Microsoft Exec Explains Why They Don’t Post Xbox One NPD Numbers Often, Defends Lack of New IPs

There is Sunset Overdrive which is an ‘Exclusive Exclusive’ for the Xbox One.

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xbox one amd

For some reason Microsoft does not seem to post often or prefers to remain silent on NPD numbers. Aaron Greenberg, who is the Global Product Marketing leader for all 1st party and 3rd party games for Xbox, was recently asked why they don’t post the NPD numbers as often.

“Summer is always slow, like pre-season. We tend to focus on holiday when it really counts!,” replied Greenberg on Twitter. There might be another reason why they don’t want to highlight the NPD results. The Xbox One might not be selling as well as the PlayStation 4 and the company wants to obviously highlight the positives. However this reason is just an assumption on our part.

Greenberg also defended against claims that the Xbox One lacks new IPs given that some users may be getting bored due to long running franchises like Forza. As an example, Greenberg quoted the example of Sunset Overdrive which is a new IP as well as an Xbox One exclusive. “Sunset Overdrive is a great new IP and coming exclusive this holiday,” he tweeted.

Greenberg also assured that Sunset Overdrive won’t be coming to the PlayStation 4 by calling the title ‘Exclusive Exclusive!’

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  • JoinTheRest

    Sunset looks like a GOTY

    • Guest

      Good luck with that buddy. And to John Slate, “That game looks absolutely stupid”, like their fanbase.

    • JoinTheRest

      Lmaoooooooo go play persona or disgea you bunch of pony princesses this destroys your whole indiestation librAry

    • John Slate

      You are kidding right? That game looks absolutely stupid.

    • Jack Joyce

      If you think Sunset Overdrive looks stupid.

      Your childhood must’ve sucked.

    • Guest

      If you think Sunset Overdrive doesnt look stupid.
      The your childhood must have sucked.
      MS fanboys cant even see when a game that is literally based on absurdity and whacky, goofy, stupid nonsense, looks stupid. Wow! Talk about denial. What a sad, sad cult base.

    • Jack Joyce

      Sorry I grew up on wacky cartoons that were awesome.

      Call me a fanboy but you must be in denial if you say Sunset Overdrive looks stupid.

      Either that or you’re a very dull guy/girl living in a dull life.

      Idk why you have to call me a MS fanboy…When I own all consoles. Just because I prefer what one platform has over another.

      What are you 12 years old? Clearly you’re still a child but are growing up on a lot of crap.

      Too bad you couldn’t enjoy the good times. I see cartoons today and I feel bad for most kids. Only one that’s funny is Spongebob and that’s the episodes from the earlier seasons years ago.

      Like I said…You’re probably very dull.

    • Guest

      Im obviously a 12 yr old child when you’re the one that sounds like he’s going to start crying over it? Alright kid, i see where your head is at. And its on some seriously immature ish. Grow up and stop accusing people of having a dull life cuz they are not into the same nonsense youre obviously into. My life is plenty fine. I got to do two of the girls i wanted to do this weekend and im feeling mighty good about that. And still got a few more on the horizon. So i got plenty of good stuff to look forward to. In the meanwhile, you keep crying about video games. And having a-oh-so-exciting life.

    • XboxGamer33

      You’re on a forum spreading irrational hate over a plastic box. You do sound like a 12 year old

    • Rai

      “If you think Sunset Overdrive doesnt look stupid.The your childhood must have sucked.” Ew. That comeback lol.
      I grew up playing Ratchet and Clank, one of Insomniacs beloved, but not as wacky as SO games. Wacky, goofy, silly, w/e it doesn’t matter as long as your’e enjoying the game. Stop with your ugly hatred. I’m glad insomniac has the creative freedom to create unique games like this.

    • Rai

      Stupid fun? Yes.

    • Guest

      Stupid? Yes! Fun? Dont know yet.

  • Wargreymon559 .

    Lol freaking BS.They don’t release them cuz Sony is murdering them in sales.Member last gen every month they would announce them??The only time they announced them this gen was back in Holidays of last year when they best the PS4.Due to scarce of PS4 supply.

    • Guest

      Gotta love the bs, eh? And fanboys eat it up, like its the truth, whhile the rest of us can see right through that. Fanboyism, its a disease.

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Yup M$ can talk the talk but when it comes to walk the walk they run off like pu$$ies

    • JoinTheRest

      Hahaha why so buttthurt? Is it because you have nothing but indies for the next two years on the indiestation with terrible online and controller?

