Mark Cerny: PS4 GPU Features Significant Customisation, Explains Compute Process

The genius speaks again.

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The lead architect of the PS4, Mark Cerny, has revealed some important details regarding GPU of the PlayStation 4 and how it is extensively customized and will be future proof.

“You’ll see the benefits in terms of the graphics and the quality of the world simulation and the like. On top of that we did significant customisation of the GPU to make sure that there was that extra target for people to go after in 2016/2017. Put that all together, I think the future’s looking very bright for PlayStation 4,” he said to EuroGamer.

Cerny then explains the compute process for the GPU and how each process does not affect each other. For example compute processes like collision detection, physics or ray-casting for audio won’t affect the graphics.

“If you look at how the GPU and its various sub-components are utilised throughout the frame, there are many portions throughout the frame – for example during the rendering of opaque shadowmaps – that the bulk of the GPU is unused. And so if you’re doing compute for collision detection, physics or ray-casting for audio during those times you’re not really affecting the graphics. You’re utilising portions of the GPU that at that instant are otherwise under-utilised. And if you look through the frame you can see that depending on what phase it is, what portion is really available to use for compute,” he explained.

A lot of developers also feel the same thing with Avalanche CTO famously stating that the PS4 will outpower PCs for years to come and more recently Witcher 3 developer telling us that the PS4 is a high end PC.

It will be interesting to see how soon PS4 games will take full advantage of the system. The PS3 got its first benchmark game in MGS4, which was almost 18 months after launch. PS4 launch games like Killzone Shadow Fall and DriveClub are already looking solid and we can only imagine what Naughty Dog will do with their game on the PS4, if they are working on one.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Michael Clanton

    ps4 will not outpower pc’s for many years…only difference is the ps4 and x1 is a closed system with the resources on gaming…while pc’s obviously are multi purpose to the extreme.
    This is also nothing new, x1 has custom traits to there cpu/gpu…who cares.
    We are reporting this like its something fresh and new to the ps4…..and lets be honest, he works at sony, do you expect him to say anything other then when you pray, your really praying to the ps4…and it may answer your prayers lol. waste of an article.

    • SONY

      Customisation + More compute power = Fresh & HOT

    • XtraTrstrL

      The HSA hUMA is something fresh and new that isn’t currently available on PC. It will change the landscape.

    • Dakan45

      Just like “da power of da core”

      So check this out guys, killzone shadowfall uses technology that was available on pc since 2011, nice,real nice. NEXT GEN they said.

    • XtraTrstrL

      So this is what you do, go to every next-gen console article to spew nonsense in the comments section?

      The real question is, OMG, does Dakan45 ever STFU?

      Mark Cerny knows his stuff, and you obviously have no idea what hUMA is all about, and why it will allow the PS4 to keep up with the PC for a good while. Go do some research before ignorantly talking pointless trash.

    • Dakan45

      I really loved the part that you countered my argument about the ps3 “power of da core” bull and how you explained me what “hUMA” is.

      But hey thats just me clicking on those articles to see if any of the consoletards have any idea what they are talking about or just bashing each other on who’s prebuild crapbox is better than the other. Even the ios/andorid fanboys are better than you because their devices constantly change and evolve.

      Those last few months that i am reseraching “next gen” consoles articles have given me a new perspective.

      Console fanboys were alwys clueless and everyime i read their naive guiilable comments i see just how riddiculus they are.

    • XtraTrstrL

      LoL, the sad thing is, you obviously aren’t that confident in the PC, considering this is all you do. And why should I explain hUMA to you. Go research it, since you say you’ve been researching next gen for the last few months. You’re just too stupid to comprehend I suppose. The bottom line is that the next gen consoles are good for everybody, including PC gamers. It is a fact that they have the capability to outpace the PC for a period in time with the hardware architecture inside them, considering the PC doesn’t have such unified ram or HSA at this level of maturity as of the moment.

      And even when they get it, they won’t be coded for at a low level, because the PC gamers have infinitely different setups. So, you can go buy an expense Nvidia Titan, but your games still won’t look better than what’s on PS4, not because PS4 will be holding them back, but because the PC landscape in general is holding PC gaming back.

    • Dakan45

      The irony is that you havent reserached yourself, you just head it somewhere and yo ukeep saying it.

