Lag Issues Affecting Some Skyrim PS3 owners

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Skyrim is out and on all the platforms out there. We can say that the PC version is the most stable version out of the three platforms, but there is one issue on the PS3 that brings down all the advantages it has – Better textures, slightly better graphics than the Xbox 360 version and that issue is – lag.

Lag or low frame rate drops can happen any time when you’re playing the PS3 version. Especially if you are in a large city, the framerate can fall a lot. What can you do in these cases? Mostly nothing because low framerate can ruin your experience.

We have a few complaints already about this and we think it’s about time Bethesda noticed it and patched the PS3 version and all other versions for their respective problems. Here’s one complaint.

I am playing skyrim on PS3, but after a while I noticed everytime i travel to a city it has a really long loading screen, and as if that weren’t bad enough, the framerate drops like a M*therF*ckr when you start moving in the city. GREAT PORT BETHESDA!!!”

You can check out his proof below.

We’ve also come to know that the loading times on the PS3 version is enormous. We would like our dear readers to tell us in the comments section as to what issues they’re facing with the PS3 version. The graphics on the PS3 version are fantastic but this and freezes are the only issues affecting it right now.

Okay so I got skyrim one say early from and I got it on ps3. But it seems to lag a lot… Has bethseda outdone there selves becuase the graphics and gd are beautiful but I think its to much for the consoles.

Here’s another video that shows the low framerate drops.

Tell us what you think, are you affected by this issue as well? We would love to know.

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  • I just save, press the PS button and close the game. Start it back up again and the slowdowns are gone. Have to do this every 5 hous or so. NO big deal but seems like a memory leak or some caching problem. Should be fixable by Bethesda.

  • Same here. Starts slowing down and skipping a lot when I play for too long of a time. Have to restart the ps3 almost as if I’m wiping the memory cache(?) or something like it clean. Really frustrating since the graphics really aren’t THAT much better than oblivion. Hate it when companies release a product with bugs as big as this. I agree with earlier statement that this will lose them GOTY. Zelda SS FTW!!

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  • It’s all a conspiracy, Bethesda doesn’t want us to play for more than a few hours straight. They’re trying to force us to take breaks and enjoy some sunshine and the fresh outdoors air.

    WELL IT’S NOT GONNA WORK BETHESDA!!! I just restart the PS3 and I’m at it again, lol. DOWN WITH THE MAN!!! Thank you for an awesome game despite the frame rate issue though.

  • please fix this shit betheseda, i love u guuys but this lagg is seriously killin my fun time with skyrim. not to mention the countless glitches like disappearing companions. please fix this on the ps3

  • as well as frame rate problems the game itself completely freezes and i have to restart the console….. really annoying -.-

  • The game runs fine for the first couple of hours then starts to stutter horribly. It started to lag a few minutes ago and when I went into my house in whiterun the game crashed WHILE IT WAS AUTO SAVING. The only way round this problem is to turn the ps3 off then back on when it starts to stutter, which is really annoying and not on really. At least bethesda are aware of this problem and say their new patch should fix it. But when is the patch coming out?

  • Happens to me aswell, when ive played for a few hours it turns really bad.

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  • Correct. PS3 has some memory “garbage collection” issues that cause objects to not be effective dispersed from memory over time, which is an issue with some types of regular computer systems as well. It’s a combination of porting/coding issues and the unique architecture of the PS3, and as GamingBolt has reported, Bethesda will be patching it as soon as they can.

    If you are one of the people experiencing these issues on PS3, please save your game, turn off the console, and turn it back on. This will (temporarily) resolve the issue. It’s not a fix… it’s a band-aid until Bethesda releases the patch.

    Those who are having issues with crashes and saving glitches (which are much more rare, but CAN happen) should remember to save early, save often, and keep at least five to ten different save files. When saving, simply overwrite the OLDEST of your files so you can always revert back if something gets glitchy.

  • I have the PS3 version of Skyrim and my game lags like crazy. There’s rarely a time when it doesn’t lag. But my biggest concern is the Elemental Fury glitch. The loud sound of wind is constantly playing in the background and it happens to make the game unplayable. The game is superb but a patch has to be made to fix its flaws.

  • richy b

    I only found recently that ii was having serious problems with lagging I’m quite far into the game and it is ruining what is an amzingly good game. Bethasda really need to sort it out so it doesn’t effect me buying a future game of theirs

  • Carl

    Is there a way of getting the patch without downloading from the internet like by disc? I’m moving house and not really keeping the net

  • whenever i want to open my items menu it takes forever to open, and when i want to equip an item its even worse


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