Mass Effect 4 might have more playable races other than just humans

Krogans? Turians? Salarians? All?

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After BioWare’s Casey Hudson, the man in charge of the Mass Effect franchise, earlier revealed that the new Mass Effect game- Mass Effect 4, or whatever it is going to be called when it eventually comes out- is is very early stages of development and BioWare would like fan feedback to know what will we included in the game, fans obviously started sending in suggestions.

Many people, apparently, suggested that the next Mass Effect game should have multiple playable races, and Casey Hudson thinks it’s a “great suggestion.”

“Great suggestions coming in for the next #MassEffect game,” he tweeted. “Seems to be lots of interest in playable alien races.”

This might hint at the possibility that Mass Effect 4 will have multiple playable racers. Having the ability to play as a Krogan or a Turian or a Salarian or maybe even a Geth in the single player campaign sounds awesome. Who knows, if we’re lucky we might get to play as Protheans.

We already played as different races in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, so obviously  BioWare has given this some thought.

What do you guys think? Tell us in your comments below.

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  • “Who knows, if we’re lucky we might get to play as Protheans.”

    Yeah why not? Of course this will fit well with their totally extintion…

    • Can easily set it 50000 years in the past when the protheans were fighting the reapers and also have additional races cause the protheans took over every dominant races power and resources back then to try and defeat the reapers

  • I’d love to play as Turian or Krogan and Protheans can come back, for Salarians could cloned those dinosaurs for Krogan to ride on, so if they have a living Prothean they might be able to clone him and make genetic diverses to make their race geneticly different enough to survive on it’s own.

  • dmc

    I think you need a spell checker.

  • Alexei

    I think ME3’s ending still needs to be fixed first

  • CMDRShepard

    While this might add some replay value, I have my doubts.
    Lets say they add 4 playable races. They’ll need 4 voice actors, 4 times the player script written, 4 times the armor design (Krogan armor won’t fit a Grell), etc. I fear that this might divert ressources from the actual single player.

    I don’t want them to rush an ending again because of that. x_x

    • Emil Karred Larsen

      To be fairly honest. No. They do not need 4 Voice Actors, why? Because Audio Program these days makes it possible for a man to speak and then people can make it 20 different voices, female included. So they just need 2 and then alter it. Quite Easy when you know how.

  • IxthArcana

    Love the ME trilogy. They could have done more with the ending, but enough of that.
    What beats galactic annihilation? After the reapers, anything else will feel like squishing ants.

    The Prothean storyline might be interesting though. Protheans discovering early life forms (humans in caves!) and helping/watching them evolve. Something like a mixture of Civ and Spore. Maybe ME4 could shed light on the origin of reapers. Sometime, somewhere, something created them. I’m curious about the different cycles. What was life like during the time of the Inusannon? What were the other species like before the Protheans conquered them?

    Ahh, so many questions! Maybe Tali creates a time machine, dives back into the past, and creates the first reaper (which went rogue). 😀


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