Mass Effect Andromeda is Bioware’s “Spiritual Successor” to Mass Effect 1 – Insider

“It’s kind of the game” Bioware has always wanted to make.

Posted By | On 07th, Jun. 2016 Under News

Mass Effect Andromeda

Of the many upcoming games to be revealed at E3 2016, Mass Effect Andromeda is perhaps one of the biggest. Not only is it the next game in the hugely successful franchise from Bioware but it’s also our first look at the gameplay since it was first confirmed in 2012.

According to industry insider shinobi602 – who’s been having a big day in terms of leaks and rumours – on MrMattyPlays’ podcast, Mass Effect Andromeda will actually serve as a spiritual successor of sorts to the first Mass Effect.

“You should definitely look forward to Mass Effect Andromeda on stage at E3. I think people are really going to like what they see…Yeah it is [a lot like Mass Effect 1]. It would say Mass Effect 1 is their um…I would say it’s their spiritual successor to Mass Effect 1. It’s kind of the game they’ve always wanted to make.”

While Mass Effect 2 and 3 were renowned for their advancements in terms of combat, characterization and story-telling, there was always something special about the first game that kept players mesmerized. Will Mass Effect Andromeda live up to that legacy? We’ll find out when it’s revealed on June 12th at EA Play.

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  • SimonSays

    Mass Effect 2 was the best game. A mix of ME1 and 2 would be amazing.

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