      The whole unified ram is a joke. DDR3 is faster than GDDR5 for cpu calculations.

      Games ALWAYS looked better than the console version.

      When quake 2 came out it looked better on pc than on playstation, same thing with morrowind on xbox and oblivion on x360.

      Crysis in 2007 destroyed everything.

      Moh games always look better on pc.

      Bf3 and max payne 3 run on low pc settings on consoles.

      crysis 3 and metro last light on consoles run at lower than the lowest settings on pc

      You dont seem to get it, every time a console game out, it was weaker than high end pcs and maybe weaker than midrange. This time pc harwdare has progressed far ahead. The fact you trust AMD with their weak cpus and garbage drivers to actually make somethign worthy, is just funny as hell.

      Look how weak the ps4 and xbone are, you dont need a gitan, games will look better on pc with a mere 760.

      Hell BF4 is taking shortcuts on consoles. Thief will be 30 fps on consoles, pretty much nearly every game was demoed on a pc in E3.

      You are looking at yet another generation of consoles that will be weaker than pc.

      Cerny can hype and hype but that wont change the outcome.

    • Guest

      What do you want them to use?

    • Dakan45

      I just wanted to see some thought put into it, but apaprently consoletards lack that.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      From where I was standing Infamous Second Son looked far better than anything I’d had seen from a PC.

    • Dakan45

      Second son? REALLY? It looks like a typical open world game, if you saiy killzone shadowfall or quantic dream edmo, you would be taken more seriously, but still wrong.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      Also I’ve seen you before on another site trying to give everyone the run-down of why PC is the “Second Coming of Christ”, when it actual fact your opinion had no fact, it was more a case off “I’m a PC gamer, I don’t like it when a console can do new things”.

      Getting kinda childish, don’t ya think..?

  • dennett316

    I don’t get why PC gamers are sniping at these new consoles…it’ll lead to better results for PC ports and an overall raising of standards in the industry. Of course the PS4 can’t compete with the very best PC hardware, but the very best PC hardware doesn’t cost $400 does it? SLI Titans and 32gig of Ram and all the other customisations that can be done….why do so many PC gamers feel the need to snipe and bitch about these new consoles? Insecurity over the amount they’ve spent? Just a desperate need to flex the muscles of their “rig” and proclaim themselves top dog? The more some spend, the more child-like they seem to become.
    My GTX 580 will do me for a while yet…only cost me £140 too. Good performance doesn’t require massive expense, as we’ll see with the release of PS4.

    • Dakan45

      I hope you reallize that every time a game came out it run on inferior settings on consoles.

      Therefoe the more powerfull the consoles, the better games can look on superior systems.

      Most multiplats run on current consoles on low- medium settings.

    • lelly

      You have an unhealthy hate for consoles, anyone that knows anything about technology should know a PC can easily outperform a console but developers mostly develope for consoles and thats why we choose them, although the PC can easily outperform a PS3 can you tell me a bunch of games which are better than any of the Uncharted series, The Last Of Us and Gran Turismo 5 or 6 which are only on PC.

    • Dakan45

      Ehmm uncharted looks like shit, the last of us run on 1280×720 with blurry low res textures and horrible lighting, take a look at its enviroments, all the objects in the room are not displaying any shadows. Apparenlty they havent heard ambient occlusion.

      Grand turismo? HAHAHAH have you heard about project cars? That game is next gen.

      All the games you play now on consoles run at BARELLY 30 fps at 720p with low-medium pc settings. Hell if you set crysis 3 or metro last light at the lowest settings on pc it still doesnt look as bad as the console versions, that says alot.

      Dice and most devs demoed there games on high end pcs in E3. So thats how pretty much games will be in the future, made on high end pcs and released with the ability to downgrade graphics, but they will downgrade the consoel version graphics or framerate.

