It Is In Sony Fans’ Best Interest That Nintendo And Microsoft Do Well This E3

Gaming fans should want the entire industry to do well.

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E3 is almost here – we are just a month away from it – and at this point, I don’t think there is anybody who doesn’t expect Sony to have a fantastic conference (I will refrain from indulging in the common parlance of ‘winning’ E3). After all, when was the last time that Sony didn’t do well at the show? It’s been years since they had a bad conference, and they have managed to find a winning formula that they have steadfastly stuck to over the last few years to great success.

However, E3, which should be a time of celebration of the medium by all of its fans, often becomes a time of hostility and antagonism- suggest, for instance, even for a moment, that Microsoft or Nintendo might have good E3 shows this year, too, and fangs will be bared right away.

This defies logic – let me first get out of the way that Microsoft, who have a new console coming out later in the year, and Nintendo, who just had one launch to great success, and probably want to maintain momentum for it, are bound to have great E3 shows by definition – after all, E3 is not a zero sum game. In fact, it seems as though Sony fans (and all gaming fans in general, but due to there being the most number of Sony fans at the moment, they stand out as the most vocal) have almost forgotten that E3 is additive. Competition is good for the industry, after all- and Microsoft and Nintendo doing well can only mean good things for PlayStation too, because if Sony feels threatened, it puts its best foot forward to hold on to its top spot.

"Competition is good for the industry, after all- and Microsoft and Nintendo doing well can only mean good things for PlayStation too, because if Sony feels threatened, it puts its best foot forward to hold on to its top spot."

But wait, I hear many say. Sony is doing fantastically well now– and right now, they have no meaningful competition. The Xbox One is floundering, and the Switch is too new to be a threat. So clearly, the notion that Sony needs competition to put its best foot forward is a false one, right?

Wrong. The PS4, as it is awesome right now, is awesome as a result of moves set in motion 3 or more years ago, when it did face a credible threat from Xbox, and when Sony was trying its best to crush all opposition from Xbox. Games like Horizon or Uncharted were greenlit years ago, when the PS4 faced a very real threat of competition, and did not spontaneously sprig into existence in 2016 and 2017, when it did not. Then, too, consider the PS4’s current hardware- it is a result of Sony getting their ass handed to them with the PS3 and deciding they want to make something simple, easy, powerful, and developer friendly with the PS4, which has led to widespread indie support for it, as well as support en masse from developers around the world. The reason there are as many great games for the PS4 right now as there are is because of how easy it is to work with- and the only reason it is easy to work with is because of the Xbox 360 doing so well, and beating the PS3 for a good long while last generation, and Sony seeing its hard earned cachet with developers degrade as they all fled to support the Xbox first and foremost.

Making a developer friendly console was not the only thing that Sony, who had been making increasingly complex machines until then, learned from Xbox, however. Sony’s developer friendly policies come after they saw Microsoft eat their lunch with their outreach to developers around the world with the Xbox 360, especially with their at the time progressive policies with smaller, indie developers. Let’s also consider the question of Japan- this year specifically, the PS4 has done as great as it has because of its Japanese support, which, again, is a result of Sony’s desperate attempts to court Japanese developers and publishers to them, after the 3DS entirely trounced the Vita, and claimed the entire Japanese development community for itself.

"The PS2 being as fantastic as it was back in the day owed itself to its extremely strong momentum that put it in an unassailable position before the Xbox and Gamecube even launched- and it got into that position because Sony acted aggressively, working to dismantle the Dreamcast."

The PS2 being as fantastic as it was back in the day owed itself to its extremely strong momentum that put it in an unassailable position before the Xbox and Gamecube even launched- and it got into that position because Sony acted aggressively, working to dismantle the Dreamcast, its competition, before the Dreamcast could even become anything resembling a viable competitor.

Plus, precedence has shown us that when Sony acts without much in the way of competition, it makes bad moves, bad for itself, and bad for its own fans- consider the PS3, which came after years of dominance with the PS2, or the PS Vita, which came after the PSP had enjoyed premier system status in Japan for years. Both were mishandled, poorly priced systems, and both ended up never quite living up to their predecessors.

Even now, Sony’s present day decisions, made without the context of years-old competition, aren’t necessarily the best. They won’t allow full modding support on their system. They won’t allow services like EA Access on their system. They will increase the price of PS Plus without any explanation, simply because they can. They will cut corners on their new system by not adding features that their cheaper competition is offering. They will not allow cross platform play after years of saying that they would if only their competition would- and their competition now does.

ps4 xbox switch

"Sony fans are fans of gaming, and gaming fans should want the entire industry to do well. If all platforms thrive, there are more great games for everyone, and that is in the best interests of the industry."