    • rudero

      See why the console of your choice is not selling? Little fanboys like yourselves goalpost your way right out the door. That is probably why Microsoft is responsible for more deaths to franchises than the support or release of new ones because lord knows you can’t try new things with the xbox brand because they don’t get supported from the fans. Go bro-shooter or go home.
      Well, guess what, they found a new home and as the ps4 sees almost weekly releases with fun and inexpensive games to fill the voids between AAA titles, you guys sit in forums and bash games while waiting weeks for, yup, you guessed it, indie titles to fill the void. Idiots. Fanboys, not gamers.

    • JoinTheRest

      Hahaha I’m not gonna read your paragraph of you crying go to sleep you buttthurt salty pony go play your indies I’ll stick to real games. Bro shooter lmaoooo your whole fanbase is dying for destiny like it’s an exclusive hahahaha when halo absolutely destroys it.

    • Guest

      Says the kid, thats been doing nothing but crying and whining about everything. Defensive much?

    • JoinTheRest

      Lmaooooooooooooooo I can taste your salty tears from here princess

    • Guest

      mmm, and me yours, yummy, give me more baby.Youre the one crying all over the place, wah, wah, waaahhhh!

    • rudero

      I can see him getting all red faced and popping veins in the forehead because he can never have a discussion with facts so he just goes right to trendy fanboy wordings he picks up on the interweb. It’s cute.

    • Guest

      Seriously, the guy is a child, so i’ll resort to what he knows best, which is childish antics. Some people take this stuff way to seriously and that guy (kid or whatever he is), is definitely one of them. You can tell it really hurts him.

    • rudero

      Is that why you’re salty? Destiny? I’m sorry little fella. It will be the same on both systems. It will just take a little longer for you to get the rest of the maps but you can play MCC(loud echoey voice) to fill the void till the rest of the maps get off the times exclusives. Oh, wait, by that time their will be ANOTHER halo won’t there. Since it has been yearly for the last 6 years. Awesome! Love innovative new ips like the yearly halos.

    • JoinTheRest

      Hahahaha sorry princess I’m not gonna be playing destiny for longer than two weeks I have forza, sunset and halo coming out unlike you, you need them extra maps because you have nothing for two years lmaoooooooooooo

    • Guest

      MCC? a bunch of old remakes where each game got progressively worst than the last one. No thanks. Sunset-with its goofy, stupid antics and 900p cant even sustain 30fps drops to the 20’s-drive? Yeah, im straight with that too. Insomniac sucks, you’ll see, masters of bland, just like the Halo’s.

    • rudero

      That’s right. Wait, sorry, indies. Lots of indies.
      But, by the sales of Microsoft, I would be worried about being able to play anything at all in two years. Keep your fingers crossed that hopefully your delusional rants my actually fall on enough ears with iq’s equal too or less than your but are still able to work to afford said console

    • JoinTheRest

      Hahah dude sony is the company in debt not Microsoft go to sleep or stick to playing your indies and shutup hahahaha I will play REAL games not your crap indie library for two years

    • Guest

      Poor thing, you actualyy think that because MS as a whole has alot of money that, that means that the games and electronic division has acces to all that money. Thats cute, you’re both stupid and dumb. The investors are quite fed up with the games division and want it sold off, because its done nothing but lose money for the whole of the company. And X1 hasnt been doing so well. So get your facts straight and stop with all this simpleton thinking child

    • JoinTheRest

      Got proof you salty pony princess?

    • rudero

      Ok, now you want to do business and math discussions? Might be a little out of you league so I’ll talk simple.
      A man opens a shop too, let’s say sell vacuum cleaners.
      Another man, he doesn’t want to work that hard, so he steals. Let’s pretend(imagination for simple folk like you) no police involved.
      Who makes the better profit margin?
      The person with less cost and more profit is the winner right?
      So, Microsoft has billions of dollars right? They have never manufactured a successful product outside of an os.
      Zune, bust
      Xbox, bust
      Tablet, bust
      360, busy for three years of incurred huge cost to do three warranty to avoid a recall
      And the Xbox one thus far third in console sales.
      So, please, tell me exactly how they made their billions? Off of saps overpaying for crap and advertising that’s used to control the consumer.
      You’re right, they are rich and it also explains your iq to support a company that sees you as a bleeding wallet.

    • Guest

      Damn rudero, you’re just killing him.

      Ever notice how PS fans are so much smarter than MS ones?