    • lelly

      What im trying to tell you is that we know PCs are superior in terms of power and they will be when you spend considerately more than a console but I was saying as I game on PC and a PS3 that the games I mentioned have given me a great experience that PC games haven’t, I haven’t seen a developer exclusively cater for mid to high end PCs that makes me think I don’t need a PS3 anymore, also we’ll see how much sales project cars gets compared to Driveclub before we compare it to the beast which is Gran Turismo, developers will cater for the bigger market which is an most likely always to be consoles, you won’t see a game that is as good as The Last Of Us running on a 7 year old PC, not because of the power but because developers would rather target a bigger audience which is the consoles. Just remember its not always about how pretty a game looks, its the experience you get and most people have a better experience on consoles hence why more games are bought for consoles rather than their PC counter part, we’ll see if developers make games 100X better for the PC which im sure Sony and MS wouldn’t allow developers to do as it would drive console sales away from them if we could get 10000X better experience on the PC, we’ll see.

    • Dakan45

      “PC and a PS3 that the games I mentioned have given me a great experience that PC games haven’t”

      What are you talking about?

      Console graphics are trash in comparison and all games play alike.

      Great experiances? Is there anything like slender on consoles? No they killed off horror games to sell you more samey action games. Is there anything like antichamber? Ofcourse not, that wil take brains which casual morons on consoles lack. Is there anything like shadowrun returns? Nope, they turn games like this to fps.

      ” I haven’t seen a developer exclusively cater for mid to high end PCs that makes me think I don’t need a PS3 anymore,”

      Games you play on consoles are on low-medium settings at this point. Developers cater to midrange systems and thus upgrade the graphics, making the games more demanding and pc gaming more expensive for a reason, BETTER GRAPHICS.

      Arma 3, crysis 3, metro last light, all those are high end focused games.

      So you are wrong on that one.

      “developers will cater for the bigger market”

      Which you do not reallize but its a problem, they take horror games and rpgs and turn them into actions, they kill innovations.

      Do you think the last of us would be made if sony didnt pay for its development? Ofcourse not, most publishers would think that it wont sell well, ironicly most developers hate exlusivity becasue they get less sales. Had the last of us being on multiple systems it would get more sales. No one is making exlusives anymore unless paid to do it or not having the budget to go multiplat.

      “you won’t see a game that is as good as The Last Of Us running on a 7 year old PC’

      No you wont because every pc game is getting enchanced shaders and lighting and graphics. So while you could logicaly play it with a 7 year old card on console settings, the game has been enchanced so you need a better videocard.

      A good example of this is crysis 3, it requires a dx11 card by default, which means that dx10 cards cant play it but even if you play it at the lowest settings you still playing at better graphics than the console version. Does that mean that consoles somehow get the upper hand because they SIMPLY run the game with ancient graphics an on a diffirent api?


      But let me put that theory to the test, lets pick a game from 2007 that looks better than the last of us, cryisis. It has better geometry, it has far better lighting, and better textures. So when a game is made specifically for pc, it looks miles better than the consoles and that game was pretty unoptimized.

      There is no argument here, pick quake 2, looked better on pc, pick morrowind and oblivion, also looked better on pc, pick medal of honor games also looked better on pc.

      So you got a console coming out, say x360 and a still a pc runs oblivion with better visuals. Same case now with bf4, it will look better on pc.

    • salim

      But the pc will be dead…more games are sold for consoles. Look at vgchartz and youl see that consoles sell 2x what pc to

    • Dakan45

      vgcchartz is innucurate you dumb faggot.

      Pc games are sold mostly on steam, if pc is dead then how the freaking hell does pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined? If pc is dead, how the hell so many new games are made for pc with kicktarters?

      If pc is dead then how the console market has declined the last 2 year but pc has more sales than ever had in its lifetime.

      If pc is so bad then how the freaking hell is pc so alive right now?

      Another clueless consoletard that doesnt know shit.

      Enjoy your 10 million sales required generic shooter that is a suquel to a horror game and was alterted because MORE SALES REQUIRED ON CONSOLES.

      Dum consoletard.

    • salim

      No pc is like wii…many desktop but not all is gamer only a minority. They release games for pc…but after a yeare they give it out on consoles
      How much did BF3 sell on pc?? And how much on consoles?

    • Dakan45

      What argument is this? You comparing pcs that are not primary cheap ass consoles YET THEY CAN RUN GAMES and try to devalue pcs which still are playing games at higher than console settings.

      Also 2 consoles are more profitable than one system. Crysis sold 3 million on pc alone, crysis 2 sold 3 million on all systems.

