Mass Effect Andromeda’s Craziest Bug Has Been Fixed, Bioware Thanks Fans For Critique And Praise

‘You make it all worthwhile.’

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Mass Effect Andromeda is, sadly, a rather buggy game. To Bioware’s credits, it is hunting down all of these bugs and trying to bring the game back up to its usual standard of polish that it is known for. One of these, the craziest bugs in the game – I actually have no idea how I should describe it – is an issue that Bioware has already fixed and will most likely be a part of a new patch. This bug was one where a character automatically appears and in the same place another character appears. Crazy, right? Like I said, I actually don’t know how to describe it so it’s best you watch the bug in action below.

In other news, a separate bug where the game won’t let you use the scanner is a known issue, and presumably one that Bioware is working on fixing- although we do’t have a timeline on that yet. Hopefully we will have a better picture of it by tomorrow, when Bioware is supposed to announce its plans regarding Andromeda.

Finally, Bioware’s Michael Gamble also took the time to thank fans for their feedback on the game, positive and negative. I must say, this transparent and open dialog Bioware has had with the community has been commendable, and the way they have handled criticism has been stunning as well. Especially in light of other developers recently who went radio silent after their game got poor critical reception, Bioware’s conduct in this regard has been exemplary.

Mass Effect Andromeda is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  • spideynut71

    I’m disgusted that you’re praising BioWare for working on patching this hot garbage, when it never should have been released in this state to begin with.

    • Turn Into Liquid

      Obviously Bioware needs to take responsibility, but let’s not forget who owns Bioware either. EA is more than likely the one who set this release date, and it just so happened to fall at the tail end of the fiscal year. Coincidence? Probably not. There are things that fall squarely on Bioware’s shoulders (and even from a narrative standpoint, this game is just weaker than the other games), but I don’t really think they were the ones who decided that March 21st release date.

    • Tilen Firman

      I would say its the greatest mass effect game made until now. Its a stepping stone for those who replayed whole game ( side quests,main quests, companion quests ) to something far far far greater.

    • suli559

      Its a great game but its also broken beyond i can imagine, im unable to play singplayer mode at all as the game constantly crashes on my computer and a few other 100 of us are facing an issue where multiplayer isnt even working at all, out of about 70 matches ive attempted to play, ive only been able to complete 15 of them without the game crashing, dont believe me? check this out

    • Chris McNeil

      Agreed. It’s a fantastic game. It feels like a Mass Effect game to me as well (I’ve heard a lot of people say the opposite and I can’t understand why). Sure, there are some bugs, mechanics and animations that are annoying, but I have been able to overlook those things because I’ve had so much FUN playing the game.

    • Michelejcarroll

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    • C. Hoffer

      Agreed. A statement that should be instantly flagged as Maximum Up-vote value. Game should NOT have been released due to high level of bugs and the poor quality animations.

      Not to mention the downgraded & downright ugly manipulations of the female characters. Its like they assigned a distraught women hater to tweak the facials. Maybe her boyfriend slept with another chick that was hotter than her…

  • andy

    You are all congratulated by Bioware for being the testers of this game. You won’t get such praise from the rest of us because if there actually were zero bugs in the game, it still would be a disappointing above average game and still a shocking disappointing Mass Effect game to boot.
    The problems simply make it even worse than it is.

    • Tilen Firman

      Says a guy who didnt played it at all. 😀

    • C. Hoffer

      Shrug…maybe he’s as intelligent as the rest of us. You know the ones I’m talking about…the people that vote with their dollars instead of their ego.
      I will not play the game until Bioware has enough time to fix as much as possible. I bought every ME at release and for various reasons I didn’t actually get to play them until MONTHS/YEARS after I bought them. I thought the series was was close to state of the art for its time and the vast majority of bugs were fixed and all additional content was in game and playable (e.g. ME3 alternate ending/expansion).

      Andromeda will not be purchased by me until Scorpio comes out. Hopefully that gives them enough time to clean up their act.
      And I hold Bioware & EA (Read: Management) accountable for the poor decisions. Bugs aside, the game is several steps back in animation….based on a game engine that is supposed to be top of the line.

  • Glenn Bartlett

    Really don’t understand the hate. (spoilers-sort of) I finished a mission on the ice world (can’t remember the name) and the conversation choices after beating the guy with the floating ball shield(what a pain that was) was one where I told the guy I was going F his S*&t Up… and then a quick hit to kill him, OMG I LOVED IT. And then the loyalty mission with Liam, the banter during the mission was great & at the end when Liam asks think she’ll make one more jump back to the nexes? It proceeds to explode… OMG I was dying laughing… This game is great and the few little bugs have not ruined a thing. Sure it could be better but damn I’ll take this over nothing at all for another 6 months… Love it Bioware keep up the good work!

    • One With Shadows

      Glen Bartlett. You sound like a white guy. What do you think of the racist hate monger that made the game? Why did you choose to support someone that admittedly dreams of killing you?

      “Bioware Game Designer Hates White People and Wants the World to Know.”

  • One With Shadows

    Did they fix the crazy racist bug who works for them or are they still paying a hater??

    “Bioware Game Designer Hates White People and Wants the World to Know”

    My guess is they’re still paying him…but not with my money.


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