Iterative Consoles Like PS4 Pro And Xbox Scorpio Are Not The Future, Current Gen Consoles Are Not Weak – Dev

“The real problem is that people always want more and they want it now, they can’t and don’t want to wait. “

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The PS4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio will kick off a new initiative in the console generation concept…a new generation that will end all consoles generations. At this point, both Sony and Microsoft seem to be committed to the iterative console cycle, however Andrea Farid Marsili, who is the Programmer and CEO of Marslit Games, the team behind the upcoming Unknown Fate believes that the iterative console cycle is not the future.

“I don’t think that this is going to be the future. In my opinion PS5 and the next Xbox will have some modularity like interchangeable CPU/GPU,” he said to GamingBolt in an exclusive interview. We also asked him whether Sony and Microsoft took this decision because the current gen consoles are weak. Andrea stated that this is not the case. “I don’t think that the current consoles are weak. The real problem is that people always want more and they want it now, they can’t and don’t want to wait. This is why we see 10GB patches on day one,” he added.

These comments from Andrea certainly seems interesting, specially the statements about the PS5 and next Xbox. If the PS5 and the next Xbox have interchangeable CPU/GPU or different tiers of configuration, it will bring the consoles more in line with PC gaming. However his comments on whether consumers “wanting more and wanting them quickly” is how any consumer oriented industry works. Consumer feedback and wishes results into better products and further progress in technologies. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft and Sony will do once the Pro and Scorpio launches.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • red2k

    The problem is resolution you have a bunch of companies selling 4K tv’s telling the people that 4k will be the future…. Then 3 years later they will create a new 6k that require more GPU to push pixels and it will be a endless sicle. Back in the days the console generations change because they have someting truly NEW to show to the players.

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    • Luke Skywalker

      4k vs 1080p there’s a huge difference between the two.

    • Hvd

      upscaled 4k vs native 1080p ill take native 1080p.even 900p on xbox one upscaled to 1080p isnt that bad.upscaled 1080p to 4k looks bad you will see.

      4k/30fps is the same issue we have with 1080p/30fps all thats going on now is a upscale war..

      id rather have 1080p(native)/60fps

    • wow

      Upscaled native 1080p to 4k actually looks very good? How to i know this? I have a couple 1080p TVs and 4k with built in upscalers and HDR support (hdmi 2.0).
      However, I would take native 1080P with HDR support over 1080P to 4k upscaled. But usually with you have a TV that supports HDR you also have the 4k upscaler with it.
      I much rather have a lower res, higher colour pallet and higher frame rate than the opposite.
      SO i do agree with the native 1080p, 60 fps but must have HDR and upscaler to get the best picture possible.

    • Hvd

      consoles will never do 1080p/60 unless its a cod least i know you arnt to much of an idiot since you know hdr requires hdmi 2.0 and the ps4 console has a 1.4 hdmi port so i know that you know sony is full of bs on having hdr for all ps4’

    • wow

      Yes I do know. Sony is pulling a trick out of Apple’s handbook.
      PS4 Pro on the other hand will most likely be enough to do 1080p at 60fps. I think it is utterly stupid that the PS4 Pro doesn’t come with hdmi 2.0 which makes it impossible for the HDMI to output HDR which is the new craze now a days.
      What I do find interesting is that Sony thought about the USB3.1 port. In my eyes that is a huge flaw of XB1S and Surfacebook.
      USB-Type C can make any external SSD hard drive go at max speeds (if sony is smart enough to add the support for external hard drives). USB Type C to HDMI 2.0a output is possible but also needs to be activated software wise.
      I’m not sure why MS is failing to adapt to the USB Type C standard in their products. Even a slow company in innovation (Apple) is using USB type C ports. Quite mind boggling. That is really my only gripe with my surfacebook.

    • Hvd

      since you seam to be a smart tech guy ill say some games it can do 1080p/60 but we already have that with the

      im sure you have herd of bottleneck in pc terms.a 4 yeas old jaguar cpu with a newer gpu will bottle neck.look at horizon dawn zero thee are already reports of it struggling to even hit 30fps its sub 30 right now…lol.

      i know games can be optimized but it only helps to a point.look at fallout 4 far harbor sub 30fps on that old jaguar cpu and in this new console its just over clocked by .5ghz…lol.

