Mass Effect Andromeda: New Protagonist Feels Fresh And Unique, New Enemies Teased

Any story is only as good as its heroes… and its villains.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

The Mass Effect games may have tried to make the journey uniquely yours, with everything in the titles adjusting itself in response to your actions and your agency, but they were still helped by having an extraordinarily strong lead- Commander Shepard is legendary, and he is definitely one of the most iconic gaming heroes of all time.

So Mass Effect Andromeda, the follow up to the original trilogy, definitely has its task cut for it, in trying to have a new protagonist who can fill in Shepard’s rather large shoes. Thankfully, according to a new tease made on Twitter by Bioware’s Ian S. Frazier, their new main character is unique and fresh- which means he should definitely stand out from Shepard, and manage to step out of his shadow a bit.

Of course, Shepard’s story was also helped by some extremely strong, well defined enemies and antagonist- the Reapers, yes, but also all the other creatures that Shepard must face and take down in the course of the Mass Effect trilogy stood out and provided a credible threat that kept players invested. The new enemies, no matter what they are, need to be similarly strong, too. Thankfully, Bioware’s Fabrice Condominas posted on Twitter this week, noting that the new enemies would definitely enrich Mass Effect Andromeda‘s storytelling.

It seems like Mass Effect Andromeda is coming together well, then, all said and done. That’s good- when it launches next year, it will have five years’ worth of pent up expectations to live up to, after all.

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  • leanton31

    You know where the Mass Effect trilogy has really dated? Not in its graphics or storytelling, but in the ridiculous restrictive “Paragon” and “Renegade” choices, which meant there was only black and white moral choices and you had to carry on being 99% “good” or “bad” till the very end because otherwise some choices were locked! After The Witcher 3’s extremely difficult grey choices -when often you don’t even really know if the choice you had to make was “good”- Bioware’s morality system seems so old and crappy…

    • Vaughan86

      I’ve not played The Witcher 3 yet, but Bioware is well capable of ditching the black and white moral choices. Dragon Age was a good example of this. A lot of the moral choices and consequences were hidden away in the background. You didn’t get the option of watching your good boy/bad boy thermometer rise because you so desperately wanted to punch that reporter in the face.

    • leanton31

      And they must do that very same thing in their next mass effect games. PS. A word of advice: Play TW3!

  • mclarenfan1968

    Game dev says their stuff is amazing and refreshing, such hype, much wow.


      Hype,with no proof or gameplay ..yeah ok =)

    • mclarenfan1968

      Yeah wonder what is so secret about ME:A that they cant show anything. At least gameplay footage would be nice. Some elaboration on the game’s story arc like why Andromeda and maybe fillers from the first trilogy to ME:A can’t possibly harm anything. We know it is a new protagonist with new races at Andromeda. It’s not like they are resurrecting Shepard 3.0 or something


      good thing is EA will reveal about game probably demo at EA Play Conference on June 12th so we’ll find out )

    • mclarenfan1968

      Yeah it’s high time they unveiled the new story properly but I have a feeling they are going to do more lame teasers with nothing more than pointless quick stills/animation of known races. Milk the hype to the maximum.


    Gameplay or GTFO : P


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