Mass Effect Andromeda Reviews – Here’s When You Can Expect Them To Go Live

Embargo lifting a day before launch.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is launching worldwide in less than two weeks now, so it’s obvious that anticipation and hype are sky high. Before the game releases, what a lot of people will be looking forward to will be the reviews for the game so that they can get an idea of whether this much anticipated return to BioWare’s space opera epic is worth the wait. And we now know when those reviews are going to go up.

According to industry insider shinobi602’s Twitter, the review embargo for Mass Effect: Andromeda will lift on March 20th, one day before it’s release in the US and three days before its European release. However, it’s worth noting that early access for Mass Effect: Andromeda on the Xbox One and PC begins on March 16, so there will already be plenty of impressions for the game online by then.

If you’re as excited for the game as we are, there’s a lot of Mass Effect content here on GamingBolt that can whet your appetite for the next few days. For instance, here’s fifteen things you should know about Andromeda that will definitely get you even more excited.

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  • kma99

    I think someone was in a hurry when they typed out the headline

  • The Best Bully

    Is it true there are people boycotting this game because of some designer?

    • red2k


    • One With Shadows

      Yes it is.

      “Bioware Game Designer Hates White People and Wants the World to Know”

      That’s my reason to say “F this piece of garbage.”

    • Henré Botha

      Mind explaining/clarifying?

    • One With Shadows

      “Bioware Game Designer Hates White People and Wants the World to Know”

      It’s pretty self explanatory, however,if you take a moment to Google what is in quotes, you’ll find that this guy Tweets about hating white people and ponders ways of killing them. Pretty sick scumbag who gets paid by Bioware.

    • Henré Botha

      Ah, I see. Some education is in order.

      – You cannot be racist against the dominant social group. Racism is about a power imbalance.
      – The only primary source for this story is a site that sympathises with Gamergate. That already discredits them severely.
      – I can’t quite find a tweet by Heir in which he ponders ways of killing whites. I can find loads of ironic tweets, or tweets in which he challenges the status quo (sometimes quite aggressively), but no mass murder plans.
      – It’s okay to hate white people as a group. We are, after all, responsible for some immense atrocities, and to this day we work to keep other races down.

    • One With Shadows

      Yeah, you’re right. You DO need some education. I’m only racist against morons such as yourself. Now I know there isn’t an actual race called “morons” but you certainly fit the bill. Now please tell me what “immense atrocities” I have to accept responsibility for?? And how I work to keep other races down? Oh wait, you can’t. You know nothing about me. If you did you’d know I am open and accepting of anyone, unless they hate me first or ponder ways of killing me. Now, go back to sleep you idiot.

    • Henré Botha

      – Your misuse of the word ‘racism’ in a poorly-constructed personal insult only serves to devalue your position.
      – I never said you, specifically, are responsible for anything. I said white people *as a group* are responsible for atrocities. This is a key thing to understand if you want to claim to be “open and accepting of anyone”. Your dismissal equates to “not all men” which is a well-known fallacy.
      – It’s 3:43 PM, I’m not sure why you’re urging me to sleep.

    • Talvieno

      Personally I’m of the opinion that it’s not okay to hate anyone as a group. It’s okay to dislike specific people, or official organizations such as companies, but hating any specific group of people is heavy generalization and stereotyping. Racism is a child of this line of thinking.

  • TPoppaPuff

    Standard EA fare. Quite annoying honestly, as it assures that it ill not sway my prior decision either way. And in truth it means there have been a few games where instead of preordering off Amazon and getting it at launch, I ended up waiting until they were half off.

    • Emilycsadowski

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  • One With Shadows

    EA, Bioware, and their racist employees won’t recieve a red cent from my piggy bank.

    • Matt

      Awe do you need a safe space there snowflake?

    • Henré Botha

      Mind explaining/clarifying how they are racist?

    • One With Shadows

      They hate white people and ponders ways of killing them. Haven’t you heard? Google this headline…

      “Bioware Game Designer Hates White People and Wants the World to Know”

      Pretty F’d up.

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