    • wow

      I’m hoping MS smartens up with the scorpio

    • Hvd

      only their first party exclusives will be 4k which means its another 1080p console you wont see many 3rd party games in 4k not for a while on scorpio imo.

    • d0x360

      Wrong. Why? Easy, pc gaming is at 4k right now. Games are generally designed around the most powerful console and then upgraded for pc. Going forward the Scorpio is capable of 4k 30fps in AAA quality titles so what’s going to happen is the pc and Xbox versions will be authored for 4k and simply downgraded for the ps4 pro.

      Not a difficult concept.

    • Hvd

      sure if you want to pay $3000 or more for it the titan x pascal is the only card out right now that can do 4k/60fps game on a single card and its $1200.a $600 pc can hot 1080p/60fps no problems with the rx 480 and thats a $200 gpu.

      by the time a few multiplats get on the xbox scorpio the xbox two will be out since they have confirmed that they are ALREADY working on it.there is no point to buy these mid gen upgrades.consoles take a few years to plan so 3 years after the xbox scorpio launches we will have xbox two.

      remember its is a mid generation upgrade so a consoles life span is 6yrs just like you can expect the ps5 to be out by 2018 if the xbox scorpio stomps all over the ps4 pro which it will.

    • d0x360

      Interesting because my 290x runs Witcher 3, Doom, Mankind Divided and plenty more titles at 4k 30fps and the Scorpio has more powerful and far more efficient GPU.

      As for a mid gen upgrade…yea the ps pro is but the Scorpio isn’t. The difference in power between the xbox one and the Scorpio is quite significant and I’m not talking about a marketing buzzword like flops. Flops are the new bits.

      You can go on believing whatever you want but fact is right now pc games are being authored with 4k in mind. Games that are already out and most big games going forward.

      The ps pro was never designed for 4k that’s just a lie. It was designed for a single purpose and that’s psvr. The ps4 can’t handle vr, it just can’t and Sony backed themselves into a corner. Their solution was a new slightly more powerful console but still a console not powerful enough for decent VR. The GPU is fine but using those same ancient inefficient Jaguar cores with a small overclock isn’t going to cut it.

      Expect the Scorpio to use a more modern revision on the amd APU and if we get real lucky it will be Zen based which looks more likely by the day. Even at an identical clock speed a CPU can be made more efficient. That’s why you can’t buy CPU X and overclock it to the same spec as CPU Y where CPU Y is a more efficient design and expect CPU X to have the same performance.

      Number of cores and clock speed are the only thing that determine performance just like tflops on a GPU isn’t. It can give you a basic idea but it’s a small slice of the pie but again…you believe whatever you want but you should probably try to convince someone other than me because I will never agree with you assessment as it ignores some fundamental truths about how technology works.

    • Hvd

      its not 4k/60fps its you are playing at console fps if thats the r9 290x is only $300ish right now.and that tdp tho… have an old 290x card right now i have a r9 380x i can do 4k as well on low settings its still 4k.

      i guess you didnt know im a pc/xbox guy?????

      ill stay 1080p/60fps

    • ProAssassin84

      Fallout 4 Engine is garbage.

    • Hvd

      runs fine on

    • Marty8370

      Not alot runs fine on X1………LOL

    • d0x360

      Anything that’s more CPU intensive runs better on x1 which means anything with lots of character models on screen or complex draw call heavy geometry.

      Games are designed for the ps4 and its GPU strength. If they were developed for the Xbox and its cpu strength the script would be flipped.

      For example Dead Rising 2, hitman, Ac unity etc all run better on the Xbox because they are cpu bound games.

      Either way BOTH consoles are weak for different reasons.

    • Hvd

      thats because x1 has a better cpu then the ps4 thats why fallout 4 on the ps4 drops belorw 20 fps at times and also thats why the 5 years old jaguar cpu is bottlenecking the ps4 pro and cod if cant run 60fps its drops to 39fps…lol

    • d0x360

      I know…I said that right in the first sentence =P

    • Hvd


    • ProAssassin84

      The PS4 is 2.0 as a High premium HDMI cable comes with the console.

