Last Minute Gears of War 3 Beta Codes!

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The Gears of War 3 Beta ends on March 16th, here is your last chance to get in on the beta if you have not already.  Of course if you really can’t just per-order the game for a measly 5 bucks, here are a few codes for you guys.. first come first serve basis, so no bitching!  Click the link to go get some codes.  The Beta ends on March 16th and you will only have a short time to get your unlocks for Gears of War 3, so get on it, more beta codes may come but with the end date of the beta so close, it doesn’t look likely.  Here are three codes to hold over some Gears fans.. and please if you already have the beta don’t be a douche! And if you really know your stuff and have claimed a code why not prove your Gears Honor and post the first boss you fight in Gears of War 1.


Code 1 – 9KP3K-6GTH7-34VF4-JG3KY-TFPTZ
Code 3 – F3D4V-TX96R-PWX2K-T7VD2-FCK6Z

If you didn’t grab them in time we might get more but I suggest you drag your lazy ass to Gamestop and Pre-order it if you want it that bad as a beta code comes with the pre-order.  Keep it here for the latest on Gears of War 3.

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  • DirectingChaos

    Looks like all have been used, just tried them unless they don’t work on the UK XBL (so other members know).

    Shame I wasn’t quicker… I’ve wanted to play this for ages, especially as I had the Bulletstorm ordered that came with a Gears code but my mate convinced me to change from Xbox to PS3 about 2 weeks before it came out (so I could join his online games) and then the sod cancelled his copy in favour of a night out 5 days before release (meaning I could have kept my 360 Bulletstorm epic edition order after all. I plan on getting Gears anyway when it comes out at the end of year anyway but it would have been nice to see if the hype lives up to the gameplay as far as this multiplayer is concerned.


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