiday when the Slim outsold the PS Pro.

  • Truthhurts24

    Scorpio has to set itself apart from the other Xboxes on the market or it will not sell well

    • crazy_black_man-

      Careful, these guys are crying about speculation.

    • Truthhurts24


  • crazy_black_man-

    When the day comes that Sony allows Scorpio to play PS4 exclusives versus those low budget titles that MS has in store, then the guts inside the Scorpio will matter. Until then, it’s just a more powerful Xbox with low bugdet games.

  • crazy_black_man-

    All the power in the world and none of the games to use it on. Now, imagine if that big exclusive list of upcoming PS4 games could be played on the Scorpio. THAT would be something worth getting excited about. But a fast car with no gas in the tank ain’t gonna thrill nobody.

    • jorden

      You ditz. I have more games than i know what to do with on xbox.

      NO ONE BUYS EVERY SINGLE EXCLUSIVE GAME FOR THEIR CONSOLE. Saying you have more is retarded! What would you do with 90+ exclusive games? you may as well say you take more trips to the toilet.

      So if i add up all the exclusive games ( which alone is more than i could reasonably play! ) AND all the games that come out on both consoles. its a CRAZY HIGH NUMBER! Now i also get all the power to play all of those games in better quality then ps4…

      Moron kid trying to use unrealistic argument.

  • Mark

    Thx Arjun good stuff

  • Mr Xrat

    Theoretically it could.

    It was also be close to $1000 retail.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah ok and ps4 pro was $800 oh wait!

    • extermin8or2

      ps4 pro didn’t hve hardware that was THAT much of an upgrade….

    • Hvd

      no whole sale costs will be low more like $500 max they could even take the hit and do $400 just to get it out there and get people to buy look at the rx 480 its $230 for the 8gb version retial if you had a contract with amd for 10m you could get them cheap as $100.

      its all about the contracts they have so dont think it will be $1000.thats what you mite pay if you buy them for a pc.

    • trancefreak

      I totally agree and AMD had really refined their architectures which gave an opportunity I believe to sell better performing (CPU/GPUAPI)consoles at a good price point IMO. Some older tech CPU/GPU which essentially is new in it’s own right while last years PS4 pro and now a much more enhanced Xbox due to more refinement and techniques.

  • chrisday85

    The Xbox 360 lost $125 per console and that was only the first year. It had a tri core CPU that was available as a dual core variant in $2,000 pcs, and dual core processors were at minimum $400 at the time of release. It used a custom x1800 chip, a variant of the x1800 that launched along side it at 273 vs 240 gflops, and the pc part didn’t have unified shaders with the extra ram on chip.

    The fact here is that a console with a ryzen cpu of 8 cores (many believe this will launch at $350-500 price range) is a lower tier than that of the 360 for its time, and the gpu is lower than the 360 as well (6 tflops will be about half what the best and got can do at the time. As I just showed Xbox 360 was at over 80% in pure gflops and ahead in shader architecture)

    This console is definitely able to be launched with ryzen at $399 and it most certainly will be. Mark my words.

    It is astounding to watch the hardware techies who know better be this stupid.

    Also, take note of this: The PS4 used the most powerful mobile variant of a custom 7970m with 8 ace units instead of 2. This is what made it at least somewhat powerful with what was still a laptop gpu, custom with more asynchronous compute abilities. But, at the time of release, that was a $549 top of the line mobile part. Why were the Xbox one and PS4 behind pc? It was not cost issues, or even dated hardware issues, it was power issues combined with durability. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 had terrible failure rates due to heat in the first iteration and they paid dearly for it. For Xbox one and PS4 they put close to the best mobile parts and still hit $399. They can definitely put in a 6tflop gpu and hit $399. For comparison: the 7970ghz edition was out before the PS4 came out, so the tech was a year old, and the 7970ghz edition was 4.3 teraflops. 1.84 is about half. Are we really for some ignorant reason ignoring vega, which will have been out several months by the time Scorpio is released, is rumored at 12.5 teraflops. 6 is about half.

    This is not some astounding feat. This is about par for the course, with the 360 being clearly the most powerful for its time, the PS4 and Xbox one being pretty well powered for being mobile parts, and now they seem to be going mid road, good power efficiency but not quite mobile variant.

    Why are all of you so ignorantly again and again making this comparison? You are gaming bolt for gods sakes and we have kids now saying $1,000 is what the console would cost with ryzen and vega when we all know that’s a load of crap.

    • Hiyperion

      Indeed, tough question is if MS would be willing to lose on HW as they did with the 360? When talking about power & thermal limits (and the 360 being ahead of its time) they’ve could opt for HBM3 (or Extreme HBM per Samsung). Improved density, bandwidth and power efficiency over HBM2 and most importantly cheaper to produce, and AMD has been touting it for 2018 in their Navi GPUs – that is while knowing they’ve already stated the 320GB/s of BW.