    • Paul

      They should focus on 1080p 60fps upscaled then all this fake 4k stuff, at least with most games they should be able to do 1080p 60fps but even then, some games like Just Cause 3 i doubt they would be able to get 60fps because we’ve already seen that it’s the cpu thats holding back and it’s unlikely the clock boost is enough to push that frame rate up to 60fps.

      Also Sony needs to be careful with banging on about 4k this 4k that, a lot of gamers are going to get confused and think it’s native 4k and might end up feeling conned if they find out it’s upscaled.

    • Marty8370

      Both the PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro have HDMI2.0(says HDR support) on specs sheet

    • d0x360

      USB C is probably going to die just so you know. It will be replaced by something not only better but also allows older USB revisions to be plugged in any side up.

    • Hvd

      ill agree with you their its mainly for lab tops to get a stronger external gpu and its not for consoles.we will get consoles every 3 years now hopefully that wont last. i like 6 to 7 years out of mine.

      i can also you my yearly tax return to upgrade my pc so why would i even bother buying a mid gen console at all when i can up grade my pc every year if i wanted with my tax return

      why do i need consoles anyway i have a

    • d0x360

      I have a gaming PC that cost $3000 to build and I still own all the consoles. All of them, so that’s not really a valid reason for anything. The ps pro will be the first console I don’t buy since… forever because it’s absolutely pointless and a waste of money. The benefits for 1080p games will be minimal and it won’t be running 4k native games unless they are simple titles. I have zero interest in running 1440p content upscaled.
      I will however buy a Scorpio because then I can move one of my Xbox ones into my bedroom and it will take the place of a Chromecast for media and I’ll also play stuff on it when someone is using the TV downstairs. If the hardware upgrade was as minor as the ps pro I wouldn’t buy the Scorpio either but it isn’t minor, it will be able to hit 4k, it will be able to do VR at the proper 90hz without some frame duplication trickery like the PlayStation and it will have a uhd Blu-ray drive which I’ll use. I also prefer Xbox live a great deal over PSN. PSN is slow…it took 10 hours to download killzone 4 yesterday on my 130mbps connection. By comparison downloading something that same size on xbl or steam would take 20ish min. No matter when I download off PSN it’s slow, I hate slow. I also hate it’s multiplayer system, it’s menu system, it’s store setup and the fact that Sony is building walls around it while Microsoft is opening their platform up.

      That last one is a big one for me. It likes android vs iPhone. I’ll take android any day because I can do whatever I want, no walled garden. By the same token on Xbox I can be on pc and play games with friends on Xbox. That’s great and its something that’s only going to get bigger going forward. It’s also something Sony outright refuses to do just like mods in fallout 4 and Skyrim…another thing Microsoft allows freely.

      Sony is becoming less gamer friendly in an attempt to protect their brand because PlayStation is the ONLY thing earning them money but in building all these silly barriers they are going to push people away.

      You as a claimed pc gamer should fully understand that.

    • Hvd

      you cant do 4k/60fps with a r9 290x.the gtx 1080 which stomps the r9 290x cant do 4k/60fps only the titan x pascal can do 4k/60fps on games and as i said before its $1200.

      you can do 4k/30fps consoles fps.

      ill stay 1080p/60fps unlil a mid range card can do 4k/60fps as 90% of pc gamers will do.

      ps i dont read 15 paragraph posts.

    • Marty8370

      Both the PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro have HDMI2.0

    • Hvd

      nope but keep thinking that thats what they want you to believe anything they say.if sony says the sky is green you would believe it…lmao

    • Marty8370

      Minimum specs for HDR is HDMI2.0, all the offical spec sheets say HDR support. So it got be HDMI2.0

    • Hvd

      thats right and the ps4 and ps4 slim have hdmi 1.4….lmao

    • Marty8370

      Your clueless

  • Hvd

    the xbox one and ps4 are fine all that the ps4 pro and xbox one s are doing is giving you upscale.people thought that 900p upscaled to 1080p on the xbox one was you are upscaleing for 1080p to 4k is even worse.

