Microsoft Exec On Xbox Scorpio: Not Every Game Will Run At 4K/60fps, Depends On Developers

“Not every developer is going to decide to take that 6TFLOPs and do 4K/60fps with it,” says Albert Penello.

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One of the biggest selling points of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, besides the expected VR support, is the ability to run games at native 4K resolution. So upcoming games like Forza Horizon 3 or Gears of War 4 will most likely run at 4K resolution when the console launches next year. Of course, these games will require a patch or two to support a higher resolution but expect most recent first party Xbox One titles to receive that update when the console releases.

However 4K support is not going to be applicable for every game on Scorpio. In an interview with The Inner Circle Microsoft’s Albert Penello clarified that running games at 4K/60fps is their own goal which may or may not apply to other developers. So if a developer thinks that a resolution of 1080p works for their game, Microsoft will be fine with that. He also clarified that 4K/60fps is not a mandate for developers working on the Scorpio and they are allowed to use the console’s power in whatever way they feel that is best for their game and engine. Penello’s entire clarification can be read below:

“You have to have a goal. When you decide to do a piece of technology…when you want to launch, how much do you want it to cost…and there are all these decisions. At some point you have to say that this is what we want to do. So Phil kind of teased this up…we didn’t…and this is not a slam on anybody…we didn’t want to take a half step. Phil used to run studios and he is got all this studio guys and all these technology guys and he said if we are going to do this we need to make sure that we make a technology goal for ourselves.”

“So the goal was can we take the same level of graphics, the same frame rate, the same lighting effects, same number of enemies and AI on screen and deliver that in 4K. No compromises. I don’t have to half the number of enemies on screen, I don’t have to reduce the effects, I don’t have to make the game smaller. I should be able to take an Xbox One game today that is in 1080p and 60fps and I want to do 4K/60fps on this new box. And we built the box to deliver that goal. So we know the box will do what we want it to do.”

“I think people get confused and say our messaging is weird. Not every developer is going to use it that way. Not every developer is going to decide to take that 6TFLOPs and do 4K/60fps with it. They might decide for their game, their engine that they want to do something different and that’s fine. But our goal is to build a box that deliver true 4K games at the same level of fidelity that you see on your current Xbox One games. That is the box we are building. We know we can do it. We wouldn’t have went out and said it if we didn’t think we could do it. We have a lot of work ahead to do it but that is our goal.”

“I am not saying every game will be 4K/60fps but developers may not choose to do that.”

In short, developers can opt for something like 1080p and 60fps and up the ante in other departments such as visual effects, texture quality and post processing. Personally speaking, I will be more than happy if games run at 1080p and 60fps with all graphics settings maxed out.

The Scorpio is out late next year.

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  • kee1haul

    They could have just lied like Sony and say that they will. Sell 40 million that way.

  • LDS

    So we will be seeing true 4K 60fps games on Scorpio as many as 1080P 60fps games out on XB1 today which are… FIFA and……?

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah.. almost none. unless there indie

    • LDS

      Ah… and you had to say that… ;(

    • Psionicinversion

      well like i said uptop forza 7 will be 4K 60 with sacrificies because the game will be designed to hit that target. but most normal AAA’s no chance. You could have gears of war 5 at 4K 30 fps with 4K 60fps when they nuke the gfx to get 60fps…

      it can be designed for but it wont look that good

    • LDS

      I know. I was saving that part for salty fanboys lol
      anyway, I wish the devs go for more particle effect+better texture+fps over 4K nonsense

    • Psionicinversion

      they should definately be able to do that. Particle effects yeah defo as long as they stick to 30 fps. i think MS have jumped the gun to early on 4K, i could be proven wrong well i guess for the most part high and ultra settings dont look that much different it just takes massive amounts of power to do all the little things that make it look better and more realistic and is probably the things you dont really notice.

      after watching the star citizen gamescom presentation it makes me glad im on PC and the main reason that wont goto console is because 1 if it did we all play on the same servers and most importantly 2 is roberts wants the ability to completely bypass the console patch certification checks and push patches when he wants so it doesnt affect the pc version… and that will never happen cus if they allow 1 dev to do it they will all want to do it

    • TPoppaPuff

      First party games.

  • Nintengods

    Xboner $corpio 1800P 27FPS
    P$4 Neo 32X 1080P 24FPS
    Nintendgods NX 1080P 60FPS

    M$ and $ony vermin on suicide watch

    • Troy Marcel

      You are a lost cause and need to pull your head out of the sand.

