Kinect PC SDK release confirmed for next month

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Microsoft’s confirmed that they’ll be officially releasing the Kinect for PC in March.

Initially, it would be released only for non-commercial usuage.

A commercial release would follow suit however, but they didn’t give out any dates yet.

The software is only compatible with Windows 7.

Microsoft games boss Don Mattrick made the announcement on Monday during a session with journalists on the firm’s Redmond campus.

Microsoft’s shipped more than 8 million Kinect units for Xbox 360 till now.

Thanks, VG247

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  • aquaman22

    10 bucks the shit will be compatible with mac by the end of the week, when they release it!!! I bet you’ll be able to use one of those snows they have from the iphone hacks to hack that thing as well. Aqua Out!!!

  • Lurch1337

    im guessing this will be exclusive to microsoft since it is their product they will have a bypass around it for mac users that can’t man up and get a pc. i can’t wait to see what the community will release for this bad boy seen some things already but now it will be fun to experience for myself. wish it was usable for the xbox as well then its a 2 for 1 deal.

    • aquaman22

      @Lurch, people can’t man up to buy a PC because PC are horrible dude, they break down so easily. After a while you end up getting those stupid DLL error messages because you probably uninstalled a program that required those DLL for OTHER programs to run correctly. I mean i’ll give it to PC that you can do a lot more with it than you can with a mac, but with so much more that you can do, also brings a shit load of problems. And at the end of the day, I much rather be somewhat limited in terms of command options and things of that nature and have a flawless OS or let’s be fair “DAMN NEAR flawless OS” than deal with that PC bullshshs. And I guarantee you that the SDK will be working on a mac roughly 7 days after they release it, if not earlier. Aqua Out!!!


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