    very few have the 4k tv you need any way besides 1080p(native)/60fps is way better then 4kupscaled/30fps.all you are paying for with the ps4 pro and xbox one s is upscale and you have to buy the right 4k tv which 90% of gamers have a 1080p tv.

    to every one idiot that says i have a 4k tv and im going to get a ps4 pro there are 100 gamers that dont have a 4k tv maybe more 1000’s of gamers that dont have a 4k tv and wont pick on up.

    i hope these mid genn consoles sit and rot on the shelf and cost sony and ms money so we dont get them any more.

    i jumped to pc i have a mid range pc that destroys the ps4 pro i ll take 1080p(native)60fps any day over theses 4k upscaled consoles.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Ur mid range PC can hang with PS4, but not with PS4 Pro. Sucks when u don’t got money and ur jealous, PS4 Pro and a LG B6 sounds good to me this November.

    • Hvd

      lol my rind range card destroys the ps4 gpu…lol

  • LarZen

    We will never see consoles that are modular where you can change CPU and GPU. Wont happen. I however believe that what we are seeing now with the PS4Pro is the future ahead for consoles. Just as mobile and tablets have taken this approach and with big success so will most likely the consoles.

    • Hvd

      paying $400 every 3 to 4 years? no thx pc gaming will be cheaper by far.right now a a $200 rx 480 destroys the ps4 pro.all the ps4 pro does is are going to be paying more money for consoles and your psn over 4 years.

      if this is the future of consoles im out.i can build a pc that will last longer then 2 generations of consoles and still be better and it will be cheaper then paying $400+$400+$240.console gaming just got more expensive and its not better at

      $400 ps4
      $400 ps4 pro
      $240 psn

      $1040 they found a way to make even more money off you guy a mid range pc will ALWAYS beat a

    • LarZen

      Everything you have written is irrelevant looking at the mobile/tablet landscape today.

    • Marty8370

      PC’s arn’t for everybody……..Console gamers like the ease of use

    • Marty8370

      Consoles are designed with some modular parts, just not changeable. Wouldn’t be that hard to make consoles fully modular

  • ProAssassin84

    The Day Console gaming becomes PC gaming is the day I quit gaming

    • LarZen

      Depends what you mean by becoming like PC gaming…

  • LordCancer Kain

    this guy just blamed us for publishers releasing broke, buggy and incomplete games on us. what a jagoff. AND consoles shouldn’t be updated once every ten years so this guy can release snez quality titles noone wants to play while mobile and computers get more powerful every six months. this guy is a dinosaur, a self contained extinction event.

  • DarthDiggler

    At this point, both Sony and Microsoft seem to be committed to the iterative console cycle

    I wasn’t aware they created any contractual obligations with the users. 🙂

  • Marty8370

    Looks like both PS4 & X1 have custom silicon that may be used for video decoding/Audio, interesting that same chip is found in Blu-ray players.

  • I dont have a problem with ps4 pro but im not going to go out & buy one because it not running true 4K why because it wouldn’t be running games at 4k 30fps. when the 4K can run a game at 60fps easy.

    Sony has screwed up again , this is the ps3 all over again because the ps4 pro is weaker than the xbox scorpio, now saying that i wont go out & buy a xbox scorpio because it more powerful because the game for me personal on the xbox dont appeal to me, Xbox game are full multiplayer – racing games. This is why i prefer Playstation because it has third party games with a variety of games plus the exclusive are better on playstation sorry just an opinion.

    Sony had the chance to make a powerful console that was more powerful than microsoft sadly to say they screwed up with this ps4 pro, because the ps4 pro should of been the ps4 when it was first launched.

    Whether the ps5 is real which at the moment its just a rumour remains to be seen, but im not rushing to save money for a console that should of been the ps4 no way im not gonna go buy a xbox scorpio iver.

    Save you money stick to the ps4, if the rumour are real that the ps5 is coming out in 2018 then save you money for that.

  • d0x360

    Who? What? Oh a dev who probably can’t afford to author tons of gorgeous content in 4k. Paying artists is expensive and the high potential resolution the assets the more detailed they can and should be which means they take longer and cost more.

    Terrible line of thought.


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