So the idea that Sony does well even in the absence of competition is a fallacious one. It needs competition to keep it in check, just like Microsoft and Nintendo need competition to keep them in check (and this, in fact, is one of the underlying principles, and the best thing, about having a free market). There is also the fact that, on a specific level, even if Sony isn’t going to consider Microsoft and Nintendo a threat, the simple fact of the matter remains that Microsoft and Nintendo, in an attempt to catch up with Sony, are going to put their best foot forward, and come on board with great features, functionality, and games- things that, if they do well enough, will cause Sony to adopt them for their system too. Sony are, after all, a business trying to maximize their bottom line. See also- something as simple as external HDD support for PS4, three years after Xbox One and Wii U both already offered it, to great fan reception.

And all of this is without considering the larger philosophical argument that as fans of games and gaming, we should all just be happy when the medium, and all major players within it, do well. After all, Sony fans are fans of gaming, and gaming fans should want the entire industry to do well. If all platforms thrive, there are more great games for everyone, and that is in the best interests of the industry. Personally, as much as I feel that PlayStation’s dominance may objectively be the best thing for the industry, I do want Nintendo and Microsoft to do well, too- and I hope we get to see some of that at E3 this year.

Note: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to GamingBolt as an organization.

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  • Michael

    Lol….Sony is the one who needs gaming since they’re aren’t making good much money.

    • Smart guy

      That is a fact actually. 70% of Sony’s income is from the PS base other then that not much else. Not really all that great on the movie side or tv’s so when their console has been out for awhile its…oh no!!

  • kma99

    Funny you’re saying this all while perpetuating this console war for clicks.

    • Poseidon team

      That’s the thing Pramath is the best.

    • Starman


    • Right?! Lol…

  • Dougdec92

    Well said and true it is, diversity creates conflict inevitably and then again I’d say some of the best games I’ve ever played were on the Xbox, halo…felt like a starship trooper and can’t wait for the next one….Ryse son of Rome…that game pops to mind whenever I watch anthying roman, it was jaw droppingly gorgeous an great and I hope MS brings it back cos I was truly envious when it made it as exclusive on the Xbox one, Nintendo, yes handed the Vita’s rear singlehanded with the 3ds and switch, hope Sony learns from that and makes a better handheld next time, E3 will come and go, I’ll still be myself, a passionate gamer, too someway to whom I dish out duels on every article but hey, they are all games, everyone has their opinion and I’ll try my best to respect them…. I wish for a great Scorpio launch, I wish for more games for them too, I wish Nintendo a great run with the switch and I wish Sony all the best too…. happy gaming, happy E3 then.

  • Mike Clyne

    I don’t see the Switch as competition to either Xbox or PS. People who buy Xbox and PS are the same crowd. Switch is not.
    It’s like if those two were both metal bands having concerts in the same town, while Nintendo is off in the corner dancing to Disney tunes.
    Nintendo’s fans aren’t eating away at either Xbox or PS’s customers in any meaningful sense, whereas there are plenty of people who have to decide between a PS or Xbox because they aren’t rich and can’t afford both.
    But you are right and, in my case, preaching to the choir that any fan of the type of games that come to Xbox and PS should be rooting for both to keep that industry healthy.
    While I do believe Skorpio is going to be only a minor bump in sales, not some new surge that puts it close to PS4 sales numbers, the more it sells the better.
    Though it’ll likely be like Pro in sales, steady but not the main seller. All that power is going to go to waste and make games only look equal to or maybe very slightly (like counting pixels slight) better than Pro, since developers are still anchored towards making games running on Xbox1 and PS4.
    I could be wrong. We’ll see. Just feels like Skorpio is putting power in that won’t be tapped into. And by the time it is, it’ll be because the next consoles are out, leaving Skorpio in a weird limbo, capable of a lot but not used for it until it’s outdated by it’s next in line.
    Not that it’s useless. Like Pro, it’s great for getting your old Xbox1 games running better framerates and resolution.

    • Agree for the most part, but it is competition for a 2nd box I think for most people. I’m lucky to own all 3, and soon Scorpio, but not everyone can do that. Most only have 1 or 2, so in that sense, they still have to worry a bit…

  • J.j. Barrington

    Gaming doesn’t need any particular company. It damn sure doesn’t need Microsoft, who have been as divisive and destructive as any company in the industry ever has been, and the industry wouldn’t collapse without them.

    If they’re just gonna be an “also ran” while trying to rewrite the rules of the race so they can win, gaming can do without them. I know I can.

    • Troy Marcel

      If it wasn’t for Microsoft’s Xbox your precious PlayStation wouldn’t have a online component that it it’s today.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Considering the original PS2 had that capability before the Xbox ever launched, and seeing as what Xbox had was an expansion of what the Dreamcast had…

    • Troy Marcel

      It wasn’t a unified system it was a joke, it only became what it is now because of Xbox live, and it wasn’t until the ps4 that it had the same capabilities as Xbox.

