Microsoft Exec: Rise of the Tomb Raider Exclusivity Will Ensure Favorable Outlook Towards Xbox One

Microsoft Exec Anshu More also reveals that they are deeply invested in new IPs.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider (12)

Rise of the Tomb Raider is an important exclusive for Microsoft and Xbox One. Not only is the game a timed exclusive for the Xbox One but it will be launching a full year later on Microsoft’s rival console, the PlayStation 4. This is perhaps one of the pivotal moments in the on going competition between the two console manufacturers and Microsoft believes that this timed exclusivity deal will help garner positive outlook toward the Xbox One.

Speaking to GamingBolt, Xbox One India boss Anshu Mor believes exclusivity deals are important but investing in new IPs and gaming as a whole is their focus as well.

“All these timed exclusivity or complete exclusivity deals are important for a platform. It just shows the value of the platform to the consumers very well. We have gone on record by stating that while exclusives and timed exclusives is one part of it, we are also deeply invested in ensuring that there is new IP which comes in, we are deeply invested in ensuring that we have right connect to the gaming portfolio, not just console gaming,” Anshu said to GamingBolt. “But all of them will help. There is no doubt about it that anybody who is a  fan of Tomb Raider…when they see that game launching and having that timed exclusivity, they will have a favorable outlook towards the Xbox One.”

It will be interesting to see how much the Xbox One and Microsoft will benefit from this exclusivity and whether it will result into a sales spike for the console. Stay tuned for our full interview with Anshu Mor in the coming days as we head closer to the conclusion of our month long coverage of Xbox One in India.

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    “they will have a favorable outlook towards the Xbox One” – Delusional.

    • Will Robinson

      And for you to think it wont have any impact, delusional


      Your comment makes no sense. What impact did I mention? I simply stated having Rise of the Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive won’t have a favourable outlook for the Xbox One. You must not have seen the comments left on their announcement page last year.
      Edit: Don’t bother replying, checked your post history, begone fanboy.

    • Will Robinson

      Do you think that die hard Tomb Raider fans without a XboxOne will wait an entire year to play this game?

    • stevenm281

      yes, I will!

      I always played TR on Playstation consoles. I bought the latest on PS3 and was gonna rebuy it on PS4 to get the definitive edition but since they announced the sequel to be timed-exclusive to XboxOne, I’ve decided that I will not purchase the Definitive Edition until the sequel is available on PS4.

    • Rhodri

      Do you have an xbox one

    • stevenm281

      no, I don’t like the controller and I already don’t have enough time to play on one console, I won’t buy another.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Lmao,you’re just stuck with the ps4 because you’re a Sony fan boy or you can’t afford to have two systems


      And if that is your opinion then you are as feeble minded as you look… It is called priorities in life and money management…

      You know I have friends that throw money at irrelevant things in life and you know what they have to say every day……how much life just sucks because they don’t have any money.


      I can afford anything I want and I do not own certain things……, but that automatically makes someone a fanboy or poor in your eyes.

      Seriously step back and look at what you typed dude… Are you looking for extra support in your choice of purchasing a specific piece of hardware, or just looking to flame people on here…?

    • andy

      Lol “do you think that die hard Tomb Raider fans” are massive fans of Tomb Raider 2013, the most unTomb Raider game of all time?

    • stevenm281

      my favorites are actually Tomb Raider 2 and the new Tomb Raider, so yeah!


      One game to have to spend almost $500 on a new system instead of waiting a little bit to play the game for way cheaper….

      Delusional….. Or you “could” rent a game and system and save massive amounts of money. Hardcore fan or not I could never imagine dropping coin on a system just for a game that I know a is coming out on another system I already have. People need their heads checked with the that kind of thinking.

    • Michael

      That’s what any Sony pony would say. We know own that’s it’s killing you that Xbox has this game first.


      Pony? lol such a childish person. I won’t be buying Rise of the Tomb Raider so it doesn’t affect me in any way, nice try though.

  • andy

    If that’s the case then being able to play
    Tomb Raider
    Tomb Raider II
    Tomb Raider III
    Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation
    Tomb Raider V Chronicles
    Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness
    Tomb Raider Legends
    Tomb Raider Anniversary (to the classic and memorable 1st game of course)
    Tomb Raider Underworld
    Tomb Raider 2013
    on multiple PlayStation consoles must be the game changer then. No?
    Oh then the sequel to the okay and most certainly NOT GOTY of 2013, Tomb Raider 2013 must be the massive ground breaking game changer? The one with the “now all of a sudden next gen” Uncharted 2 2009 snow effects? Whatever you say.


      “But……but…….it’s here first…., so that’s all that matters!” (Scammers to scrape up $400+ to buy an Xbone…….HA!!!!)

      It’s a joke that people actually cling to the garbage that is this unfortunate garbage called a timed exclusive.

      The way I see it, is that the game will be polished all shiney and pretty for when I think about renting this one on my PS4.

  • Rodney Patrick

    Look at all the sonyfanboys saying it’s ok to wait a whole year LMAO

    • stevenm281

      I’m not saying its okay, but that is still what I’ll do, plenty of other games to play until then.

    • Zarbor

      They are saying so now but if the game ends up being better than the last one, many will cave….but they won’t tell you. It was like that with the 360. They kept holding on for dear life and eventually bought one on the low.

      I personally couldn’t give a crap what they do or if the game will get MS more sales. Gamers are stupid nowadays. They focus more on the consoles and less on the games. I’m looking forward to this Tomb Raider game as well as several other exclusives. No way a real gamer wait a year for it so that’s why I have all the consoles.

      I’ve been and will always be a GAMER. But these folks on these discussions are CONSOLERS aka fanboys, aka stoopid.

  • Alistein

    This game will sell well I just don’t see how anyone’s is going to endure a year’s wait just to play this. A year is a long time to wait you could buy the game , finish it, sell it and then buy a ps4 copy also it looks like the pc version will be windows 10 based probably going to be published by MS. I just think it was silly to simply bundle the game they should have done it like the Batman bundle with a Tomb raider or Lara Croft theme.

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