      BF3 was heavilly impacted by origin crap that ea shoved in there, yet Bf3 sold pretty well but most of the sales are digital, obviously they are lower than consoles but they are far higher than most multiplats outhere.

      I dont think you reallize what pc gaming has done.

      The consoles you see now are based on pc.

      The online feature and innovations you have are on pc.

      The F2P came from pc.

      Tons of new projects come out from kickstarters when people pay for those gamses to be made on pc.

      The indie devs came from pc

      Pc has the highest amount of exlusives

      Pc has modding.

      Pc has steam which gets new developers in the industry and they can sell their games through steam by the community voting to have it on steam rather the developers desperatly trying to find a publishing deal

      steam has summer sales in which you can get games for 10-20 bucks. Instead of having to buy a game for 60 bucks because thats how much they say it costs and you have to deal with. Pc is pretty much the future.

    • GDDR5

      STFU I work in wholesale computer parts…statistics show that desktop sales are at an alltime low..people dont want ro spend big money on buying pc parts that are overpriced just so you can be able to play one game.. im suprised that you haven’t listed what type of setup you have on your pc just like your little geek friends playing WOW..if you dont like the ps4 then just leave..even if it does half the things they say it will it justifies the price in my opinion..

      Stupid pcgamers always have to make sure they defend their choice of game they can justify not being ripped makes them feel better.. 🙂

    • Dakan45

      Listen troll. STATISTICS show that DESKTOP are in an all time low, HP and other prebuild crap. If you dont know that, the you are either a newbie or you just read an article and think you can pass yourself as smart, but judging by your comments you are a ps4 fanboy with no actual knowledge on hardware.

      The reason Desktop sles are low is quite simple, tablets. If all you want to do is trivial pc tasks both from a price and efficiency perspective, it doesnt worth getting a overpiced prebuilt pc.

      On the other hand hardware sales such as gaming pc parts are on the rise.

      Also hand Nviida has stated that pc is the most important platform right now with higher hardware sales than ever.

      PC shipments in ONE quarter (3 months): 79 million.

      Xbox shipments in 8 years 77 million.

      Pc is dying eh?

      Also pc pc gaming software has reached 20 billion in 2012 and its growing.

      My pc is from 2008, still plays most games on high while consoles ran them on low.

      Meaning, if you bought part to upgrade last year you are good to go for 3-4 years.

      Prebuilt crap are dying, casuals get tablets and pc gamers buy upgrades and build pcs more powerfull than the consoles.

    • GDDR5

      1st not a boy.. and its just the hardware inovation of a system that interests I said I work for a wholesale computer company! We sell to the shops YOU buy from! I have been in the industry for 10 years plus!

      Secondly by the use of troll and noob and all other related pc terms I take it you’re 100% geek orientated and the boy comment would be you?

      3. when did I say pc gaming is dying? I did not say such a thing and you shouldn’t really be puting words in my mouth.. I was trying to say sales for DESKTOPS in general you twat! However laptops and especially all in one and tablets are increasing!! Whats killing it for pc gamers is your own self..instead of buying the copy and supporting the pc games market you get the bootleg..your own fault..where as on console there isnt as much of it going on..

      4. What software are you talking about windows 8? Because even that in sales isnt doing anywhere as good as windows 7 which is still available and my clinets and their customers still prefer is 70/30 in fsvour of win7.

      Your missing the point all together..for you pc uses alot of resources..bottlenecks throu pcie etc etc..I realy dont have mych more time to go through this all but for 399 like I said if people want to by it then let them be dumb…but your the smart one because yourcthe pc gamer right?


    • Dakan45

      You got that right, apparently pc has 5 times as many exslusives as consoles, we pay on kickstarter for developers to make pc gamers that the moronic publishers dont want to fund because they want to turn them into shooters with 10 million sales, steam is giving the chance to small studios to sell their games and a massive economical shift happens every summer thanks to steam selling games -66% off.

      Wake up, piracy is not the problem, its bad service and consolish crap. When they make good games the sales are there and no pc will NEVER reach console sales since console gaming has become a casual interactive experiance with heavy marketing and attention trying to sell it to everyone and even failing to reach those unreallistic goals.