    • TheNorthFace

      sub hd is fine, 900p looked great on 1080p screens, sub 4k hd should look pretty good, with 60fps and highest texture quality

      stop being a lil bih

  • Psionicinversion

    “Microsoft’s Albert Penello clarified that running games at 4K/60fps is their own goal”

    oh come on… yeah forza 7 will run at 4K 60 with the lack of graphics to match… but they cant say oh it will be 4K 60 then later clarify to people who arent listening its only a target for there own games…. thats misleading advertisement and when im on my GV102 volta GPU running perfect 4k max settings at least 60 fps in over 1 years time and scorpio is sitting there on upscaled 4k with high to low settings ill be shaking my head thinking does anyone at MS even know hardware!

    • kma99

      How is that misleading? Naturally first party will know how to get the most out of the console, look at gears. Other developers might now or maybe they want to add more graphical details to their game. I dont see pc guys complaining.

    • TPoppaPuff

      You don’t know what the term misleading means.

    • Eddie Battikha

      I can’t remember the last time Microsoft got their messaging straight, I’m an older guy that likes PlayStation because of their first party games. Samsung KS9000 and PS4.5 this fall lets get it on.

  • Doggystyle

    “4K is our own personal goal. What? We never told you that? Oops.”

    The bait and switch begins now. Scorpio native 4K gaming is all part of another big lie from the all-time kings of intentional mixed messaging.

    Tune in next year as Albert, Aaron, and the big Phil take these Xbox loving idiots for the biggest joy ride ever.

    • TPoppaPuff

      Yes, yes, we’ve all heard your conspiracy theories before…

  • Pops

    It’s funny because everyone saying Scorpio isnt going to be able to hit 4k 60fps.when Xbox one and ps4 first came out they did all the remasters in 1080 60 fps with last gen games.the engines that are out now are optimized for this all Scorpio games are just going to be like the pretty sure they will hit 4k60fps without sacrificing.Instead of worrying about Scorpio y’all should be worried about that console isn’t going to hit native 4k60fps.

    • Eddie Battikha

      NEO is gonna have a full year head start and gonna expand on their dominating PlayStation sales vs Xbox and no one is expecting NEO to hit 4K 60fps because it’s mostly for 1080p games with maxed setting and games in 1800p and 2160p upscaled.

    • TheNorthFace

      thats a cool dream bro, but let’s snap back to reality,

      the neo has only 512mb more ram than ps4, it doesn’t give devs much room to improve texture quality, and the memory bandwidth is only slightly improved. The same goes with the cpu, it’s going to be a struggle to hit 60fps with a sub 4k experience, most likely they will lock the campaign modes at 30fps, neo will aim for a sub 4k experience because that is the future, 4k.

      you also got to note now weak the neo is compared to scorpio, 2tflops more, 12gb ram vs 8gb, 218gb/s vs 320gb/s and a rumoured much faster cpu. it’s an absolute beast in comparison, this not your 0.4ftlops more battle like this gen where the differences were small, this is basically destroying the neo in every way, no wonder sonys is keeping it quiet, they are scared.

  • Riggybro

    Seriously with most Xbox consumers OK with 720/900p at the moment 4K will just be a waste of Scorpios limited resources (I mean it’s only 6 TF it’s only on the cusp of 4K to be honest).
    2K looks great. Especially when you are sitting away from your TV.
    The spare resources can be allocated to better anti-aliasing (no more FXAA!) and 60 fps etc…

    • lagann

      This is one of the few times i agree fully with you.

      True 4k would be a waste for this box. Just shoot for 1440p with all the bell and whistles…then upscale to 4k if hooked up to a 4k tv.

    • Dynasty2021

      You console owners.

      All you do is bang on about 60 FPS these days with the new hardware coming, yet for the past decade you’ve said the human eye can’t see past 30 FPS anyway, nobody cares about higher FPS etc.

      You’re such pathetic hypocrites.

    • Riggybro

      Well I predominantly game on my PC anyway. But thanks for involving me in your battle.

    • Stizz Get Cake

      Why do you say 720p? You must not own a Xbox one because if you did you would know that we waved bye bye to 720p a long time ago.

    • Riggybro

      Battlefield 1.

  • Mr Xrat

    4K 60fps with what, Forza and its PS2 textures? I can see that. Anything else except indies? Nah.

    • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

      #DamageControl ♏

    • Diana Capaldi

      what happened to dx 12, power of the cloud?4k60fps just another lie from microsoft ,go ahead and wait for 15 months just to be disapointed lol


      HAHAHAHAHAHA I know right……. Such a joke..

