Layers of Fear Dev: PS2 Emulation On PS4 Is ‘Not A Selling Feature For Me’

Bloober Team’s Rafał Basaj discusses the personal appeal of PS2 emulation.

Posted By | On 05th, Feb. 2016 Under News

ps2 emulation on ps4

PlayStation 2 emulation is a bit of an interesting issue these days. On the one hand, it allows PS4 players the chance to experience older titles in a new light. On the other hand, it’s not free and we’ll see the majority of games arriving later.

GamingBolt spoke to Bloober Team’s Rafał Basaj, who created the upcoming Layers of Fear, about the same and asked if PS2 emulation holds any value in these circumstances. Basaj said, “To be honest, I actually don’t care about it that much. I have never sold a console after its time, and I come back to my GameCube quite regularly. It’s just not a selling feature for me.”

As such, backwards compatibility on the Xbox One and PlayStation Now, which brings PS3 games to the PS4 via cloud streaming, haven’t really provided any solid evidence of older games being system sellers. Regardless, what are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Robert

    “Repurchase the games you already own”
    PlayStation Exclusive #4ThePayers

    • DarthDiggler



    • J.j. Barrington

      You could cut the ignorance with a spoon…

    • 7thlevel JR


  • Shawn

    You’re not required to purchase any of these games, and besides the “Grand Theft Auto” series, none of these games have been released to the PlayStation store in the first place. Not only that, but games like “Dark Cloud 2” retail for over forty bucks on Amazon and similar sites, while the day it was released on PSN it was only eleven dollars. How is that not a win for most people?

    They’re not targeting people who still have a PS2 and their games, but for the many users who have no way of playing PS2 games in the first place. If you want to play your old PS2 games on an HDTV with no up-scaling, no trophies, etc., then do it. No one is stopping you.

    • Robert

      Those people who bought PS2 games on PSN (PS3) are not eligible to play those games on PS4. No way I’m gonna repurchase the games 3 times lol

    • Shawn

      I get that, and even I think Sony should offer some sort of discount to the people who have already purchased them. But then again, if you already have the game on your PS3, why do you need/want it on PS4? Can’t you just boot up your PS3? And before you say, “Those old classics don’t have trophies, 1080 support, etc., and I want those” – well, you didn’t pay for those features when you bought it the first time off of PSN. You bought the game as it was, completely untouched with no new features. Now people want Sony to just give them these updated games, for free?

      As the Sein would say, “Good luck with alllllllllll that”.

    • DarthDiggler


      As I stated above I don’t think Sony is doing itself any PR favors by not at least offering a basic emulator for a small fee so those who invested in discs aren’t completely screwed. At the end of the day they may just see the feature as too much work for the little amount of use it would get. And of course they would have to support it too.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Those people would be buying new versions of those games. It’s not all THAT different from how they have to buy the version for PS3.

    • andy

      THIS is true. I would only buy a game again if it was less than 2 quid like when I bought most of my PS1 classics. I would love to play some of these again on PS4 but I will only be buying them when they cost pennies.

    • Margaret Weller

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  • Mateus F. Zanatta

    I think any kind of backwards compatibility is always welcomed. Especially when there is some game you didn’t have the chance to play. Then you can just play it on your new plataform.
    What i don’t like is when they make you rebuy a game you already own. Sony, for instance should allow people who already purchased a game via ps store to just play it for free on PS now (if it’s a ps3 game) or via ps2 emulation. Because they have the purchase data and shouldn’t make you have to rebuy the game. They are all digital, I don’t think it would be that hard to sinc the data.

    • DarthDiggler

      @Mateus F. Zanatta

      Had Sony’s PS3 with full PS2 backwards compatibility flown off the shelves back in 2006 that would have likely informed Sony’s design for the PS4. The fact is Sony’s PS3 system didn’t pick up steam until they made it more competitive with the Xbox 360. Which required they minimize their hardware cost so a legacy PS2 chip was just too expensive to continue including. The software emulation only provided them with more support issues which is most cost out of pocket from Sony without any revenue streams to off-set it.

      Sony designed the PS4 to be a great game machine but not be a “Rosetta stone” for all Sony’s games. If you you want to play PS2 games today and not pay for the “PS2 on PS4” you can buy a PlayStation 2 new in the box from Over 80 sellers have them in stock.

