Microsoft Bringing Full Refunds For Digital Purchases To Xbox One and Windows 10

Another bold and consumer friendly move by Microsoft to ensure digital continuity.

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One of the big problems with investing in digital products is just how insecure your purchases can be- consumer protections are minimal, with digital continuity unassured, no returns, no refunds, and no ability to resell your product. On Microsoft’s part, these are all problems they have been attempting to address over the last few years on Xbox, with initiatives like backward compatibility and Play Anywhere. And now, their newest move is likely to win them a lot of fans, even with traditional Xbox skeptics.

Microsoft is apparently going to bring full self service refunds for digital games and goods to its stores on Xbox One and Windows 10 (currently, refunds are an option, but the user has to go through customer service to get it done- this will be far more accessible). The service is apparently being tested with Xbox Insider members currently, and will roll out to all users soon.

The requirements in place are simple- all games on Xbox One, and most products on the Windows 10 store (there may be some third party app exceptions) are refundable, within 14 days of purchase. The user must have downloaded and launched the product at least once, and total time logged with the product must be less than 2 hours. DLC and add ons are not refundable.

This is the same policy that Steam also uses for its digital refunds- it works great there, and it is excellent to see Microsoft use something like it. Returns and consumer protection for digital goods are a great move, and it is so nice to see Microsoft take the initiative on this. Now if only Sony and Nintendo would do this too… but of course, they’re so far behind Microsoft on the online front that it is likely to be a very long time before they get around to offering a service like this.

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  • Old Skool

    I’m friggin jealous now! Me and brother have been talking about this for the past few years and now it’s happening.
    Sony better jump on board with this feature or a lot of people will be rethinking their allegiance.
    Whether Sony fanboys admit it or not, Microsoft has been killing it with the consumer friendly features since Backwards Compatibility………While i still can’t change my PSN username without scrapping the entire account.
    Having a good library of games to play is great but having convenient cosumer friendly features can go a long way also….

    • Gamez Rule

      Can be made better for users but still allows digital refunds and has done for ages *Games, game add-ons, season passes, in-game consumables* all included which I think isn’t the case with MS as DLC and add ons are not refundable.—transactions/payments—refunds/playstation-store-cancellation-policy/

    • Old Skool

      Lol, that’s far from the same feature Xbox is going to offer.

      Sony= get refund on digital game only if it was never installed, downloaded.(so you can’t demo it for youself)

      Xbox= get refund within 14 days just as long as you don’t PLAY past 2 hours of gameplay. (Can play a decent amount to judge for yourself)

      See the HUGE difference?

      Microsoft’s (or steam’s) way could save many cosumers the headache and anger of buying an unfinished unpolished game (Mass Effect Andromeda).

    • Gamez Rule

      Yes, I agree that’s why I posted “Can be made better for users”

      But like I also pointed out Sony offers refunds on *game add-ons, season passes, in-game consumables* while MS doesn’t.

      So lets be honest and see that both MS and Sony need to up their game even more with regards to their policies on refunding digital products and contents as well as making it a simple process for all digital content to be refunded.

    • Old Skool

      I agree. I really hope Sony follows this same exact feature Microsoft is implementing, because i hate to say it because i love some of the franchises (TLOU, GOW) that PlayStation offers…….but this feature alone is enough to have me interested in Microsofts system.
      In the end it’s about convenience and consumer friendly features that benefit the consumer.

      I’m not a one Console fanboy….i’m a fan of gaming .

    • Gamez Rule

      The idea of needing a 2 hours gameplay session to see if you like a game or not isn’t a good move by MS IMO as that can hurt indie games which in turn can harm indie developers profits, which in turn can make indie devs leave the MS stores, so MS should allow a percentage based system only as that way it stops indie devs suffering.

      The other option is to allow full game demos ( say up to 30 mins ) dependent on game length, and IF that person wants the game when time runs out they agree to buy the full game and that stops refunds taking place ( unless game is broken or incomplete )

    • Old Skool

      I really wish demos for all games were a thing these days like it use to be…for the most part.
      It should be mandatory.

    • Gamez Rule

      I agree. It would not only allow young kids to have a play with multiple games but would also allow everyone a test run to see the game themselves without fear of *what if I don’t like it*

      Those were the days.

    • Old Skool

      They definitely were the days my friend…… they definitely were…

    • Gamez Rule

      You’ll laugh.. My daughter was in the games room where I keep my older consoles that still get used by the family and so I gave my daughter a few Demo discs to try out on the PS2 and she was well happy. She then said “they should allow us to try games before buying them dad” + “Plus we can share demo discs with friends too and if we like the game we can get them”

      I then said that it was like that many years ago, and she said it should never have stop.

      So after that convo and flash back into the past seeing how happy kids were with demo discs I think allowing demos of all games could help gaming really.

    • Old Skool

      Nice…..she definitely has her head on her shoulders.
      It’s funny seeing how some kids have a better thought process than some grown ups.
      Then again it always comes down to money that alters an adults thought process.

    • Rasta4

      MS gonna kick Sony’s buttox with Scorpio and games at E3. Especially if they are making these announcements now.


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