Microsoft Exec Defends Xbox One Exclusive Line-Up While Praising PS4 Games, Hypes Project Scorpio

The beast is coming.

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xbox scorpio

With the Switch getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and PS4 receiving Nioh, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Gravity Rush 2 (among other exclusives), one has to wonder about Microsoft who’s biggest news yet this year was cancelling Platinum Games’ Scalebound.

Indeed when a fan tweeted to head of Xbox Games marketing Aaron Greenberg about when the console would be getting such exclusives, the latter replied, “You must have missed the Gears 4, ReCore, Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2 & Dead Rising 4 we just shipped recently!”

On being told that these don’t really compare to the likes of Horizon or Uncharted, Greenberg responded, “Also great games! I have both systems and plenty to play.”

Finally, Greenberg shared a neat little photo that Crypt Concepts did for Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s upcoming high-end console. The design is actually pretty cool, depicting a scorpion compared of little Xbox icons. You may now speculate on whether it will be showcased before E3 2017 or not.

Do you agree with Greenberg on the number of exclusives currently available for Xbox One? Let us know below.

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    Didnt you receive Yoshida’s message? In fact, its 388 exclusives, and he promisses to deliver all them until the year 2070… LOL

    Dream on.


    Okay, Alice, just don’t hurt yourself. (rsrsrs)


    Run out of exclusives? Don’t you know that Ps4 exclusives are coming to PC? uh, say good bye to your exclusives.

    Alice, please, Wake up!!! LOL


      when they do arrive, you come and tell me PERDEDOR!
      in the mean time, xbrick has had NO EXCLUSIVES for years now LOL


      Do you still like Ps4 ex-exclusives? LOL


      Yes! cuase they are great! but the STILL EXCLUSIVES are even better! unlike the turds of xbrick non-exclusives!




      LOL, dream on!

      PS4? For what? PC is the new wave… and there is no need to spend money on powerfull hardware for that Hahahaaaha, love you $ony!


      For AAA exclusives perdedor! like the ones the xbrick nor the PC are getting this year! LOL

      Hate M$!


      It wont take too long to emulate DS4 controler so people will use the best controller ever, the Xbox controllers to play the PS4 ex-clusives.

      LOL hahaHAahahahahaa


      sure, sure, as I said, when it hapens, when all ps4 exclusives go to PC I’ll admit it to you!

      the very way you cant admit that THAT has ALREADY HAPPENED TO ALL xbox exclusives…for FREE!

      I can play all those on my PC with no need to thow a dime to any service, but I don’t because I have better and newer ones on my PS4.


      Its just a matter of time, for now we can already consider it once its confirmed by Sony.

      You should thank MS for this opportunity, piracy is optional. But it seems that you are more concerned about defending your favorite console. Sony forces you to buy a console to play on low settings … How is that good? Well, it is no longer mandatory, even if it is not possible to play for free, the games will be available for those who wants to play on any device without the need to buy a Playstation console. That’s what matters most “now”. (did you get that? “now” => “PS Now”, from ‘now’ on rsrs)

      There is no need to buy consoles anymore….

      ….but…. (LOL)

      Xbox Scorpio is my next console! Haahahahahaha!


      key word here being “time” so NOTHING as of now, but all xbox ex-clusives are now on PC! so, TODAY SONY WINS!

      xbox forced yu to buy a more expensive console for even LOWER settings! and you DID! lol so YOU LOSE!

      Theres no need to buy consoles YET you’ll buy the next one! You are a conterpoint to your own arguments, I really want to believe you are aware of it, the reason I think youll buy another console is because is more practical and confortable than playing on PC, but you may have another reasons.


      Both have always had the same price. MS sold earlier for a higher price because the Kinect was included. The Kinect is very valuable for me, I use it often. I am not at odds with myself.

      Okay, I admit Ps4 is 30% more powerful but always had the same price … but now Xbox offers more hardware than before and has more value to the consumer with GWG, XGP, EA vaulty and other features.


      Well, ps4 pro now offers more, way more hardware than before! And it can make price cuts easier than Scorpio.

      And I would put ps+, ps now and aaa games that can’t be played anywhere else above the ones xbone has, simply because they are more understandable for general audiences. I mean, horizon vs halo wars 2? No contest.

      But we have to see, if Scorpio launches at $500 it has a fighting chance, but if they go for $600? It won’t go anywhere.


      PS4 pro is an offense to me, because it is nothing more than a simple upgrade. As I am not concerned with resolution and I’m more interested in graphics and frame rate, Pro only contributes in the fps side, so I don’t consider the Pro console. In this case I prefer the Scorpio it already represents a new generation and will receive the next gen of games.

      Price is important, but I’d rather invest in something that will be having relevance for much longer than in something that will soon be replaced by a new generation. PS4 Pro will be replaced by the PS5 losing value soon. Scorpio is an idea that promises to be in MS focus for many, many and many years. I’d rather take the Scorpio this year and later the PS5.

      I see that you are in your analysis focused on a console war regarding to sales. I’m not worried about it. MS no longer has as much chance of passing the X 360 in console sales because many will prefer to buy Xbox games on PC.