    • Jose Francisco Arroyo-Velez

      You’re going to be disappointed on my disappointment, DX12 is doing great with Gears and Forza, look at how amazing they look. The power of the cloud has been around since titanfall, makes Halo 5 fun with hard AI to fight in game modes like Firefight and Warzone, not to mention the sheer calculation power the cloud has will be seen in Crackdown 3. I think you should worry about Scorpio completely trashing Neo, if you guys said PS4 has 50% power over a .4 tflop difference then what’s the percent on power difference with 2Tflops in between both consoles? 150%? LOL not to mention there’s much more processing power on Scorpio.

    • Mr Xrat

      Gears and Forza with its PS2 textures, Halo with its AI no one’s heard of and the Cloud which dissipated a year ago along with CD3’s release. HDR and your 4K upscaler will end uplike DX12: something for you to cling to hope with.

    • TheNorthFace

      you ok? you sound a little salty? i’m sure neo will provide you more tflops :p or just a lot more exclusive flops :p

    • TheCellGames

      See what I mean about damage control? XD you’re a real rat aren’t you? With a little colony of mice. Not even a real gamer. You just hate Microsoft.

    • Mr Xrat

      I’d argue that “real gamers” (lol I hate that phrase) regard that malignancy MS with the appropriate disdain but we’d be here all day arguing preferences and that would just be pointless. 🙂

    • TheCellGames

      XD, you have a preference? I think you have a pure hatred obsession. Mr Xrat, that nick doesn’t identify with a preference, that identifies with a hate speech to a group of gamers. You’re trash, regardless of what side you’re on, you just hate Xbox gamers.

    • Mr Xrat

      Everyone hates you lot. 🙂

    • TheCellGames

      So you’re the Donald Trump of the gaming community. Got it. Now I just feel sorry for you, it’s sad to see people whose mindset is so poor they can’t argue ideas and proceed to act on their ancestral instinct of throwing feces over the internet. Mr Xrat, I’ll call you Mr monkeydung from now on. See you around, loser. XD

    • NimbleNavi

      We haven’t seen a fully utilized Dx12 game, it’s coming just you wait.

    • otherZinc

      @Diana Capaldi,

      The Cloud was used in Forza Motorsport & Titanfall to name couple.

      This is why Titanfall 2 runs like s**t now that it’s on the PS4. Forza Motorsport, you can see & Race against your friends avatar via Cloud Technology.

      Direct X will be fully matured when XBOX ONE Scorpio arrives in 2017.


      When will Sony deliver their 1st 1080p 60fps Game? You know that they told us to get used to in February 2013!

      Gran Tourismo Sport won’t do it either.

    • Mr Xrat

      If only there was some damage to control.

    • TheCellGames

      XD. I can smell the Scorpio fear in you little pony. Cell smells all

    • Tga215

      O look Xbox article and your trolling like always

    • Doggystyle

      And you just came here to say that?

    • Tga215

      And another one joins in

    • NimbleNavi

      And you came here just to ask that?

    • NimbleNavi

      He ment a game today that is 1080p/60fps would do the same frame rates with the same graphics fidelity but in 4k resolution, and considering the only game with pretty high graphics fidelity at 1080p/60fps on Xbox One is Forza 5, well that’s pretty much self-evident.

  • cweb1988

    I’ll take 1080p and maxed out effects, textures, and fidelity any day over 4k.

  • Hvd

    im calling iot $800 at dont need it tho.the xbox one s can upscale to 4k/60fps on shooters and 4k/30fps on single player games.

    to me xbox one s is the way to go over the Xbox Scorpio.

    why get a Xbox Scorpio over the xbox one s if the xbox one s can scale all games up to 4k?

  • TheNorthFace

    my guess is that devs will aim for ultra texture quality at 60fps with a resoution close to 4k, so sub 4k upscaled to 4k. I really don’t mind that as 900p games look great upscaled to 1080p

  • Graeme Willy

    It should be able to handle things like Halo 6 at 1080p, since Halo graphics are typically high resolution and consist of predominantly static effects and low physics e.g. no vegetation that moves/ sway, kind of like walking through a painting. It should also be able to handle4K@60FPS in Forza, but that’s pretty much it. Third party developers may get 4K out of it, given, enough sacrifices are made. But the fact is, is if it truly is a 6 Terraflop gaming system, as the GTX 980 is(6.1TF), then like the GTX 980, it will be just barely at the 4K gameable margin. Even the GTX 980, a solid card from last year, isn’t a true 4K device. Also, the Scorpio is probably more like a 4-5TF system. You have to factor in the CPU, when they speak comprehensively about the system as a whole. When we talk graphics cards, we know that such and such card is 6TF in itself. The side that matters for 4K, is GPU performance and that is probably 4.5TF, for Scorpio, while the CPU side is probably 1-1.5.


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