      If you like you can still find PS1 consoles too, but PS2 will play PS1 games just fine. PS3 will also play PS1 games just fine.

    • Mateus F. Zanatta

      I have a PS2 and a PS4, but I live in Brazil, not in the US, so, I can only dream of these low console and video game prices you have there.

      I was just saying that I really like backwards compatibility because of the historical value it offers. If someone didn’t have the console back then or had it, but sold it and didn’t play some game, they can just play it via back compatibility, which is a very nice feature to have.

      The PC has it to some extent, so, say everybody keeps telling you how cool full throttle was and you wanna try it. You can! For me it would be cool if it worked the same way with consoles.
      Portal is a very good game, but you can’t play it on PS4 or Xbox One. Everyone will tell a new gamer to play it, it would be a lot better if this person could just play it on the console she/he has, than being forced to buy a new console for it or to build a gaming pc for it.

      Money is not something that everybody has plenty of. It’s better when one doesn’t have to spend US$ 100-150 more just to play a US$ 10 game.

      And, concerning PS4, it doesn’t really matter if they did not intend to offer back compatibility. The fact is that they are offering some sort of way to let we play these games and they have the data to know if we already bought it in the ps store, so the very least they could do is to let we access these games that we already own digitally for free.

      These services (PS now, PS2 on ps4) are very nice and there’s no problem in charging for new games, but it’s not cool to charge the player for a game he already bought digitally in the ps store.

      Just to make it clear, I never argued that the ps4 should be able to read ps2 or ps3 disks. I was talking about digital purchases.

    • DarthDiggler

      @Mateus F. Zanatta:disqus

      We enjoy low console pricing because our government doesn’t levy a tariff against Sony. Brazil charges outrageous fees to import things if the manufacturer doesn’t have a local manufacturing facilities. IMHO it’s a blood sucking policy that only negatively affects YOU the citizen!

      I agree backwards compatibility is a great feature to have. It’s just not one I think gets a ton of use. The best way for Sony to pull it off would be via hardware as software emulation opens up the need for more support (emulation isn’t perfect). Sony has data from the early PS3 days which I bet showcase the PS2 backwards compatibility wasn’t used that much. They likely made the decision to forgo the feature because of the added cost and the lack of revenues.

      Now moving forward if Sony releases a PS5 and the CPU is Intel based (AMD) there is no excuse for Sony not to have backwards compatibility. It can be achieved at the hardware level which may not work flawlessly but should work WAY better than software emulation.

      Money is a limited supply but consider that it is for Sony too. They have a large corporation to run and with the exception of PlayStation many of their departments are not doing so well.

      With the PS2 on PS4 games I would think they could offer the game at a discount price for someone who owns the disk / download. With PS3 games they could certainly offer PS Now at a discount if you own the disc / download. I don’t think it would be a wise move to offer them for free with a Disc or Download. For one PS Now is a service. The entire time you are using it is cost to Sony. The PS2 on PS4 games are enhanced versions, so people should be willing to pay for the added value of the newer package.

      Yeah I agree with you about digital purchase and I would even agree something should be done for people who own the disc. I just think that audience is so small that Sony doesn’t feel a great deal of motivation to do anything about it.

    • J.j. Barrington

      What did they MAKE you buy?

      And the digital versions of those PS2 games on PS3 are NOT the same as those versions on PS3. Have you been paying no attention at all?

    • Mateus F. Zanatta

      Look, man, calm down, will you? If you feel like it, read my response to the other guy.

      I’m not a sony share holder, so I have no reason to defend anything that they do that do not favors me.

      I’m just a consumer, who happens to live in Brazil, where consoles and games are really expensive in comparison to how much people earn. So, any feature that allows me to play games I haven

    • J.j. Barrington

      You don’t have to hold stock to see this is a stupid mentality.

      It’s an unwarranted sense of entitlement that assumes you’re due something new because you bought a previous iteration.

      I’m no more pissed about that than I am about having to rebuy Fifth Element since the original was VHS and now it’s on Blu Ray.

      Your PS2 still work? Your PS2 game still work? Then you’re not made to do anything. As awesome as it is- and I DO love playing old games, or did before they were all stolen- neither Sony nor any other company is obliged to give us any form of BC for free.

      It’s a bonus, a benefit, but NOT having BC doesn’t make it unfair or disrespectful to consumers. That sentiment is hilarious.

