Microsoft Defends Xbox One X’s $499 Pricepoint

“We wouldn’t have been able to usher in 4K to the living room at a lower price.”

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There’s no denying that the specifications of the Xbox One X are beyond impressive, and they have massively pushed the boundaries for the hardware limits of a home console, even them bringing them on a comparable footing with PC gaming. However, the one point that has been one of debate and contention has been the system’s pricing, with many deeming its $499 price tag to be too costly.

However, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, Xbox’s corporate vice president, feels that if Microsoft were to deliver a proper premium console with the kind of specs and capabilities that the Xbox One X boasts of, they couldn’t have possibly done so at a lower price. “This is designed for the premium gamer that wants the absolute best experience,” Ybarra said in an interview with Polygon. “And so compromising any of those then makes that message much harder to communicate to them. We showed them the smallest Xbox we’ve ever created, the most power, the best price per performance you can get anywhere, in this box. That’s what we’re delivering. I think if you start taking away some of those items, people will say, ‘Well, what were your goals?’ And that’s an area that we don’t want that confusion to exist.”

“[At $399], we wouldn’t have been able to usher in 4K to the living room, and that was a design pillar for this box,” Ybarra continued. “There’s lots of goals in the program, from compatibility to everything. But one, let’s really usher in true 4K where developers don’t have to think about, ‘Wow, how do we stretch this and make it really work?’ We needed to deliver that to consumers. They asked us for uncompromised true 4K in the living room. And so we leveraged a lot of PC technology, from the cooling, the power management system that’s in this, to get it this small — while managing acoustics. That was the goal.”

Recently, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, also said something that pertains to the issue surrounding the One X’s price point. Spencer said that the Xbox One X isn’t for everyone, and targets a very specific audience. You can read all about it here.

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  • efnet

    Shouldn’t have to defend it, $500 is a fair price for what you’re getting in that box according to digital foundry

    • Holeybartender

      They wouldn’t have to defend it if it was a next-gen console but as a mid-gen refresh people will always think $500 is too high and it is for them. For the Pro and what it comes with to release at the same price as the at-the-time PS4 launch is a more appealing price point. People expected the Pro to be $500 and when it was revealed the $400 price point blew their minds so I imagine they’d expect the same with the XBOX.

    • Jop

      Is the Xbox One X intended as a mid-gen refresh? I thought that this was their answer to the PlayStation 5 rumored to be released in 2018 (which is not long after the Xbox One X’s November 2017 release date).

  • Billy

    The PS4 Pro which was littered with issues such as failing to give 4K and its boost mode, some of which have failed to be fixed released for 399 sold at cost not bellow like what Xbox is doing with the Xbox One X which is releasing for 499, again at a loss. Historically consoles have sold at or about cost half the time it is at a loss, which for consoles and their devs is good because it encourages consumer confidence and allows more people to buy items that allow most console devs to operate such as online subscriptions and downloads with cuts of games for each on that console, physical or downloaded. Now some may think that it is 100 cheaper at release even more now, but the Pro lacked a 4K Blu-ray drive, also minis 4g of ram just under 2tf of graphic power and failed to five real 4k without the issues of longer loads and fps dropping. Now to if it will actual give what they say is not really proven besides the power part actual numbers have been given for the specs but with lack of FCC approval so far, which can be a good thing or bad, we don’t really know yet, however few have played the Xbox One X so far which I think we will see more of gamers actually playing after the approval of the FCC. I just wish they would start pre-orders soon, but they have to wait on the FCC, could be good because they waited to approve it for so long or it could be the FCC is really giving it the run down because of the new tech in it, which is normal for new tech.

  • Holeybartender

    We saw this coming.We new it would be $500 or more when we saw the specs for the XBOX but so did we when we saw the Pro’s specs and yet look how cheap Sony priced it.

    • Normaesantistevan

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  • Mr Xrat

    “Microsoft defends”

    This is become a pattern now.


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