Metal Gear Solid 5: Kojima Wants You to Play Ground Zeroes on PS4

If possible, of course.

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metal gear solid 5 ground zeroes

Director and series creator Hideo Kojima has been tweeting Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes details and pics on the way to the game’s release date in March. While it will be out on multiple consoles, Kojima stated on Twitter that he wants gamers to play it on the PS4.

“At the end of next month PS4, the long awaited next generation console will be released in Japan. Ground Zeroes will also be released at the end of the month after that. Ground Zeroes will also be launch on current generation consoles, but I want you to play on PS4 if possible.

“I was talking in an interview overseas and they told me: ‘Next generation console? Here PS4 and ONE are already current generation.'”

Could Kojima be trying to say that PlayStation exclusive classic Metal Gear Solid extra content is more compelling than the Raiden content on the Xbox? Either way, we’ll know which version is superior when Ground Zeroes is out on March 18th in North America and March 20th in Europe.

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  • Tim

    The PS4 is absolutely fantastic, the problem is getting hold of one, they are sold out everywhere, even now weeks after launch. Just incredible demand for it worldwide and they have not even yet launched it in Japan.

    • ACF

      Here’s a tip; check amazon daily, and even if it says it’s not available, refresh the page a few times. Sometimes, the option to buy will pop up (I don’t know why; perhaps people canceling orders or something). I got mine this way a few weeks ago, when amazon was supposedly sold out.

    • Benjammin Carder

      I still havent found one yet. And my brother thinks he’s getfing it like magic

  • Zack Wooten

    If my PS4 didn’t freeze all the time, have a glitch with AC4 forcing me to redownload the game constantly, and actually downloaded updates in standby like it’s supposed to, I would be a lot more interested in buying MGS5 on my PS4. Instead, right now I’m being forced to think about selling it and saving for a XBO

    • dave

      Really? I’ve not had a single issue with my PS4 since launch, absolutely loving it.

    • Zack Wooten

      Lucky you. Does that mean other people can’t be having problems with theirs?

    • justerthought

      If his PS4 is freezing all the time it is faulty, so he should contact Sony and have it replaced. Just inferring that it is typical for the console is totally wrong. Everybody else is fine. All he needs to do is get it replaced and get up to speed with everyone else. Jumping ship to XB1 cures nothing because he then ends up on a multimedia console that isn’t as good at running next gen games.

    • psdoeseverything

      every one has some problems when they rush out and buy a new gaming system at launch, have fun with your xbox one you might get one that works. pshhh

    • jjj

      Me to bro. Love my PS4!!

    • Christopher 並天道虫

      All beginning consoles freeze. Xboxs froze when they released too and I’m sure Xbox One experiences that too. Give them until summer to patch that all up 🙂

    • justerthought

      What? You’ve played the awesome Assassin’s Creed 4 on PS4 and got glitches. No way. I’ve not found a single glitch yet and no game has ever done that. It runs like a dream on PS4 and is the best launch title by far across all platforms, really show casing what next gen can do. Then to top that your thinking of switching to XB1 …lol Have you seen Assassin’s Creed 4 running on XB1 compared to PS4. It’s lower res with flickering distant details just like current gen and is just not as smooth as the PS4 version.

      I don’t think you really have a PS4. Who cares if PS4 is not updating in properly in standby. That will be fixed if it’s true. I totally switch it off anyway to safe electricity and have never been left waiting for updates to download. Everything downloads in the background without my knowledge.

      My PS4 is flawless. It’s a beast. A gamers dream machine. I cannot wait for the 2nd wave AAA games to come in that fully utilise the tech.

  • Metal Zork

    I think he’s talking about Japanese gamers, as the Xbox One version wont be released over there. He’s basically saying what he said before, which is that he’d like people to play it on the new consoles.

    • justerthought

      Game makers are proud of their creation and want people to judge it base on the best version. He isn’t referring to XB1 version. He wants people to play it on next gen PS4 instead of PS3 because it will run far better on PS4 will lots more detail. XB1 will also run better than PS3 but he is indicating the PS4 is the best showcase for his creation.

    • Asad Naqvi

      Nope sorry. Metal Zork is right. Kojima was speaking to Japanese Press and Japanese Games who won’t have access to XB1 at the time of release. If you look at the pictures in his twitter feed he features all consoles but its XB1 heavy interns of how many pictures he has shown.

  • bloodline

    Well mr kojima if you wanna provide me with a PS4 Ill play on the PS4 IF NOT THEN Im stuck with the 360


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