Mass Effect 4 Is Extremely Diverse And Beautiful

What better Hpliday gift could a gamer get?

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mass effect 4

Mass Effect is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautifully realised pieces of fiction ever created. Be it the huge sweeping landscapes of a distant moon that would suck the air from your lungs, or the mind blowing arches of the Presidium, there’s no denying its near tangible beauty.

Call him biased if you want, but Michael Gamble (producer of the next Mass Effect or Mass Effect 4) has taken to Twitter to say, “The Mass Effect team has created a fantastic build to cap off 2014. So much diversity, so beautiful.” We’ve known for quite some time now that the game is in a playable state, but when we see someone talking about it in such a casual but enthused manner, you can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.

Who knows when we’re going to see more of Mass Effect 4. I’m torn between the mindset of “give me it now” and “I can wait until its finished”. The last thing anyone wants is the game to be rushed out the door.


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  • d0x360

    I remember hearing the same about mass effect 2 and that game ended up feeling small than me1. It also had insanely boring missions. Most of the game was stupid loyalty quests for your crew. Same thing over and over. Then the ending..oh that ending with the stupid giant terminator. Uhhg. Me3 was better but it still didn’t have the magic as the original did. O had to push myself to finish 3. It probably had a lot to do with 2 being a let down.

    • SimonSays

      Couldn’t disagree more. Mass effect 2 was an amazing game. ME3 better? really? Think that tells me everything i need to know about your opinon.

    • d0x360

      Ahh yes being insulting is always a great way to have a discussion.

      Perhaps next time you could ask why I thought 3 was a better game and I could ask why you thought 2 was.

      Regardless I didn’t think either of them were all that compelling when held up against the original. The third got lazy with its story telling mid way through and the ending was truly awful and 2 had insanely boring quests and character motivations. It was also a smaller game with no real sense of discovery or exploration. Hey I’ve joined your crew but i won’t actually be loyal till you do this fetch quest…which ended up being 3/4 of the game as you did it over and over for every single crew member. Only Talia’s and the robot had any relevant and interesting information. No thanks. If I wanted lazy story telling with nonsense character motivation I’d go play a David Cage game.

      The gameplay of 2 was also piss poor. There was zero tension. Every room was the same. Enter through door see 30 boxes for cover if it was a combat area…shocking! Sorry but I dont want to walk into a room and automatically know its a combat area. A little gameplay diversity and surprise helps. 3 had a similar flaw but at least the variety of cover changed and it had multi level engagement which allowed for some semblance of strategy.

      But I guess none of my completely objective yet still valid reasons for thinking 3 was an overall better game than 2 discount my opinion in your absolute genius eyes.

      Take care

    • SimonSays

      The original was ok. The second was definitely the better game. The planet exploring is a great concept but it was executed poorly.

      3 was an alright game, I played 2 first as it came free with an Xbox360 and i found the finding of missions through the mining an amazing feature, i liked the thought of hidden things to explore, i wish they would include hidden areas on the map that are unlocked.

      The problem with 3 was it was wayyyyyy too linear and felt that way, where two was quite linear but didnt feel it.

    • Jim Peterson

      Dude, really? You’re talking about one of the most loved and acclaimed games of all time there. Id say it more than lived up to its promise.

    • d0x360

      did I say I hated it? Did i say it was a bad game? No I said I liked 3 better than 2.

      I’m deeply sorry if I felt there were some flaws in the game and If that bothers you but its possible to see flaws in something and dislike aspects of it and still enjoy it. Pretending like the game is some perfect masterpiece of untouchable art is straight up stupid.

    • Zarbor

      Mass Effect 2 is the best game in the series. Here’s hoping 4 is more
      like it than the last game. Best DLC for any game was Shadow Broker.

  • N7Paladin

    I think a Mass Effect without Shepard is a big mistake. This franchise isn’t like Dragon age, where you can just swap it out whenever you feel like it. At first I wasn’t bothered as much by the idea. But it just suddenly hit me that this is just wrong and I’m surprised their hasn’t been any outraged about this from it was first announced. Shepard is the face of this franchise and a game without him just won’t be the same and I think its down right retarded. You don’t see a Tomb raider without, Lara, or a Uncharted without Nathan Drake, or a Halo without Master Chief. One way or another they are part of the franchise still. This is my issue with gamers these days they’ll take anything that’s handed to them and not voice loudly about things that is just down right stupid. But I guess I’m alone in this fight.

    • Andy24

      Shaking a formula more is much better for sequels. Small details like changing the protagonist can further free a developer instead of attempting to imitate mechanics already used. If anything it’s better for developers to move further away from the tropes of their franchises to continue innovating their own series.

  • blackdreamhunk

    good to know


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