Mass Effect Andromeda: Bioware Dev On Classes, Commander Shepard’s Return & First Person Multiplayer

Also comments on Mass Effect remastered trilogy.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

While we don’t have a ton of solid information about what is going to be included in Mass Effect: Andromeda we continue to get little bits and pieces  thanks to Bioware’s Chris Wynn, who seems to legitimately enjoy letting hints slip about what his team is packing into the continuation of the long running series. He also seems to take an equal amount of fun in shooting things down in as short and to the point way as possible.

When it comes to who might appear in the game and the classes Wynn was asked whether or not classes in the game might influence choices, interrupts, and scenes in general. Wynn wasn’t exactly forthcoming, explaining that they would discuss those classes and things “later.” At the same time, the fact that they’re going to talk about it later seems to indicate we’re going to get some news at some point in the near future. As has been the case since the game was first announced, there have also been questions as to what characters are going to appear in the game.

One particular Twitter user asked Wynn if we would “ever” see a return of Commander Shepherd. Wynn didn’t really answer the question, though he did say it was impossible to answer if Shepherd would ever return. Wynn wasn’t exactly forthcoming when it came to the plot of Andromeda. In fact, Wynn said that he wasn’t sure when the developers could release info about the plot. He also wouldn’t talk about whether there’s ever going to be a remastered trilogy of the original games. He also stated that doing a first person multiplayer for Mass Effect would not only be risky but expensive as well. We’ll get to see what the newest game, Mass Effect: Andromeda has to offer sometime around the Holidays next year.

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  • Woz Lee

    Mass Effect Dev on classes – “Can’t talk about it.”
    Mass Effect Dev on Shepards return – “No idea.”
    Mass Effect Dev on FPS multiplayer – “Probably not.”

    Great article guys, no seriously! Highly informative, no I really mean it! This was fantastic use of my time and in no way a cheap tactic to get some clicks.

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    • Scott Zupek

      eat glass

    • Dos Tetas

      I’ve begun to only search for ME4 news once every 3-4 months based on this BS almost 2 years ago. In this time I’ve seen highly limited footage, learned there’s no Com. Shep. and that the Mako will be back. Ive searched today, see you all in January.

    • Down Lowbama

      Well, you got yourself a click for beating me to it, sir.

  • Scott Zupek

    I bought it on 360 and I just bought the trilogy again on PC. Such a great game who cares if it’s FPS or not.

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