    • Mark

      Facts. PS3 online was dog poopy, due to Sony not mandating broadband. Ah, oh well

    • J.j. Barrington

      So you’re saying no one else would have moved it forward in the same way? That only Microsoft’s influence could have brought online gaming to this point?

    • Troy Marcel

      Yep, Sega was a spent entity and Nintendo didn’t really care for it. Sony took 6 years to come close to Xbox live and then it still was a poor imitation.
      Microsoft had the will, know how and the money to do it.

    • J.j. Barrington

      That still doesn’t track, logically. Online already existed in consoles before an Xbox ever hit shelves. You MIGHT be able to credit Microsoft with helping online get to where it is as quickly as it has, but that’s about it.

      By the way, let’s not talk about Microsoft’s money, shall we? If that were truly a factor, their position in the industry would be very different, don’t you think?

      One thing we certainly CAN give credit to Microsoft and fans like you for is paying to play online. Especially given all the money and know-how Microsoft has, they could easily have gone without charging anybody for that… so why did they choose that route, I wonder?

    • Mr Xrat

      We wouldn’t have microtransactions, broken games, day 1 DLC and the end of cheat codes. Thanks MS.

    • XterminatorbotMK1

      That is delusional.

      The PS2 had online multiplayer before Xbox and Sony had Sony Online Entertainment before Xbox had online multiplayer.

      Online multiplayer was a natural evolution of the industry. Had nothing to do with Xbox.

  • Riggybro

    The most important thing is for Sony, Nintendo and Steam to do well so Microsoft do not buy them out and create another monopoly as they have done with Windows.

    • Holeybartender

      Bwahahahahaha! Buy Sony and Nintendo…Pft!

  • Mr Xrat

    I can see Nintendo doing very well, Odyssey is shaping up to be a cracker.

    As for the Shitpio, only thing I’m interested in is it driving down Pro prices. I’m expecting yet another trite E3 from them.

    And of course, as usual, Xgimps are lashing out. Pipe down, you unstable losers.

    • Troy Marcel

      The only unstable one here is you, you are always on the comments section about Xbox that you hate so much. You have a serious problem, nobody cares about you or your comments, so why don’t you and your fake up voting “friends” go to your PlayStation safe zone and leave the real gamers talk.

    • J.j. Barrington

      It’s funny that you think you’d be counted among your “real gamers,” when you’re just as much of a fanboy as Xrat.

    • Troy Marcel

      I don’t spread hate towards a piece of plastic or there players.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Hate to break it to you- not really- but that’s not the only way to be a fanboy.

      Blindly defending your preferred piece of plastic(which you do) is another way. So is making up “facts” to use in discussions, so that you seem to have a point when you don’t(you do that, too).

    • justerthought

      Yes, that’s the definition of a fanboy right there. Not to be confused with being a fan of something that deserves praise. Fanboys simply cannot tell the difference between the two.

    • J.j. Barrington

      People seem to think that the only way to be a fanboy is if you attack the competition, but it’s just as much a sign of being a fanboy if you can’t see anything wrong EVER with your preferred company.

    • Mr Xrat

      The slaphead thinks he can decide what’s a “real” gamer or not.

      Back to your gutter.

    • justerthought

      So how come he’s not a real gamer and you are a real gamer. The truth is we are all real gamers but we just play games on different consoles.

      If you’re referring to ‘true’ gamers, then that’s different. A true gamer is like a film buff. He respects all great games wherever they come from without prejudice and will want to play the best ones. You cannot call yourself a ‘true’ gamer if you have not played the best games ever made. Some of those happen to be on the PS4, such as The Last Of Us, Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn.

    • justerthought

      They have been sitting quiet in the losers corners for 4 years, so this is their big chance to vent all that frustration and get a bit cocky. You can’t blame them really but MS was the one responsible for it so I’m still going to slap them down with a dose of reality …lol

  • LDS

    Im more interested in how Scorpio with no exclusives holds up againat weaker ps4 pro with lots of exclusives.

    • Debbiejwinchester

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    Of course! Competition is good! And sony isn’t without sin! They need at least one of them to keep them honest!

    • justerthought

      Very true. Power corrupts and nobody benefits then. Not even Sony. Competition has always been the life blood that has driven the console game industry forward to where it is today with mainstream adoption.


      Yeah, when Nintendo ruled the landscape they were a tyrant with developers!
      When sony tought they had no competition anymore they came with the “you need two jobs to buy our $600 console”
      When MS tought they had enough of the market they came with the allways online/no share games fiasco! Now they give you an extra pc game!

  • Kageyama

    Due to competition is that we now have to pay to play online. Due to competition is that we are being inundated with DLC.