    • Guest

      The PS4 has way more games than the nogamebox. And PSN is every bit as good if not better than Live and is cheaper and gives you more and better games. As a matter of fact, i get way more lag and disconnects and host migrations on Live than i ever do on PSN. And the controller on the PS4 is way better than the X1 one. Its got a touch pad and has a speaker and you can connect your headphones to it and has the move capabilities built in. What does the X1 controller have? rumble triggers? worst bumpers and worst sticks with a worst deadzone and worst accuracy. Try again kid.

    • Israel Lopez

      Oh come on, no need to lie. Xbox One is set to take over Wii U in sales soon in less than a year since launch. Just because Ps4 has been unexpectly extremely succesful, doesn’t mean the Xbox One isn’t. Xbox 360 sales got updated, at best, every 6 months or so except for its launch window. The last few years they have been giving updated numbers like once a year, and that was going on long before Xbox One released. Don’t be such a fanboy.

    • Guest

      First of all, where is your proof that the X1 is set up to take the Wii U soon? We dont even know if they’ve sold 5 million yet or not. And the Wii U is still like 2-3 millions ahead. So it’s going to take a while before that happens. And MS always bragged about NPD numbers, so why dont you stop being a blind fanboy and denying the facts.

    • Israel Lopez

      Hello? Sunset Overdrive? Halo Masterchief Collection? Lower price than last year? Christmas around the corner?

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Actually no the WII u has been doing better than the 90’s VCR.Also when Pokken fighter releases.I can see a surge of sales for the WII U

    • JoinTheRest

      Go play some indies princess

    • Guest

      And you’re still crying, go play your nogamebox, sweetheart.

    • JoinTheRest

      I think you’ve mistaken me for someone with an indiestation princess

    • Guest

      No, nope, i got you pegged for the right system, the nogamebox one, now with 720p/30fps and 180s galore! And DRM coming soon.

    • Wargreymon559 .

      I’ll gladly play those indies since they will vary in gameplay.Instead of playing the same milked sequels flopza,geow and Flailo.Close but no cigar mi amigo 😉

    • Guest

      Lol! “flopza” and “flailo”, thats rich!

    • JoinTheRest

      Flopza and flailo absolutely wipe the floor with the indiestation library pony princess

    • Jack Joyce

      You do realize Pokken Tournamnet(Not Pokken Fighter) comes out it hits Arcades first and then Wii U.

      When it hits Wii U it’ll have a Japanese surge…Little effect on the rest of the world.

      Wii U will sell well next year, but this year MK8 and Hyrule Warriors are it’s big ticket items. MK8 has had it’s burst.

    • rudero

      It is going to be tooth and nail just trying to beat the 360 first year sales let alone a 2 million console lead from the wiiu with sales continually either even or better.

    • demfax

      2014 year to date sales:

      Wii U 1.7m

      Xbox 2.0m

      PS4 5.6m

      Wii U almost selling as much as Xbox in 2014 so far, and it still has a 2+ million lead (Wii U at 7 mil, Xbox at 5 mil). At this rate, Xbox isn’t outselling Wii U anytime soon.

    • DLConspiracy//

      It also has a year lead. Regardless Wii u and Xbox aren’t failing. Plus it will make more sense when they all hit the 30 month milestone as to how much more PS4 is leading. Last gen even though i didnt know specifics i could have told you PS3 wasnt failing even if it took forever for it to catch up. People are too quick to dismiss Wii U and Xbox because it suits their preferred hopes and wants for gaming consoles to fail. I will wait till then. Until then I am going to enjoy both my systems just fine. Even if my prefferrence aka the underdog is less favored on a world scale currently.

    • demfax

      No, Xbox won’t catch up globally like the PS3 did. If you understood sales you would know this, it has nothing to do with “hopes and wants”.

      What would you consider XB1 “failing” as?

      PS4 will still be outselling Xbox by 2:1 globally by the end of 2014. Tier 2 markets are launching this month to little sales as expected by anyone reasonable. PS4 is keeping its 1st place in global sales this gen.

      Right now PS4 ~10 million, Wii U ~7 million, Xbox One ~5 million sold to consumers.

      Xbox One sold 197k in June NPD, down to 131k in July NPD. August NPD doesn’t look good either. The $400 SKU was only a temporary bump so far. The “boost in sales” is over already. There’s no more ‘a faster rate’.

      Tier 2 countries will do very little for Xbox sales. An extra 5-15% a month at most after the launch month. Xbox has almost no presence outside of the 13 countries they already launched in. The global picture is accurate as-is.