      As if that was not the case with vista and xp, ms may wish to sell an os nearly every year but we dont have to buy their phone os crap.

      Amd who makes cheap ass cpus and advertizes them as super powerfull, yet an inferior intel cpu is beating its ass all over the floor is telling you that APUs are the future hwen apus have proven to be weak.

      PS4 is actually alot weaker than it appears to be because its an AMD apu device.

      DDR3 will always be faster for cpu since the memory controllers are on cpus. Current games are x32, using only 3.25gb, when games become x64, then 16-32 gb will be used. Ps4 will just keep on having a weak cpu with poor interaction with its ram and thats the bottleneck right there.

      Consoles= hype lies.

  • Jawds

    @michael if that what u believe that you don’t understand the gaming arc at all– yes pc per component will outpower ps4 or xbone, and as you pc is for general purpose and will never be able to use at of its raw power at once– however the design of the consoles is why the general pc is behind the APU with customization– currently there isn’t a market with this combo with gddr5 allocated to it — kesevi amd proc may change this — however current pc is still enslaved to the north and south bridge division rather than a unified arc — currently that is a luxury only spec locked system can enjoy– pc games in general have to brute force it’s way, but even then it rarely have the polished gameplay of console. I don’t think it will take 3-4 years for pc to catch up however, as I said kesevi will hit end of this year and enhanced chip the following year, pc will brute force everything on the market by end of next year.

    • Dakan45


      Quake 2, looked better on pc not on psx.

      Morrowind looked better on pc not xbox.

      Medal of honor looked better on pc not on consoles.

      Crysis pwned everything in 2007

      and current multiplatform games run on consoles at low-medium settings with half the fps and resolution.

      Ps4 will be on par for a year or two SIMPLY becaue the games wont be demanding due to the same architecture and the sole fact pc has been “next gen” for 2-3 year now.

    • salim

      I have a high performance gaming pc and ps3…i barely use my pc. Too much problemes using windows ++++ while my console plug and play…. not freaky ultra hardcore gamer that have 32GB ram and most expensive hardware and thanks to that he have a huge advantage on you. No consoles is better….we have the same hardware and pad, it all about skills on multiplayer.

    • Dakan45

      Am sorry but you are retarded, too many problems using windows? Fuck off. liying fuck

    • salim

      So you claim that windows don’t have any problems? Even pc dont have problems?

      Who are you calling a liar?

    • Dakan45

      No am saying that if you claim that you constantly runs on problems, you are beeing biased or extremely unlucky. Its not like consoels dont have issues. But no one makes a big deal of it.

      For the sake of argument consoel gaming WAS easy back in ps2 era but now you got online passes, acount, internet connection, dlcs and many other crap, in the next gen they gonna add more and it will become more complex thus losing the ease that they are famous for.

    • salim

      You have some good points here…but i have problemes withs my desktop, thats why i moved to consoles

  • Dakan45

    Guess what guys? PS4 CAN ALSO CURE CANCER

    Omg does this guy ever STFU, there is no doubt ps4 is the way to go next gen for a console, but people need to stop listening to the blatant hype campaign lies sony is spreading.

    Now people they are not gonna sell you a high end pc for 400 bucks

    Furthermore sony is full of lies

    They also lied about ps2 having reallistic hair physics and being powerfull enough to be used for weapons or mass destruction.

    They even did it back in the old days

    As for the gpu somehow being able to take on high end gpus?

    Come on, just get real people.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      How are they lie’s?
      Have you became stupid recently or were you dropped at birth…?

      Everything Cerny said was true, (The man made the damn thing Lol!) Why would he lie?
      It seems to me whenever there is mention of what a Console can do that a PC can’t, it becomes a fest of “Well my GTX can.. and My RAM is…” ….yer yer, I’d love to see ‘ONE’ developer take advantage of a fraction of a GTX 780 let-alone the whole damn thing. You really think Dev’s are going to take advantage of 0.0001% of the population who own a GTX 780 or Titan? Not Happening Lol.

      The point being is that ‘Yes’ power is nice, but if a developer isn’t going to fully take advantage of that power i.e. PC Games, then it won’t be this god-send that PC try-hard’s like to make out. I’ll look forward to the wonderful games that will ‘Fully’ take advantage of the PS4’s power.