    In the PS1 and PS2 days Sony had no competition and those are some of the best gens in gaming. In fact, the PS4 hardly has any competition and this gen has been way better that the previous one. Competition is overrated and in many cases detrimental. And you know what that is? Because the real important competition is between game developers and publishers not console manufacturers.

    • angryguy77

      You know why you’re paying less today than you did in the 80’s and 90’s for games? Competition. DLC is optional, you don’t have to buy it.
      You forget that the ps1 had the n64 to deal with, and the ps2 had the GC.
      Competition is never detrimental in an industry like this. It’s the reason why sony backed away from using DRM(they have a patent for it).
      Just because sony is killing MS in sales right now, doesn’t mean they have no competition. If it were not for MS, guess how many jobs you would have to work to afford the PS??????


    Tell this to the Sony-ponies who think Sony can’t do no wrong they have long-term memory loss and forgot the PS3 debacles with it’s overpriced hardware, unfriendly developer environment and PSN security breach back in circa 2006-2013

    • Mr Xrat

      Give it a rest, Kirk, you absolute loser.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Overpriced? A console losing ~$200 a unit is overpriced?

      You gotta try harder than that.

    • justerthought

      Sony can do no wrong this gen because they have done no wrong, so they have been rewarded. MS did wrong and they paid for it in sales. It’s a very simple concept and nothing to do with being a fanboy.

      Yes PS3 had flaws and I complained about them too. CELL was a good idea in theory and very powerful, but it was too hard to program in practice if you were a 3rd party studio working on a tight budget. I stopped buying 3rd party games towards the end because the screen tear and blurred AA was awful. The PS3 price was not a flaw because we got superior build quality for the money. My PS3 lasted the whole gen while the 360’s incinerated themselves and had to be re-purchased.

      Yes the PSN breach could potentially have been a serious issue, but thankfully we lost nothing in reality so that is far better than loosing pixels permanently with the XB1 running games at 900p for the whole of a 1080p gen.

      If you think the PS3 price was a mistake, wait until you get the XB Scorpio. It arrives too late for the 1080p gen and too early for the 4K gen because most of us still have 1080p TV’s that is being serviced very nicely by the PS4.
      We will all be on 4k when the PS5 arrives doing native 4K at 60fps on all games.

  • XterminatorbotMK1

    “Making a developer friendly console was not the only thing that Sony, who had been making increasingly complex machines until then, learned from Xbox, however.”

    This is a misconception. Sony did not learn to make less complex machines from Xbox. Previous Playstations were not necessarily “more complex” or “difficult” to program for. The problem was that they were “different” from PC (specifically the PS3 because PC gaming didn’t really exist until the PS3 released). Developing for earlier PlayStations became easier as developers learned them. But as we all know, developers prefer to take the easier route which is why they disliked the PS3.

    The PS3 may have been different but the point of the cell processor was that it could do things that PCs and the Xbox 360 couldn’t. It was stronger than the 360 and was advanced for its time. That was the sales pitch. Sony sold it at a loss and it was actually a bargain in terms of hardware.

    If it hadn’t been for Xbox giving developers an easy way out they may have utilized the cell more. Obviously, Microsoft made the OG Xbox similar to a PC because the whole point of Xbox is that Microsoft wants to keep developers on their garbage operating system.

    Now consoles don’t have much innovative components over PC like they used to.

    The reason why Gabe Newall stated the cell was a disaster is because he is biased towards PC and didn’t like how it used a different architecture from PC which makes it more difficult to port between platforms.

    “Sony’s developer friendly policies come after they saw Microsoft eat their lunch with their outreach to developers around the world with the Xbox 360, especially with their at the time progressive policies with smaller, indie developers.”

    This is false. Sony has been supporting indie developers before Xbox existed. They’ve always had more lenient indie policies than Microsoft. Sony’s indie push didn’t necessarily have anything to do with Xbox. The reason why indies started booming was because digital distribution gave smaller studios an easy way to distribute their games. It was a natural industry advancement that had nothing to do with Xbox.

    There are other flaws in your arguments in this article. The main important here is that Sony competes with PC which is good for the industry. Microsoft doesn’t which is bad for the industry. That is the important difference here. Microsoft uses Xbox to lock developers to their API and operating system which is not good for PC. Xbox exists because it is an extension of their Windows cancer. They just don’t want people buying a Playstation because it doesn’t run Windows. Consoles could die and Microsoft wouldn’t care because the only alternative would be Windows PC. That is why Microsoft treats console gamers like fools and dirt.

    I think Sony could use Nintendo for competition but Sony doesn’t necessarily need Microsoft or Xbox. Steam is much healthier competition.

    The problem with Nintendo is that they’ve always been rather neglectful of third party developers because Nintendo would rather sell you their own games. Sony is more willing to release exclusives while competing with third parties. Sony was the first console manufacturer that received the most success from designing their platform for third parties, a strategy that Microsoft admitted they copied with the OG Xbox.


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