      The 13 countries Xbox One already launched in account for 85-90% of 360 sales. The remaining markets are tiny and PS3/PS4 dominated. Most unlaunched European countries already have stacks of grey market Xboxes.

      PS4 is keeping its 1st place in global sales. Xbox is a weak global brand outside of US and UK and it can’t even take those. In European countries like Germany PS4 is outselling Xbox 3:1.

      XB1 is currently ahead of 360 time adjusted, but several months in 2014 it’s been selling less than 360 month-to-month. In other words, unless XB1 sales increase, it will fall under 360 time adjusted.

      They need a serious momentum boost to keep ahead of 360, they’re still in 3rd place behind Wii U, and even Wii U has been outselling XB1 the last few months in global sales.

      XB1 will probably sell less than 360 long term due to a shrinking console market and PS4 taking more marketshare.

      360 2005: 1.178m
      XB1 2013: 3.051m

      360 2006: 6.811m
      XB1 2014 (so far): 1.984m. Pretty much zero chance of XB1’s 2014 outselling 360’s 2006.

      That means even if XB1 sells 2 million in the remainder of 2014, it will be even with 360, then get outsold by 360 sometime in 2015.

      360 went on to sell 8m, 11m, 10m, 13.5m, 14m, 10.6m, and 6.2m in subsequent years up to 2013. You think XB1 can keep up? I don’t.

      PS3+360 > PS4+XB1. Console market is overall shrinking not growing. Shrinking market + PS4 taking a lot of former 360 marketshare = XB1 sells less than 360, almost guaranteed.

    • DLConspiracy//

      I didn’t even say it would catch up. I am just saying all these predictions don’t mean squat. Something doesn’t have to be number 1 in sales to be successful. Look at iPhone vs Android or whatever. My point is I am glad I am not stuck with one option to play games. That would be rather boring. All any of this console war predictions and nose rubbing has done for me is push me into PC gaming more. Still if I had to choose I lean where all of my expectations and experiences prefer. It doesn’t change my view based on sales. I play games for enjoyment and the experience I get with my friends. While you may be most interested in stats of what then majority purchase. I go for the real raw enjoyment I get through my experiences. Doesn’t mean the more popular console is garbage just as much as it doesn’t mean the less popular machine is garbage. Thank god for choices and preference.

    • demfax

      You’re in a sales thread complaining about sales talk. Sorry, if you don’t like it you should ignore it.

      Again success or failure depends how you define it.

    • DLConspiracy//

      If you think the majority of people in here are here to objectively discuss sales predictions then you must have missed all the penis measuring in all the comments since the start of this gen. Its a tool to brag about ones purchase. Just like the neighbor who bought a brand new shiny lawnmower.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Besides.. Do we really need an update every week to see how close or rather how far Xbox is behind? Its just beating a dead horse with numbers at this point. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to see when things pick up? If MS hasn’t released numbers its rather pointless to say the same crap every day.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Exactly it’s what they do….It’s the only thing they know how to do is lie…When Sony sold 1 million in 24hrs in 2 countries, MS had to announce they sold 1 million in 24hrs in 13 countries…And then they got quiet when the gap started expanding, and all we got after that was miles driven in Forza and Zombies killed in DR3…..They have always kept quiet on things until the caught up problem is this time it’s not going to be that easy when that gap is 5+ million and growing

    • DLConspiracy//

      Yes we know. You are sure to make it a point in every comment to let us know the obvious. Not sure why, but real gangstas don’t need to flex. They just are. :p

    • “Lol freaking BS.They don’t release them cuz Sony is MURDERING them in sales.”

      Okaaaay dude. Sensationalize much?

  • andy

    That’s all and good but why did they stop ALSO communicating the new releases on Xbox Live every week the very week that the Xbone launched last year?

    I will answer that truthfully as I wouldn’t want a complete bullshit answer from Greenberg on this too. Its because since launch Xbox fans have had to go as long as 9 weeks without a single new release on the console, retail or digital. And they don’t want to highlight this either.

    • rodney patrick

      stfu a sonyfanboy you sound dumb

    • Wargreymon559 .

      Suck mad
      Muc tears

    • Guest

      Wow, such intelligence, such finese, such refinement. If only we could all be as smart as you MS fanboys.

      Oh and p.s. your tears are delicious!

  • Gene

    XBone has no exclusives.