      The thing is they seem pretty adamant about 4k, native 4k at that, so they must be quite certain the Scorpio will be able to deliver on that, even tough games are getting more and more complex/demanding.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Get ready for Microsoft to raise the price of Xbox Live subscriptions. They’re also gonna take a hit on those “Play Anywhere” PC licenses. Those licenses to play 3rd party games on multiple devices aren’t free. The Xbox community will pay eventually for it somewhere else.

    • chrisday85

      This is far too simplistic of reasoning and foregoes the possibility more Xbox one users or pc users may buy either or the other, as many owners do. Windows is required for a pc, they make money there, developer simplicity they will win there, adoption of dx 12 and their API they are thinking long term.

      If they succeed, with Scorpio, you will see developers preferring Scorpio not only for the greater power, but the API that is easiest to develop for.

      I could go on, you have not thought this through very well at all.

    • crazy_black_man-

      If they succeed, with Scorpio….

      All that technical API mumbo jumbo aside, that’s a big “if” considering those PS4 saturation numbers. No one is buying and playing Xbox games on Windows PC.

    • chrisday85

      It isn’t mumbo jumbo, and you are clearly a pony.

      PS4 saturation numbers will not stop what is coming.

      What happens when even the PS4 pro is using a crap for beans CPU, and cannot handle complex vr and the Xbox Scorpio not only can, but it’s an easy port?

      It isn’t geek speek, when I say this it’s about business.

      My favorite console to play right now is Nintendo, and my favorite used to be PS4 with ffxiv, I have maxed characters, I can tell though you are a delusional fan boy

    • crazy_black_man-

      Your favorite console is Nintendo? Ooops my bad. I didnt know I was talking to a small child. I’m sorry. Maybe I should go now. You have fun little one. Enjoy your day at school.

    • Steve

      I was going to just read these comments but I had to bust in here and say that your ad hom attacks and childish insults really make you look like the infant around here.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Thanks for not choosing to just read through the comments but choosing to take the time out to share your opinion. That means a lot to me Steve. Oh, by the way, I also took the time to research your behavior in recent online forums and I would like to bust in here to share your recent behavior publicly, call you a hypocrite, and then politely tell you that you are more than welcome to kiss my crazy black a ss.

      Would you like to schedule an appointment for that a ss kissing now? I have a slot available after lunch tomorrow.

    • crazy_black_man-
    • Steve

      Were you raised an idiot or do you practice very hard…. You are doing a fine job either way.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Took you that long to say something that lame?

    • clyde

      Lol @ crazy black man

      Good job Chris. I enjoyed reading your posts. You completely trounced him.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Glad you enjoyed the exchange whether you agreed with him or not. Jump in, share an opinion. Thats what it’s all about.

    • chrisday85

      Funny, I play gears 4 on pc as a side comment, and further more that isn’t what I said.

      I said if an Xbox gamer decides to buy or upgrade a pc, and they will, being able to play their Xbox game on it DEFINITELY do and it will earn loyalty and pc upgrades, or if a pc gamer decides to stop the upgrading and go Xbox they get a sale there. If someone buys a pc they get windows sales. Microsoft isn’t going anywhere, keep dreaming.

      You don’t know demographics at all on this, and given your mumbo jumbo comment you didn’t get my point at all.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Your whole point is invalid. Your silly demographics argument doesn’t mean jack shizzle right now as Xbox One games aren’t exclusive to the console anymore. And that’s besides the fact that there AIN’T NO DAMN GOOD GAMES ON XBOX TO PLAY. They already can’t even keep the Gears of War 4 servers working online consistently. You’re just running your mouth on hopefulness alone. All you have right now to support your argument are a bunch of “ifs”, hope and blind faith, for a console that you’ve never even seen running in the wild. You’re that little girl who’s a dreamer. I hope your dreams come true for you, little Dorothy. I hope you find Oz.

    • chrisday85

      You just contradicted yourself for a talking point. First no one will play Xbox games on pc, now, Xbox won’t have sales because their games are released on pc as well. Choose one.

      To say there are no good games on Xbox is insane.

      They focus on co op exclusives more than Sony does, Sony basically caters to single player and insists that making co op would ruin most their games because of whiny loners. They are not family friendly. Remember the Xbox one planned family plan? Yeah, that was part of the digital only that would have been great, and Sony killed it to be able to market on bullcrap dated crud and used paranoia to rile up consumers.

      I don’t have ifs and blind faith, I’m responding to your ignorant bashing of the Scorpio.

