Kingdom Hearts 3: New Information Will Be Announced At D23 Expo Japan

Disney might let us have our next look at Kingdom Hearts later this year.

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While Final Fantasy XV gets all the attention and limelight, it is important to remember that it is not the only major long awaited JRPG sequel that Square Enix has been working on for a while- Kingdom Hearts III, which players have been expecting since the ending of Kingdom Hearts II back on the PlayStation 2, and which is widely anticipated to conclude the (increasingly convoluted) story of the saga, is another widely anticipated game from the company that is coming up soon.

Unfortunately, we have had to content ourselves with not getting it any time soon- since until very recently, it shared its development team with Final Fantasy XV, its development was suspended while Square worked on getting XV out of the door. However, with Nomura now having been taken off Final Fantasy, he gets to dedicate his entire time to kingdom Hearts III, it seems. As such, it appears that we will be getting our next look at the eagerly hyped game much sooner than we expected- later this year, in fact.

Disney will hold the D23 Expo Japan this November 6 through 8 at Tokyo Disney Resort. At this event, Disney announced that it will have a “Kingdom Hearts Fan Event” to be held on November 3 at Cinema Ikspiari in Chiba, suggesting we’ll get our next update on Kingdom Hearts III. Considering that previous similar Kingdom Hearts themed events yielded major announcements such as the HD ReMIX collections for the PS3. At the very least, we might get the announcement of PS4 ports of those this November.

Stay tuned.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    what I wanna know is whether KH III is coming 2016 or 2017. gonna be so mad if they don’t clarify that come that time later this year.

    • TalesRevenant

      Don’t expect KH to come in 2015 or 2016. That’s not happening, Until FFXV is out, KH3 can’t even start proper development. I hope you know that. Let me explain. The main KH team, aka KH1/2 is working on XV along with the Final Fantasy team. The Dream Drop Distance/Birth By Sleep team is working on KH3.

      Meaning: Until FFXV is finished, KH3 cannot start proper development. FFXV at the latest, based on the demo is coming out in Spring 2016. So KH3 will go full throttle from then on. So don’t expect it until late 2017- Early 2018. I feel like people are setting themselves up for disappointment.

      It’s not coming out this year or next.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I figured it really is gonna be 2017 once I saw them announce more info for the D23 Expo which won’t be until November.

    • Viktor Kateliev

      false, the kh teams were working on kh3 during the kh2.5 development and then continued with kh3 after learning from the remasters, this was stated many times in interviews, kh3 started proper development when tabata took over ff15 and nomura focused only on kh3, starting late 2013.

    • TalesRevenant

      Nope. While it’s true Nomura left for KH3 since he finished laying what he needed to do for XV, and Tabata took over as full time director, the team working on FFXV is still the original Final Fantasy and the original KH 1/2 team. That’s how it has always been. The KH 1/2 team has been there from the start. Aka the main team. The team currently working with Nomura on KH3 is the BBS/DDD team. Which is the side games team. Look it up.

      The other factor is KH3 has not started proper development, and last it was shown, Nomura hasn’t even finished outlining the story with Nojima, so I’m not sure where you’re pulling this out from. It’s been stated multiple times until FFXV is finished KH3 can’t make any real progress.

    • Viktor Kateliev

      idk i googled and could not find anything on kh3 “not starting” so idk where you are pulling this out from. it actually has been stated that the “kh3” team was working on the remasters for a time . so i wonder who is working on kh3,

      oh wait? i found the articles, here you go man,

      two articles, they were working on kh3 at the same time as kh2.5, i have yet to see an article where it was stated even once that until ffxv is done, kh3 cant make any progress. idc which base team is working on ffxv, but im sure for the last 2 years when nomura switched over and tabata took over ffxv in later 2012 to build the ebony engine footage for e3 2013, nomura was already fully on kh3

      now idk where you are pulling your information from, but have a great day sir

  • DarkLegacy

    Hoping to see what’s new in KH3 when we see it at D23

  • Brian Rhodes

    I kind of have doubts that we’ll ever see this game. KH3 is the new half life 3

    • Viktor Kateliev

      remember, when it was announced at e3 2013, all they had was that CGI trailer, just a few seconds, it was in pre production still and not at all in development, fast forward to late 2015 and or e3 2016 and then we will start seeing trailers and stuff


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