Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes Review: Famitsu Awards A Superb 38/40

Famitsu’s reviews are excellent across the board.

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Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is nearly upon us in North America and Europe – even though the street date was recently broken in the UAE and spoilers are freely available online. Premier Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu finally provided their review score of the game and it turns out to have scored 38 out of 40.

The reviews breakdown is 10/9/9/10 with four separate reviewers giving their take on the experience. Whichever way you look at it, Ground Zeroes is a 9+ experience. Some criticisms that have dogged the game including its play length – with the infamous report that the main campaign was only 2 hours long (since debunked in recent impressions). Kojima for his part has stated that there are multiple ways to play and finish the game, with tons of secrets waiting for erstwhile players.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes releases on March 18th in North America and March 20th in Europe for PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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  • chaz

    Famitsu literally hands out high scores to crap games like candy, though.

  • birdman jr

    never actually played a mgs game fully before.. so imma try this out

    • TimeTravelMan

      DON’T buy this if you have never played a MGS game before. The entire 20 minute game is based on you having played MGS Peace Walker

    • Myhome92

      You are going to be very lost, at least story wise…..i can’t believe you never played a mgs game before lol…well hopefully you enjoy it..

    • Kenshi Ryden

      You should definitely try it. It’ll give you a taste of the direction and what the games are all about.

      The plot will be confusing- but frankly the plot isn’t what’s important about MGS. The gameplay and characters are whats important. (And indeed, plot and and characters are two entirely separate things.)

      You should play it, treat it as an intro to the series’ gameplay, and have a great time! Ignore the story junk.

  • MildManneredReporter

    yup the same people who gave ff13 a 39 ff13-2 a 40 and LR a 37….cool story bro

  • Marcus

    If I had never played a MGS game before, how should I go about purchasing this one? I want to play it, but I also do not want to play through all the other ones before it. Is there a site to get me caught up or a book I could read? Thanks to anyone with some insight on my problem.

    • Troy

      Metal Gear Solid is extremely complicated and convoluted. There is no way you could read a synopsis of the series online and even begin to understand the story. You would not do the series any justice by starting with this game. However, it is my favorite game series and one that is absolutely worth playing, should you find the time.

    • Lenard

      The gz game has a recap section in the main menu. I haven’t checked it out yet but i don’t think it is full motion video. This would be the best source for you if you want to catch up.

    • Kenshi Ryden

      Don’t worry about the plot, I’d say. MGS is all about the gameplay and characters. It’ll help to know the characters going in- so read a synopsis for that, but you won’t need to know every single detail ever. Most of the series’ plot is utter bullshit and is retconned/ bulldozed over in following games anyway.

      MGS gameplay is where the strength always lay, and enjoying the writing and situations surrounding the characters.

  • Aaron

    If us gamers do not stand up and vote with our wallets on this overpriced demo, then we’ll be setting an expensive precedent for the future of gaming. We’ll see more studios charging us for something that used to be free. Just like what has happened with DLC.

    MGS: GZ may be a gorgeous looking game, but it’s 200 hundred times smaller than the full game, according to Kojima, but half the price. It has been said that the map is not big enough to be considered an open-world, but more of an open-level. Kojima has even stated that he didn’t expect high sales numbers with this release. Let’s just throw this bait out there, and see if anyone bites. It seems to be a tester for future games to me. GZ looks to be a great demo of what the “fox engine” is capable of, but demos are usually given away to wet the appetite of gamers.

    To be clear, I want to play GZ, but don’t want to pay money for a game that could be completed in less than 2 hours, depending on your play style.

  • Alkaporty

    I don’t get why people find this a big deal, the main campaign is less than 2 hours long, but it has side missions, multiple ways to take on the missions and it’s only $20. I bought Bluray movies pricier than this, and I don’t watch a movie multiple times, but I play games I like more than once.

    And people thinks it’s okay to buy a Call of Duty game that is the exact same thing for the past 6 years with visual differences. Or an Assassin’s Creed game where you literally do the exact same thing for the past 3-4 games. These are games that aren’t trying to improve themselves, but making money out of a once successful series.

    So you have a preview for a game that will come out in more than a year and people whines about the price. You kinda pay for the time of the release, if the game would be releasing in a few months the $20 price tag would be ridiculous. So if this becomes mandatory I wouldn’t care; playing games that will come out in a year or more. Of course this would only work for big established franchises like Metal Gear Solid, GTA etc. But it’s still an option for die-hard fans to have a look at something, you don’t like it don’t buy it, but don’t tell people to not buy it.

  • Mattie Kinch

    Does anyone know if there will be Multiplayer for this?


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