Insider Claims Xbox One Games Run at 900p, Microsoft Responds

Not only that, but rushed hardware might lead to widespread defects ala RROD.

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NeoGAF user CBOAT has drawn infamy due to his notoriously accurate leaks from within Microsoft about all things to do with their upcoming Xbox One console. Allegedly, one of his latest nuggets of insider knowledge had him stating that most Xbox One games would run at a compromised resolution of 900p, instead of the next gen 1080p that we were all looking forward to. Considering that even the Wii U hits 1080p with all of its premier games, that’s a bit sad.

CBOAT has gone on the record to say that the console is being rushed to the market, and that Microsoft have not planned the hardware properly- according to him, a 2014 release for the console would have been much suited, because as it stands now, the console will almost certainly have reliability issues like the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death.

The rumor spread like wildfire, and Microsoft was swift to respond:

“I actually am aware of that and know a few of them. You should know we’ve gotten many devkits throughout this past year.

The console in question [the one that CBOAT is talking about] is a zebra turned stress machine for hardware/heat issues testing.”

It might be damage control, or it might be true; given the history, both Microsoft with the Xbox 360, and CBOAT with his leaks, I’m more inclined to believe the former than the latter.

[NeoGAF, Reddit]

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  • James

    Excuse me sir but you have misinterpreted what the Xbox one dev said. He said that they have several x1 devkits and have one with 29day up time(usage). And none off them have issues with heat.

    The qoute you have is the x1dev from reddit responding to someones claim that 29 days is an un believable amount of time. His response was that the 29 day unit is a zebra styled console whose sole purpose is for heat and stress testing. You need to go back to the reddit page
    And find the developers proper response and correct thia article.
    Your misinterpretation of the article acts like cboat and the dev are talking about a single devkit and gives far to much credit to cboat. If cboat is an insider at microsoft wouldnt he have some nice things to say about the xbox one instead of constantly bashing it. Cboat is not a ms employee he is a sony fanboy and all he does is make wide predictions and occasionally gets something right.
    This whole bashing the xbox by neogaf and so called internet bloggers is getting old and childish.
    If you like the ps4 buy it and stop talking crap about otheR systems.
    Plz fix your article sir

    • jmc8888

      What? Whether CBOAT’s current leaks are true or not, he has been leaking info since BEFORE 360/PS3 launched. So you might want to read up on how right he’s been over the YEARS, hell, almost DECADE.

      Why would ANYONE have nice things to say about Xbox One?
      It’s 3rd rate specs?
      It’s 1st rate price?
      Kinect spying on you…yes it will. First it will be used to record your info for advertising purposes, and any of this data can be sold or stolen.
      Meanwhile it’s a fact that the NSA is jacking into the internet backbone and stealing everything it gets its hands on, and every day, that amount is growing, and if you look at what they want to steal…and what they are trying to justify with idiot lawyers as their right to steal is EVERYTHING. Microsoft is #1 with the NSA. They’ve been selling you down the river since the 1990’s, far before a bunch of Saudi sponsored psychos crashed some planes.

      So what is nice about Xbox One? Fantasy Football? Well guess what, my phone and PC can do that without cluttering up the screen…and cluttering it up for everyone for ONE USER’s scores. I can hear the yells now…..Billy..just use your F’in phone for updates.

      I also don’t use NFL.COM for my fantasy the vast majority of fantasy football players. So unless you plan to switch to NFL.COM fantasy, the whole paying the NFL a billion was a waste for you. It will not work with Yahoo or any other fantasy football site. Phones and PC’s are so much better then Xbox One for fantasy football, and isn’t behind a paywall.

      Kinect for games? HA HA HA HA HA. They’ve had 5 years to find something to use it with, they’ve failed. Motion gaming is dead. A few people like their dance games. But really that’s it. Kinect is not for gaming, it’s for spying. Even the game that has been in the works for like 3 years and was originally supposed to be a Kinect 1 game, RYSE, was switched to a normal control format.

      It doesn’t surprise me, every game I’ve seen showcased regarding Kinect 2 still shows some horrible input lag. Kinect is a ZERO BUTTON MOUSE, and a laggy one. The best thing about Kinect, was for Kinect 1, Milo, and he was cancelled. Even if they have some ideas that will take years to pan out…where are those ideas? 5 years and no ideas, yet it has potential? More like a crappy bust 1st round football player that’s about ready to be cut after 5 years of worthlessness. Except Microsoft wants to base their whole team around such a loser. Sad.