  • albatrosMyster

    Maybe it’s because the sales number are so small that they are statiscally insignificant? like a rounding error… it’s kind of useless to report on rounding errors.

    otherwise, I think that kind of PR only highlight the problems they are facing…

  • cusman

    The only “exclusives” XBO can have are games whose IP Microsoft owns, and then chooses not to release those games on X360 or PC.

    In other words, the XBO is to Microsoft, what the Vita is to Sony. A machine that has many great games, but not much exclusives that force uninterested gamers to take notice.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    Not sure what you’re talking about as far as exclusives coming in 2014 to XB1. This is from your own website on XB1 exclusives. According to the article they are either timed or not being produced for any other console except maybe the 360 and PC.

  • otherZinc

    @The Biased GamingBolt,

    Where were you last gen, when the loud mouthed SONY stfu, not saying 1 friggin number as the XBOX 360 mopped the floor with them 30+ months in a row?

    Again, M$ is making money, that’s why Moodys and Standard & Poors didn’t “downgrade” M$ to “Junk Status”, as they did SONY.

    SONY also got replaced on another Stock Exchange.

    Did you guys report that?
    Didn’t think so.

  • DLConspiracy//

    The only ones that should be “worried” about sales are the companies themselves. PS4 is outselling everything. Still doesn’t change the fact that some people just prefer Wii U or Xbox more. Just like some people like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise more. I would be more interested to see the reports 30 months after each respective console launched. That would be a better comparison to discuss and brag about. We are 9 months in and even if PS4 is outselling at the 30 month marker does it really mean anything at all? It just means one is selling more. I swear these comments are like Wall street onlybthose guys are actually making money and us gamers make zero and for what? “Neener neener neener” ideology.

    • demfax

      Xbox has good exclusive games like DR3, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2,
      Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Halo Collection, Quantum Break, Gears of
      War, Halo 5, Project Spark, Tomb Raider, etc. it’s just not outselling
      PS4 this gen. PS4 is keeping its 1st place in global sales.

      30 months from now PS4 will still be handily outselling Xbox globally.

      You probably won’t get anywhere complaining about people talking about sales numbers.

    • DLConspiracy//

      There are people who just like to crunch numbers and theorize while the majority of the people in the comments or articles use it as a sword to brag about their purchase. That’s all I am saying.

  • Linda’s Mike

    Could it be “exclusive exclusive” because Insomniac offered it to Sony first and they had no interest, so they went all in (more money from Microsoft) on their Ratchet copy (gameplay-wise) with some copy and paste Resistance enemies?

    Talking about Sunset Overdrive, for those strange people who don’t read articles but do read comments.

    • DLConspiracy//

      They have only said that a ton of times in a hundred different articles. 2 games in insomniacs entire catalog of games has ever seen the light outside of PS. Seems very reminiscent of Bungie and MS. Only it seems MS has learned the hard way about that. Even Titanfall was trying to get support on PS. Granted they needed money to complete the game and PS want risking any leaks. Just the way business goes. These games cost money to make.

  • DrumStickNinja

    Right because Microsoft must say Exclusive Exclusive to ensure games like Titanfall don’t come to them.

    But can you tell me. Does exclusive exclusive mean it’s not going to come to PC? I mean look at Ryse and DR3, both on PC along with Project Spark and Titanfall.

  • Mark

    Why would Aaron even respond to that new IP claim? Ryse, TitanFall, Sunset, Project Spark, ScaleBound, Quantum Break…….that’s just what’s been announced. Maybe someone said “First Party”? I don’t know. New IP is new regardless, to me. Sign a deal for a new IP and advertise it lol. This “war” is gettin nuts man.

  • miyamoto
  • Gaikai

    Of course PS4 wins the only games coming for xbox are Halo forza and quantum break While PS4 has The order 1882 Driveclub Little big planet 3 Bloodborne Gran turismo 7 Uncharted 4 MLB the show Teraway unfolded WILD and many more japanese exclusive games also don’t forget that all sony first party worldwide studios are working on new games for PS4 as well

    Sony santa monica Working on a new IP

    Guerrilla and Gurellia cambridge working together on a new IP

    Media molecule working on a new IP

    Sony japan working on a new IP

    Sony london working on a new IP

    Quantic dream the studio who made heavey rain and beyond are also working on a new IP for PS4 (Maybe 2 if the rumors are true)

    Why would anyone even buy a xbox one? Just to play to play inferior multiplats, all multiplatform games look and work better on PS4 I see no reason to own a xbox right now even when it comes down to indies PS4 has double the amount of indie games compared to xbox one


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