      Getting defensive is one thing: being annoyed with this frequent misconception is another thing entirely. This is the latter.

    • 7thlevel JR

      dont bother with this dude he lives off defending is piece of plastic. i dont really personally care about backwards compatibility since i own a pc so i can play every ps2 game for free via emulator and pretty much 99% of games on ps3 are on pc as well plus there is a ps3 emulator in the works that has been making great progress but yeah it would be cool for sony to do that

  • Riggybro

    I have a PS2, a 360.
    A Wii with game cube BC.
    A DS with GBA BC.
    A 3DS with DS BC
    A PC with… almost infinite BC…
    etc… etc…

    But it’s actually quite rare I play anything old. If I do it’s usually just novelty value. You have a quick jam on it for a couple of hours. Have a laugh. Realise how clunky it was. Then go back to playing something new 95% of the time.

    My XB1 friends are similar. They pop their 360 disc in. Are delighted that it actually works. Muck about on it for an hour. Then go back to the Division or Halo 5 etc…

    I definitely agree philosophically that BC is an excellent idea. But in reality… (for people that don’t have 8 hours straight a day to game) how often do we use it?

    • Dorothy Baum

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  • Ruggarell

    I bought my PS2 to play PS2 games
    I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games
    I bought my PS4 to play PS4 games

    • Did the same… waiting for two years now for that awaited greatness.

    • Ruggarell

      There are plenty of games to play for PS4. Look harder.

    • Gamez Rule

      I did the same, BUT I also bought Digital PS-One games, Digital PS2 games, to play on a new console at that time called PS3, So there is nothing stopping gamers that already bought older games from the PS-Store to play them on TVs, let alone new consoles like PS4.

  • Ruggarell

    Just buy a modded PS2 or mod it yourself it’s really simple. I have one so if I ever get the urge to play a PS2 game I can just download it and bam play it on my modded PS2.

    When I bought my PS4, I had a new generation of games in mind. I want to experience new things. Games/features that the PS2 could not have in any way,shape,or form. You want to experience the past games? Dig up the console/emulate it on a PC/Phone.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    If you have to pay for the privilege of playing games on older consoles it isn’t worth it. The nostalgia of playing an older FREE game on a current PS4 or XB1 would entice brand loyalty to me saying despite moving on into the future they are considering their loyal customers from the past. However, making someone pay for those older games especially if you still have the physical discs but not the PS2/PS3 console in this situation would make me think that company is solely interested in money. That is fine for me because they need to make money. My nostalgia or desire for reliving the glory days dwindles down to nothing if I have to pay for it. I would probably go to a new movie or rent one instead,

  • Orionsangel

    SSX Tricky and SSX 3 on PS4 and will call it day 🙂

  • justerthought

    BC as we perceive it right now is not an issue in reality. Gamers say they want it and when they get it they don’t use it. Gameplay is timeless but game graphics don’t age well unless they are remastered to bring them up to what we now expect.

    It’s the same with every generation. There are too many great games out on the current gen to waste time revisiting the older gens. But I am a strong believer in free choice, so if you cannot afford the new stuff you should be allowed to keep your old console and play your old games if that is what you need.

    We already have that facility to keep our old console and play our old discs. A more important issue is the issue of digital downloads. When you have the old console and the old disc, you can play the game forever because it’s yours. With digital downloads, the game is only your as long as Sony keep it on the server for download if you have deleted it to save room.

    Servers don’t stay active forever as policies change resulting in gamers being denied their game without any decision from them. At present gamers have full control and decide themselves whether to sell their old console and old games. With digital downloads, the gamer has no say at all so that’s the biggest BC issue..

  • Playstation should play Playstation games otherwise they should call each iteration by a different name. At least Nintendo Wii could play Game Cube…

    Sony doesn’t get the concept that their valuable libraries that they spent a fortune attracting developers for burns to the ground each time they abandon their user base. They missed the opportunity to allow people to follow Playstation evolution and play the previous generation game (such as God of War for PS2) using the original media at no charge on a PS3 or PS4 and then sell an expansion pack with maps and new levels downloadable to the hard drive from their AppStore…

    The Management of Sony have always been too stupid and short sighted to see anything of value. Why pay these executives if they don’t understand how to build and retain a customer base. They deserve all the pain they have endured. I think Sony is valued at less than 10% of its market capitalisation in 2000 when you take inflation into account. What a disaster…


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