      I could go on and on and on. You say people should talk about the great things Xbox One has. Well what are they? Do you even know?

      Fantasy Football can be done elsewhere…BETTER…without the compromises…and not behind a paywall.

      You can already watch multiple angles on your PC. I did that a few weeks ago with Sunday Night Football. Let me clue you in…it’s not that big of a deal. Especially when none of the angles will show you the All 22 angle. Also from what I saw, there was a delay. So if you are like me and have multiple HDTV’s, well it won’t work as you’ll have that crazy delay to contend with.

      Kinect as a remote control? ROFL. How many Xbox Up channels do you need to do to switch through a few hundred channels, and how many hours will that take? Only a minute with a remote control. Oh and remember, Kinect2’s voice recognition (not the same as recording capabilities) is horrible. They are having some major problems with plain talking AMERICANS? What are they going to do with people that have accents…or gasp…don’t speak English? Good luck controlling a tv, one channel at a time, with finicky voice recognition. So be prepared to buy your remote control some new batteries, because Kinect2 with Xbox One isn’t going to replace it.

      DVR? Please. 500 GB’s is not enough if the sole purpose of the machine is DVR. Which it’s not. Also DVR’s have been around forever. I still have crap from 2008 saved on mine. Tivo has been around forever and pretty much every cable company has DVR’s with tons more capacity then Xbox One has.

      In short everything Kinect tries to pilfer from traditional controls, is done horribly and is so obviously inferior it’s insane. As for it’s motion controls, no one has come up with anything cool after 5 years. Nor have they stated anything cool that could be out in the next couple. At some point…the promise of Kinect is realized to be a broken promise.

      All for $499. The 3rd best version of a multiplatform game. Oh and since people using Xbox 360 and PS3 already watch Netflix in HD and the like, why does anyone need to upgrade their console for media? They don’t. It’s a non factor to anyone with a brain. You can get all the media with your old devices, even a PC that’s 10 years old. PS4 can do media as well, but they focused on making games, rather then trying to fool people they can reinvent the wheel with a square. Which is what Microsoft has done. Voice control for tv is inferior. Motion controls in general are inferior. You don’t even need a console for media functions, but if you want to use one for media functions, you get what matters from the old consoles.

      Also, even though both consoles are trying to tap the social media and game streaming aspects, both of those aspects aren’t important. They don’t make or break a console because…a) people don’t care if anyone else got some achievement in a game….and b) few want to watch anyone play games…they want to play them.

      Xbox One is overpriced, underspecced, and it’s MAJOR FEATURES are nothing more than inferior redundancies done better and cheaper, with more options elsewhere.

      If a Microsoft employee doesn’t want to be a shill…what exactly is there to be excited about? Game streaming…no. Remote control…no. Kinect gaming….no. Fantasy football…no. Poorer ports….no. $100 more…no. Netflix or similar….no.

      It’s not childish to bash a crappy and overpriced piece of hardware that keeps relying on the pie in the sky Kinect which has shown to be a complete failure time and time again. Hell even Nintendo has never been able to find a sequel to Kinect Sports. Motion gaming is crap. There is no potential of Kinect, no REAL potential. Sorry, Zombies hearing me through the microphone isn’t a feature to get excited about, especially since it can be done with any microphone and doesn’t need Kinect. Voice controls for Mass Effect 3? Weak. Changing your gun with Ghost Recon: Future soldier…weak.

      You don’t want people to stop talking crap, you want people to stop talking the truth about Xbox One. Well the truth is out there and you have nothing but Microsoft to thank for it’s plethora of horrible decisions it’s made….and it will be like this the whole generation. Get ready for port after port of poorer visuals and lower framerate. Get ready for many more years to pass without anything of real value being on Kinect.

      It’s childish to hide from reality, not to expose it. Jan 1st of this year, I was quite sure I was going to add the Xbox One to my list of consoles and computers I’ve owned my whole life. I was prepared to buy BOTH consoles, but Microsoft has screwed EVERYTHING up. I’m not exaggerating. When you look at the Xbox One, everything you see, you can say…..they could’ve easily done better. This…that…everything.

    • Benjamin Statham

      You repeated topics several times here mate 🙂 Not that you’re wrong but you kinda went full retard with that rant.

    • Steven Solidarios

      I feel your pain and frustration.


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