Kalypso Focusing on Tropico 5 for Xbox 360, Xbox One Version to be Considered

El Presidente will be returning on one less platform. Here’s why.

Posted By | On 19th, Feb. 2014 Under News

tropico 5

Tropico 5 will see El Presidente returning to carry his banana republic into the next generation, but how come it hasn’t been announced for the Xbox One?

On speaking to a Kalypso spokesperson during a hands-off viewing of the game, Gamereactor were told that, “Essentially we’re currently concentrating on the Xbox 360 version.”

A more concreate response from producer Bisser Dyankov followed wherein he stated that, “The Xbox 360 is something that we did [in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4] and it’s easy for us. The PlayStation 4 is a new platform and it’s a challenge. So we definitely would like to get that straightened out first before we consider moving it to another platform.”

Tropico 5 will introduce a few new features to the franchise, including competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes along with the ability to advance through different eras and enlisting Presidente’s Dynasty for key government positions. It will release in Q2 2014 for PS4, Xbox 360, Mac OS X and PC.

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  • MWright

    Kalypso is making a mistake by not releasing this on Xbox One when the 360 version drops. Do they not understand everyone is migrating to next gen?

  • Diepie2635

    yahh i dont like how its goin to the 360 and not the one tropico 3 and 4 gave me lots of problems on the 360 its to taxing on the 360 needs to go on the one

  • ZappyKins

    No good, so everyone flocked to Tropico games after the Sim City disaster, now they are going to make their own disaster to alienate consumers. Not good, not good indeed.

  • CiF

    What an awful decision, Tropico-loyal xbox one gamers will be really disappointed, why PS4 and not One?? Just an awful decision!!

  • Caaaal

    There were so many problems on all previous Tropico’s, but still want see a Xbox One version why PS4 and not xbox?? 360 can’tr un it cause of the low RAM?!?! Outraged

  • The_SCHWABr

    Huge Tropico fan. Have it on the Xbox 360. Guess won’t get the new till its released on the Xbox One.

  • OJTruth

    This is clearly a company that knows little of marketing, as evident by the LOW sales of all previous Tropico titles, so they were on the 360, by the time that comes out, most 360 owners will have an xbox one, so people who knew and loved the game wont purchase, as for the ps4 owners, well its a new market and i don’t think they would be interested in such a game.

  • Kevin Dyer

    We should try and make a petition to get the game on Xbox One

  • diepie2635

    xbox one need this game i have more friends and family getting xbox one then ps4 and tropico i one of our fav


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