Microsoft Exec: Xbox One Kinect Still Phenomenally Important, DX12 Enhances Gaming Experience

Anshu Mor on developing and enhancing user experience for Xbox One players,

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Microsoft’s current strategy with the Kinect is the complete opposite of what we witnessed during the Xbox 360 days. When the console was first introduced back in 2013, Kinect was quoted as an essential experience by Microsoft, compulsorily bundling it with the console. The plan backfired and Microsoft had to eventually provide a standalone bundle.

It seems though Kinect has a lowered importance in the eyes of Microsoft these days. However, Xbox India boss Anshu Mor believes that Kinect is still important as far as user experiences are concerned.

“Yeah I think, it is phenomenally important to have Kinect in the Xbox One portfolio and you know now things are moving in the same direction of how you interact with devices. I think that’s how you should look at Kinect. It’s not a standalone feature or a game but it’s how you interact with the device and you know whether it’s Kinect or whether it’s HoloLens or whether it’s VR, all these are different ways that we are working on as a company to make sure that your interaction with the devices that you prefer is exciting for you. And Kinect plays a very important role in that.”

“Just with Kinect coming in, it is so easy for everybody in the family to interact with the device just to switch it on with voice, just to change you know what you want to watch. It just makes it easier more comfortable to interact. It adds more of an expedience when it is inside a game. You know Skype…if you’ve used Skype on Xbox One you would know what that experience is…it’s just mind boggling to have that level of clarity and that level of video experience on a chat so you know they obviously are part of the larger plan that we have to enable different experiences with our devices.”

Mor also shared his thoughts on DirectX 12 and how it can possibly help with an enhanced games experience.

“The whole API bit is just an enhancement from a gaming experience perspective. It’s a differentiation, it’s an enhancement from a gaming perspective. The kind of stuff that I have read about internally in terms of the value it brings to the whole gaming experience, I would see that as the end consumer impact. Not many consumers would understand what the APIs were or what DX is or you know stuff like that but I think to them it is just a very highly enhanced consumer experience in terms of gameplay that would come through.”

This brings to the end of our month long coverage on Xbox One coverage with Xbox One India boss Anshu Mor. However there is one last thing! You can read our full interview with Mor in the coming days. The interview will have new details and information that have not been published yet so stay tuned.

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  • XbotMK1

    Except a cheap microphone has the ability to receive voice commands and a cheap webcam can be used to Skype so all the things you mentioned are not exclusive to Kinect.

    It seems like every executive at Microsoft is a pathological liar. Microsoft tried to trick people into buying a $150 Kinect by telling them Kinect is needed if you want to use voice commands and Skype, when those are things that the $60 PlayStation 4 camera can do.

    • Tech junkie

      Does PS4 camera does facial recognition in the dark for log in?

      Just curious, I don’t know.

    • Psionicinversion

      one thing that Kinect can do and that is it can pick up invisible demons through its infra red sensors… dont believe me go watch paranormal activity. thats needed, id like to know if i got demons and stuff in my house

    • Mark

      Rofl…, I’m gonna be thinking about that stuff. Thx much Psionic.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      we have never heard of this and will be asking in the forum

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Sony wishes their eye is as popular.
      more people wanted kinect on day one then the Sony eye.Sales smashed the eye.

    • shane

      WOW, big surprise XbotMK1 with his negative bs about Xbox.

    • dave69uk .

      A usual anti XB1 response from someone who has never used a Kinect and hence has no idea what they are talking about.
      Move on people – nothing to see here…

    • Coffee High

      Actually, one of the nice things about Kinect is the fact that if you are using a gaming headset, Kinect operates separately and independent of your headset microphone. This means that xbox commands can be used any time and you don’t even have to mute your headset or interrupt game chat.

      Also, I don’t know about anyone else but it sure is nice to come home from work, say Xbox on, have it recognize me, sign me in, crank up the volume and start any video app or game I want all before I take off my shoes and plop down on the couch. Sweet!

    • Guest

      It is a nice convenience that can’t really be explained without just using it for awhile. Is it NECESSARY? No. Is it, as stated, an exciting way to interact with the console? Yes. Ok, “exciting” isn’t the best word, but it is forward thinking as we see many other products now integrating voice commands.

    • Guest

      Oh stfu already….the only pathological liar around here is yourself. No exec of any company will talk down about their product. No Sony exec is saying “yeah it was a dumbass decision not to get on board with EA Access even if just to offer the choice to our gamers.”

      Looks like only 6 of your 14 bot accounts have upvoted you yet, so you better take care of that before you respond to me.

    • shane

      your just mad because you have no game’s to play. That’s why you track down Xbox articles and talk trash. Right??Have fun trash talking while I play HALO 5 in a few hours!!

    • shane

      FYI, kinect 2.0 works even better with cortana & she even says ps4 sucks!

  • James

    “The whole API bit is just an enhancement
    from a gaming experience perspective. It’s a differentiation, it’s an
    enhancement from a gaming perspective.”

    Whaaaaa? Huh? Wow? Why?

    • Mark

      Lol. He’s tryin to avoid his statement being twisted for click bait headlines. Hahaa. I thought I was gonna get some good info here.

  • Mike Lebowski

    Did you forget to mention what exactly is enhanced or just saving it for the full interview in order to get more clicks? Either way, this is not an article that would generate clicks.

    And wouldn’t you think we all know by now that including Kinect at launch was a bad decision? It’s not news so stop presenting it as if it were

  • hvd hvd

    i never hooked up Kinect from day one…lol

    • Guest

      You’ve missed out then. It’s not integral by any means, but voice commands are damned nice.

    • shane

      as I said above it’s even better with Cortana and the new UI, LOVE IT!!!


    Another exec lie! Of course they got rid of he kineckt…as they should have 3 years ago.

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