Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Received Just 8 Minutes of Gameplay Footage In The Almost 4 Years Since Being Announced

This is not an encouraging sign…

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kingdom hearts 3

Is Kingdom Herts 3 anywhere close to release? Recent comments by Square Enix haven’t been the most encouraging on that front- but there may be more to it than even that. NeoGAF user crash-14 has gone ahead and collated all the footage the game has received since its announcement four years ago, and there isn’t a lot of it. So far, Square Enix has shared just 8 minutes of footage.

That’s not a lot. That’s not a lot of footage at all, and it doesn’t seem to suggest that the game is anywhere close to release. For reference, consider Final Fantasy 15– as the game neared completion, Square Enix was sharing more and more footage of that game, sometimes on a daily basis. The complete lack of new footage for Kingdom Hearts – and indeed, the almost constant diversion of our attention to some other new Kingdom Hearts release (where new is probably a remaster of some existing games or the really short Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage) paints a rather worrying picture for the upcoming game.

Kingdom Hearts 3, will, of course, come- the question is, when? As of right now, any possible answer to that question does not seem to be too encouraging.

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  • LDS

    maybe this article should have waited till E3 since we dont know whats up ahead. Theres still a possibility of holiday release and we will see new trailers and details toward to the release.

    • Marionkholland

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  • They have purposely not released footage so it doesn’t turn into another Versus XIII.

    Nomura has assured us he has been hard at work on it. Like LDS said, I bet E3 will have something huge for us this year.

  • Can’t wait for the next installment of the beloved franchise Kingdom Hertz

  • Hvd

    the ps3 lives!!!!!!

  • Ricardo Calero

    SE probably learned from FFXV feedback that showing all of the game in trailers and events isn’t the best way to go. I’d rather not see anything until we are at least 6 months away from release. And even then i only want one nice trailer with some gameplay and as few spoilers as possible.


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