Microsoft Executives React To Xbox One Outselling PS4 In Latest NPD Chart

Phil Spencer also assures that they are working on more backward compatibility support and possibly hints at new game addition for the same.

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Xbox One S

Xbox One managed to outsell the PlayStation 4 for the third successive month according to latest NPD numbers. This is not surprising since Microsoft are on a roll recently. A new console in the form on Xbox One S, fantastic first party support in the  form of  Forza Horizon 3 have more or less assured Microsoft a great finish to 2016.

In reaction to this success, Xbox boss Phil Spencer claims this is all down to his fantastic team work, first party support and Windows 10 integration. “Thanks, team effort, XB1S, 1P games on XB1 and Win10, XBL features getting good use, really thankful for all your support,” he said on his Twitter account. He also stated that fan reaction towards Gears of War 4 has been fantastic. “Really proud of the work @CoalitionGears did on GoW4 and reaction from gamers has been fantastic,” he tweeted. The latest NPD numbers have not considered Gears of War 4 because the game out this month so this will make next month’s NPD numbers even more interesting.

On the other hand, we also had Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg react to Xbox One’s success. Giving credit to his team, Greenberg stated that next year will be exciting given the Scorpio is due for launch then.

On a related note, Spencer assured one of the Twitter users that they will be pushing for more backwards compatibility support and possibly hinted that Blue Dragon may be added to the library.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    Phil Spencer “tweet articles” wreak of desperation.

    It’s like, “Hey everybody, we won best console sales for 3 months out of 3 years on the market only by introducing newer hardware! I wanna take this moment to thank God for believing in me, I wanna thank my mom for staying in the line on those long nights when I cried, I wanna thank Snoop Dog for forcing me to fix our network, I wanna thank anybody that bought Recore, and last but not least, I wanna thank you, the fans who keep us going… “

    • kma99
    • Nuvem Mágica

      +20M of tears 🙂

    • Shantaccarroll3

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    • Michael

      Pony tears.

    • Lucardo Exod

      Go play remaster pony…

  • Originaru

    Most of this disparity is related to PS4 PRO, people are waiting for it so less PS4 sales.
    Then those who do not play games but wanted the cheaper UHDBD player.
    And last reason is the strange missinfo as the xbone being an superb 4k upscaler, seems that MS ambassators created this Lie and it spread like a virus.
    Grabing those uninformed people.

    • keanu jones

      Apparently you’re misinformed…The Xbox One S is able to do Native 4k video streaming. However services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. Have yet to utilize it. That being said it doesn’t have the ability to play games at 4k it merely upscales the game. Then we found out that the PS4 Pro doesn’t even have a UHD player like the Xbox One S does. I really don’t think people will be rushing to buy the PS4 Pro, it’s barely any better than the previous iteration of the console and doesn’t have as good of hardware as the Xbox One S. Since Sony has been making a lot of retarded marketing decisions lately they’ve lost a lot of their fans to Microsoft in the past month and a half.

    • Originaru

      Apparently you are the missinformed, you don’t have any notion about what im talking about. Delete this comment until people make fun of you.
      People are using xbox one S to upscale PS4 games, and their own games, yes this introduce some minor lag, but thats what people are doing, take a look on youtube.
      People thinks that xbone has a superior upscaling quality, which is non sense, the actual diference between it and most tvs 4k upscaling is just that it does not introduce sharpening, then the tv receive a 4k signal and aplies less per pixel sharpening, while when the tv upscales the 1080p signal it does not reduce the sharpness level, looking quite a bit harsher showing more jagginess on high contrast edges.
      PS4PRO is much better than PS4, how the F did you get to this conclusions?
      XBS is just a crappy UHDBD player with a XBONE in it. People bought the XBS mostly because it is cheaper than any UHDBD on the market right now.
      MS is spreading BS with its partners, is not sony decisions, even the mod problem with bethesda was bethesda problems not sony and now it came back, why do you think it happened?
      Sudenly many strange ocurrences happened to Sony can’t you see a pattern? LOL

    • Starman

      Dude …. no one wants the pro like that , you’re in denial… when it launches you will see the real truth ,Sony screwed up this time …as they always do..

    • Originaru

      Dude im not, and you will see in the future.
      Im not in denial, you are simply the zombie MS want you to be.
      Those mercenarys sites bribed by MS and some MS ambassators gone full load, since ps4 pro launch.
      I don’t care about the zombies, the games will sell consoles and the head start is just as important.

  • Mr Xrat

    Another comeback? How nice for Slugberg. Fifth time’s the charm.


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