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André Noller from Grande Games Microsoft’s indie policy.

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Microsoft’s indie policy has come under some fire and scrutiny in the last few months. Most indie developers have not been able to bring their games on the Xbox One due to its bizarre parity clause for indies. However, André Noller from Grande Games believes that all the criticism towards Microsoft’s indie policy is not fair and they are doing enough to embrace indie developers.

“Without despising Sony’s approach to support independent developers, I think it isn’t fair to say that Microsoft is not embracing to independent developers,” he said to GamingBolt. “You get two devkits for free, you get Unity for free, you get full access to all features of the console. The ID@Xbox team is friendly and only there to help independent developers shipping their games. So what more could you want? And even the launch day parity is a thing that can be talked about from a case to case basis.”

“I know this sounds like I want to flatter Microsoft, but that isn’t the case. And no, we also don’t get paid to say that. It is just what we experienced so far.”

In the past a few indie developers have skipped the Xbox One due to the parity clause. However, ID@Xbox Director Chris Charla has stated that developers can contact them if they want to bring their games on the Xbox One. But it seems that they will treat each game on case per case basis.

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  • Goodacre

    47 new PS4 games revealed since September, and NONE of them were announced for XB1

    good post by chubigans a gaf member and indie developer. if you interested in this topic then read the thread, it have many developers chiming in on how dumb the clause is.

    • kreator

      We don’t need a bunch of indies!

    • Goodacre

      well, you got your wish. lol

    • corvusmd

      That is a retardedly intentional one-sided look at things. All you did was take the 66 indies announced for PS4, and take out the ones that you KNOW FOR SURE are coming to X1 (which btw others are strongly rumored to be coming to X1 such as OllieOllie and others). That list doesn’t include indie games that are coming to X1 that aren’t coming to PS4.

      …not to mention…out of that ENTIRE list of games there is absolutely nothing that looks good that is exclusive to PS4….it’s REALLY not the bragging point you thing it is. In fact it looks more like MS learned a bit of a lesson since last gen when anyone could publish any retarded game on 360. 360 was cluttered with all sorts of crap, this gen they are still allowing indie devs to create games and even giving them the tools to do so, but trying to filter out some of the garbage.

      ….and it’s working so far. X1 may not get ALL the quality indie exclusives on day 1 (but they almost always come over anyway), but they have the same amount of quality indies.

      Don’t let lists fool you, those numbers don’t mean what you think they do.

    • Goodacre

      one-sides look at things?

      no it’s not. you have two sides saying it’s bad. the customers and the developers. the only party that this clause MIGHT benefit is MS and even that is backfiring.

    • corvusmd

      You’re not addressing what I meant when I said a “one-sided look at things”…I was referring to the list of games

    • Gentleman Lover

      Corvusmd is right. There are many great indie games coming to Xbox One. There are still great games releasing on Xbox 360 thanks to XNA and the terrific community MS supported on their 360 console.
      Sony just now saw the potential in indie games and this is why they wanted to corner that market and made the Pub Fund which demands the game to be exclusive or timed exclusive to their system.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Reading comments on how dumb something is only tells us what they think is true NOT necessarily what is true. If the article as presented here is accurate then I don’t really see the problem unless an Indie developer simply doesn’t want to deal with it at all. For me though it isn’t a big deal as I haven’t found very many Indie games that have made it to 360 or XB1 that I want to play anyway because the overall quality or game concept didn’t work for me.

    • Goodacre

      it’s just a case of MS having their cake and eating it too. last gen they were in a position of power with the user base they had built with the 360. then gen? they’re not in a position to be dictating these kinds of terms, now you have great developers saying screw it and walking away.

    • Gentleman Lover

      Yes, now Sony is in a position of power and abusing that power which is why they demand that games that use their pub fund be exclusive or timed exclusive for their system.

    • Gentleman Lover

      47 new indie games due to the Pub Fund….
      Sony pays indie developers for exclusive rights to their system. Of course those games are not appearing on Xbox One or WiiU.

    • Goodacre

      they also don’t have a clause in the pub fund saying they’re barred from coming to other platforms down the line. they absolutely have the chance to port. not sure where you got your information.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Pub fund is limited exclusivity. Why would Sony put money into a cross-platform game? They don’t say it can never go elsewhere, but it certainly means they can’t use that money to develop for anyone else.

    • Gentleman Lover

      The parity clause also doesn’t bar a game from coming out to another system down the line. So…what was your point again?

    • xbox1rules23

      they are barred unless they payback sony

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      You mean games Sony bought as timed exclusives and are now so scared of PC they are purposely holding release dates on games like New And Tasty and No Mans Sky back because of it.

      Please, inform me of how Sony does it for the gamers by bribing developers.

  • xbox1rules23

    it’s not quite the number of indies to coming to ps4 but a lot of indie games have come or are coming to x1


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