      I prefer it to be more expensive to offer a better experience because it’s not something I have to buy a new one every year.


      An insult? That’s kind of harsh, yeah, it’s not a full upgrade but there’s something brilliant about that (imo), it’s not necessary to upgrade and if you decide to do it is not that expensive. It cost me less than 120 to upgrade my ps4 and for hdr and fps improvements on all new games I think it’s definitely worth it, plus, it won’t feel as underpowered as the base ps4 will feel vs Scorpio.

      I believe you over estimate what Scorpio will bring to the table, remember that it can’t have games that don’t run on the x1, so, aside better frames and resolution you can’t have better physics or AI not present in this gen.

      As I said, we don’t know yet, but I believe that having a pc architecture on the ps4 will allow Sony to have a BC ps5 so the investment in ps4 games will also be long term. But I get it if you think you prefer to wait for the ps5, as I said, that’s the beauty about the pro, you don’t need to buy it.

      And I think that not having exclusives against pc and costing more than the rest of the consoles will make Scorpio a tough sale for many, but we’ll have to wait until it’s totally revealed to see what other advantages it can offer.


    ALice? Are you there?!? Open your eyes!


      xbrick? are you there? where are your exclusives??

      Oh, sad xbrick, sad perdedor!


      No need to buy a PS4 for to play the low quality games from Sony anymore. All people need now is a PC, netbook, notebook or a celular PC and a DS4… and 3 months subscription ($ 45) people can play and replay all ex-clusives.



      Another of your dumb lies!

      Show me where you can play bloodborne, Uncharted 4 or Horizon on pc, netbook, notebook, celular.etc.

      You can’t? LOL you have always failed! I ONW YOU PERDEDOR!


      I can play these games on my Ps4, but soon will get rid of it because PS Now is more affordable.


      If you had one! LOL

      but its lovely to see you are also a pathetic port-beggar perdedor!


      Unfortunately I do have one, but soon it will be Xbox only.

      haahhaaAHahaahahah LOL

      Xbox is the best gaming system ever!!!


      Giving yourliying record its highly doubtfull. But you have not answered, why are you celebrating a POTENTIAL loss of SOME PS4 exclusives to a PAID service when ALL remaining XBOX exclusives HAVE BEEN ALREADY LOST for FREE???

      See the difference? I highlited them for you, potential vs already lost, some vs all, paid service vs free. Sony wins in all cases.


      It’s simple, I dont care about exclusives.

      Sony does not require powerful hardware to run its games, at this point I save money! These games are usually for single player only, so I won’t need that much time to play them, 20hrs for each one that interest me and then bye PS now!

      MS has a very big potential on the PC, look for the number of users of Steam (130 milions), if only 10% decide to cooperate, that brings a great result in profits. Imagine how amazing it is to play Xbox games on smartphones, tablets and PCs … play anywhere … play cuphead on smartphones running Win10 … and for free Hahhahaha!

      See wich one is actually the best system? Xbox!


      Its a personal opinion, so I’ll leave it there.

      Thats a good service by sony, only thing is , theres no confirmation yet of which and how many PS4 games will you be getting.

      Thats where you are wrong, for starters, what you are saying is that you are hoping xbox becomes a 10% of steam, so steam is by nature a better place than xbox, but ultimately PC would really be the best system.


      At least 10% of Steam users Microsoft store may get. Truly, last year, Steam owner stated that 34% of its users also use Windows Store… for games? apps? who knows…? MS store is still new on the Market…


      Yes, but the fact remains that steam is the dominant player on the pc. Until windows overtakes it, you can’t claim xbox is the best place to play on pc.

      But I do think that Ms long game is to abandon consoles altogether and focus on becoming a prominent player on the pc.


      Yeah, you’re right. Xbox is not the best place to play on PC but its a good addition now and in the future this may change.

      I think they will always explore both categories because Xbox is as profitable on consoles as it can be on PCs.


      Finally! We agree! In the 1st point.

      This year will put to the test really how profitable can xbox still be on consoles.

  • kma99

    I dont need to provide evidence to deranged sonytards, you dummies just deny it when you have it in your face anyway lol. You privide no facts and i will come back to this article to watch u cry once all those precious exclusives hit psnow on thr pc lol. Dont cry, dry your eyes.

  • kma99

    No one has to drool. Dont get mad its normal for you playtards to be broke and cant afford multiple consoles like normal people lol. Once they start dropping those exclusives in psnow u Will start bragging about your uber hyper pc lol.

  • kma99

    There is nothing to lose because im not trying to do anything other than laugh at u. I stopped providing anything factual because you are a toxic fanboys anf i dont take you seriously at all. When you grow up then we can discuss the truth compared to your lies.
    P.S. i love how yih try to bait me at thr end with that garbage. You internet tough guys need to get out of the house lol.

  • kma99

    Of course i made a true statement. You are a sony apologist and i don’t care to do anything to piss you off. Deal with it tw@t.

  • kma99

    You fact spank no one lol. You quoted vgchartz lol

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