      Also, I have my games, which I play, whereas I sold my PS4 because trash like TLOU and uncharted and god of war should be co op, are over rated, and Sony has their priorities wrong.

      Keep talking. I’m good with business, you are not involved in any company’s demographic planning, I am.

      I noticed you haven’t even listed any facts whereas I have, and you keep calling me Dorothy and a little girl. Is someone sexist? Do you look down on women so much you view womanly insults as an insult?

      You’re pathetic.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Oh my, someone needs to check to see if she is spotting.

    • chrisday85

      In fact, in preparation of the simplicity of easy start up with vr I already sold my pc vr the vive. So Microsoft knows their demographics well.

      Vr is definitely the future and PS4 pro will absolutely not be able to handle the CPU power required.

      They also have a terrible get up for vr as it is. PlayStation vr is a joke. Have you played the vive? Vr is the future and it is one Sony cannot and will not win with the current hardware. What will they do? Abandon the 52 million PS4 users in 2018 and start over, with a new console and new vr system? They are using the move controllers from the ps3 era for gods sakes.

      Then Microsoft will have the head start, your established user base would be divided with a hardware refresh in any way that can make it competitive, whether a new CPU in a ps5, or new vr controllers.

      Will PS4 use their current crap? Then people will have a worse experience. Microsoft waited for a reason.

      Also, Pc gamers will like the ease of use and assurance that if they decide to get in or out of the console market they don’t leave anything behind.

    • crazy_black_man-

      All that blah, blah, blah, fantasy dream girl in her bedroom staring into the sunlight whimsical nonsense you just wrote…when you already know that PSVR will be the lead platform for future VR games and is already the lead selling VR product. You sold your PC and your Vive? You are hilarious in your blind faith

    • chrisday85

      Actually, it is not blind. I’m involved in business you’re not. I target demographics.

      I have reasons behind what I’m saying.

      I carefully worded what I said, I sold my htc vive, not my pc. Microsoft will almost assuredly work on a wireless headset by the time they have theirs ready and it will almost certainly use oculus with touch.

      PlayStation will not lead vr. The CPU is simply not capable of doing so for in depth games. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      Their controllers are dated tech that is clear as as soon as you use them. Psvr will not take off for both hardware restriction reasons which will push the heavy vr investments with developers toward Scorpio, and for the crap controllers. If they refresh their hardware, again, they will be starting without an audience of 52 million, in fact, they will have a hard time convincing that same audience to buy another vr console just two years after they sold them the garbage to begin with.

      I am allied to no one, it is clear that sony has been extremely dishonest with PS4, and made horrible choices with the PS4 pro upgrade.

      That CPU was crap to begin with. It will not handle complex games that my intel 3570k overclocked to 5 ghz is a bottle neck on according to benchmarks for raw data for example, and games like that will become the norm, not the junk for vr psvr has released.

    • crazy_black_man-
    • clyde

      This is happening Canada now. They announced xblive price hike

    • crazy_black_man-

      I’m pretty sure its gonna hit the US too. The console is a failure.

  • angh

    In theory they can use nVidia titan X in combination.

  • Hvd

    no and yes ill say.the no part is none of it is even out yet and the console is being launched this year.

    the yes part is xbox and sony are the only onse buying amd hardware so they mite get it before anyone else does through contracts and deals.

  • redavutstuvader

    If the gaming public is not careful. They will allow the media to brainwash them into holding back the advancement of console gaming. Fanboyism is being used to hold back gaming just so Sony (not Playstation) can survive. I’m pleading with the entire gaming community to step outside the box and realize whats going on. I am a 40 year old gamer that has been playing since ColecoVision , and this is the first time in history I have seen gamers try to destroy what they love best, this is a sad time in the history of gaming. The Scorpio represents the advancement in gaming that is suppose to be the next step. Xbox 360 and Ps3 followed the available resolution of television sets to HD gaming. High end 4k tv’s are being adopted faster than previous HD sets at prices below $1000 (samsung 55″UN55KU6300FXZA $699 or UN55KS8000 $999). Imagine Playing your favorite games on a screen at 60 fps at 4 times the pixel density. Stop hating on your favorite industry and let our gaming dreams can come true. The Pro and the Scorpio were not developed so that the Vanilla consoles would be abandoned , they were created so the high end gamer could enjoy a higher level experience. Gamers stop the hate so our industry can thrive.

  • Eddie Battikha

    I would think they can easily use a low powered 4 core Zen, I really see Sony with PS5 fall 2018 wiping the floor with Scorpio.

  • Paul Savoie

    Phil Spencer himself said he doesn’t want an Xbox 1.5, that he wants a big upgrade.

  • Kushall Dayal

    They can use fx processor


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