    • Dakan45

      Ok i posted proof that Sony lies. BUt if you wanna be a dumb naive sony fanboy and listen to “make belief” go ahead, just remember they try to sell you the damn thing and sony is known to go on hype campaigns.

      Sorry to tell you this but every time a game came out it looked better on pc.

      Quake 2 looked better on pc, morrowind looked better on pc, medal of honor looked better on pc, crysis looked better on pc.

      Hell games you play right now are running on low pc settings or medium if the gmae is not graphically impressive.

      But apparently THIS TIME, just THIS TIME, it will be diffirent because “da power of da core” failed but “da power of GDDR5” will not.

      Ok then keep believing that, just remember that xbone will be around too, so games wont full use the ps4 unless they are exlusives and still wont get pc quality visuals.

    • anthony

      fuck u u shite spewing sob

    • Dakan45

      fuck your mother athony

    • PcRules

      Unbelivable how much stupid people theres everywhere.
      It’s great that you speak the truth as these console faggots just swallow everything this fucking clown tells em..

      PS4 is NOTHING more then a lowend weak Pc!
      It’s crap thats what it is.Listen to Dakan as he tries to learn you dumb dipshits something here!

    • Dakan45

      Hell no, they are not gonna listen, they got the memmory of a goldfish, apaprently this time sony will live up to their promises. NOT, but the consoletards like “make belief”

    • salim

      If hes lying why do you try to convince people thats he lying??

    • PcRules

      Yeah bro these console faggots/fanboys are the lowest of manking, most stupid ignorant bastards there is!

      Theres hope for mankind thou as there as people like you and me but we are few atleast in places like this, retards paradise but they are entertaining these clowns LOL

    • Nik

      Dakan45 and PcRules, you two are probably among the fagots who were saying battlefield 4 cant possibly run native 1080p, 60pfs, 64 players on a “shitty 7850 let alone a 7790” well guess what, it has been confirmed that this LAUNCH game will run at those settings on the xbone even.. go try running bf4 at those settings on a pc with a 7790 in it, then when it doesn’t even turn on you can come back and suck my big fat cock. Or better yet try running bf3 (on 720p) on a 8yr old pc with 512MB RAM. Retards putting on-paper specs to compare pc and ps4…

    • Dakan45

      Wtf you talking about? In E3 you saw the pc version, it will not run on the same graphics as the pc version, so yeah consoles suck.

    • William Perdomo

      Get a life

    • Dakan45

      Get a brain

    • William Perdomo


  • Escopablobar

    PC elitists are the funniest of the fanboy bunch. Why such acrimony towards consoles? I don’t get it. PCEs, for short, are like the most beautiful prom queen at the party who no one gives 2 sh*ts about. Everyone is ignoring her so she lashes out in anger and for attention. For all of that power and customization, high end, hardcore PC gaming will always be an obscure niche whereas consoles are mainstream successes. Enthusiast PCs have been irrelevant for some time now in the mainstream space.

    Of course everything Cerny says will be rhetorical and hyperbolic in nature. Of course PCs are masters of graphical fidelity (now and forever ( u happy now!)) but that is not what the conversation is about. He is talking about GPU compute capabilities unique to this generation of Sony hardware that was not available in the prior iteration. There was never a comparison made to PCs. Console gamers are happy because now we can move away from 2005 and into the present and the future with our PC brethren. Stop trying to piss on our snow cones man. You PCEs need to stop being such douchebags and game on.

  • JC

    How much did you spend on your rig dakan? Be honest please

    • Dakan45

      800 5 years ago still run most games on high, looking to UPGRADE for “next gen” no need to build a new pc.

  • JC

    U pc fan boys are angry you spent so much money on a rig…when I can do pretty much the same thing from the comfort of my love seat….with my 40 inch hdtv….u losers are jealous and angry and probably obese from slouching on yur computer chair playing games……I could list a number of games u guys cant play because your so dam ignorant about consoles… didnt lie to me…but yur moms lied to you when she said you were special and u would amount to something in your life….lies! Yur an angry comment section trolling fatso….grow up lol

    • GDDR5

      Hahahahah I can so picture what these guys look like..their keyboards must be really filthy

  • William Perdomo

    Ps4 is the best

  • Guest



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