Microsoft Favoring Xbox One Engagement Numbers As Primary Metric For Success

Is this the company waiving the white flag?

Posted By | On 24th, Oct. 2015 Under News

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Just days after reports surfaced that the Xbox One lost out to the PS4 in console shipments for another month, the company made it clear it would not be officially tracking console numbers as its primary metric any more. It would seem as though some of this switch in the way the company is doing business is precisely because Sony just announced they have shipped more than nine million consoles since the device first launched. It seems likely that the Xbox One isn’t really close to that number and so now the company is going to look where it can for positive numbers.

Game Informer reports Microsoft has said the company is more focused on engagement, leading it to choose Xbox Live usership as its leading statistic these days. This change in the way the firm is tracking its key metrics is beginning this quarter. This doesn’t mean that Microsoft will never track their console shipments again, it simply means they aren’t going to be using it as the primary reason to report good news for the firm.

At the same time they announced they won’t be releasing console shipment numbers as often, the company also said it was going to start taking a closer look at how it measures the online aspect of its service. These days, Microsoft is going to be looking not only at the 39 million Xbox Live users reported but they will also be getting a closer look at those users that logged on in the last month. This will allow Microsoft to better track just how engaged their online engagement really is.

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  • Michael

    Shoddy journalism.

    • XbotMK1

      Stay mad at the truth Microsoft brown noser

  • red2k

    I don’t have problems with that metric change. I think every company have their own way to attract investors and bussines to the company. If they think showing a XBL service as a metric can measure the bussines succes is because its a good source of capital. 38 millions of subscribers x 35$ thats means 1330000000$. Its all about how you show your succes.

    • XbotMK1

      They aren’t including only gold subscribers you Microsoft apologist

    • Rubix99

      Guess I will be one of the statistics they report on! 360 was my only console for 8 years before buying a PS4 a few months ago. I don’t do online gaming so never been an Xbox Live Gold member.

      But I still log into my account to play a bit of GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim every now and then.

      Microsoft can track how many times I sign into my 360 account. Sony can track how much money I put in my PSN wallet…..going to be a lot of that going in over the coming years!

    • red2k

      Ok Moronlogist. They have over 40 millions not only 38. That’s like 35 million paying users than PS4.

  • XbotMK1

    This is not Microsoft waving the white flag. This is what you call corporate damage control.

    Microsoft is counting the amount of unique accounts that signed in at least once over the past month on either their phone, PC, tablet, or Xbox into one missleading number. Microsoft is just lying once again to misslead the consumer and investers.

    The number is an absolute joke because they’re including free accounts that aren’t subscribers, accounts that may be duplicates from the same person, and accounts that may not even be active, just as long as it signed in at least once over the past month. Now it is impossible to track Xbox sales which is why Microsoft did this.

    The so called 39 million number of Xbox Live “users” is probably comprised of dead accounts and this number is either down from 48 million which Microsoft reported in 2013, or Microsoft is fudging their numbers and changing up the criteria as they see fit just to make it look as positive as they can. This is why it is important that journalists make sure they’re reporting accurate information. Microsoft uses you to cloud the truth.

    I also think Microsoft is lying or tricking people into thinking the Xbox One is outpacing the Xbox 360 worldwide by using the NPD because the Xbox One is outpacing the Xbox 360 during the same point in it’s life cycle in the U.S but that may not be true worldwide.

    I remember the Xbox 360 days when Aaron Greenburg boasted about sales every NPD. Now Microsoft looks like a schoolyard bully who got their *ss kicked and now refuses to participate in schoolyard games because they’re ashamed and embarrassed.

    How the mighty have fallen.

    • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

      Dude you don’t have life you do? I would rebuttal everything you said but honestly you’re not worth any sensible person’s time. And stop using your fake accounts to like your own comments.

    • XbotMK1

      Stay mad at the truth Microsoft fanboy.


      Go play DudeRaider 4 on your Lamestation 4

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    • Psionicinversion


    • XbotMK1

      Stay mad at the truth Microsoft *sswipe

    • Psionicinversion

      what truth?? lies arent tuth. Keep spreading the hate hahahaha

    • XbotMK1

      Lies? Feel free to prove me wrong Microsoft *sswipe.

    • Psionicinversion

      like how you say MS lied about the cloud, buts its actually being used fool. wait till they evolve to being able to do full scene raytracing, it will make the playstation look like dog doo doo

    • Starman

      i see you’re not on the article you should be concerned with … sony article about nothing , they have nothing .. and they will fail … can’t keep running fake and misleading campaigns … sony is drowning .. fix that by fanboying ???… not !!!!!!

    • XbotMK1

      Stay mad at the truth Microsoft slave

    • Tech junkie

      keep on selling Sony slave.

  • Starman

    no one is waving the flag … not sure where you get that from … that isn’t what they’re saying … stop fanbotting .. and put out meaningful articles ..

  • The truth-ier

    If anyone on here knows anything about business….its not the number, its the stream of revenue/income that you look for. The wii is a great example, sold tons but nintendo didnt make much…especially towards the end. MS makes more in a quarter then sony does in 3 quarters, so to say MS waives the flag, is thinking like a fanboy, and not about the overall health of a company…Sony is trying to recover, MS is ….well just MS.

  • Starman

    funny thing is …sony is “supposed” to have sold more … but microsoft more than trippled the profit of sony this generation .. so what’s more important ??? @xbot@YUSoDumb:disqus…idiot !….they’re not making any money or games , over at sony … and the games they make ..suck ! than flops ! …facts !!!!!

  • archfiendx

    Standby for Microsoft fanboy apologists and damage control.

    If it was Sony or Nintendo doing this, these comments would be different.

    • Starman

      stfu … fangirl …

    • XbotMK1

      Stay mad at the truth Microsoft slave.

    • Titsmcgee

      sony hid ps3 numbers for a few years, too


    I will be playing the best exclusive fall games lineup on my Xbox One
    Console sales numbers don’t mean anything to me i want to play the best games and right now the Xbox One has the best exclusives games all the PS4 has for the holiday season is multiplatform games with timed DLC lol pathetic

    @Playstation fanboys go play your sales numbers i will be playing great video games


    I don’t play sales numbers i play video games Xbox One has the best exclusives games for the holiday season
    The PS4 only has multiplatform games with timed DLCs lol
    @Playstation fanboys go play your sales numbers i will be playing great games

  • Alistein

    Good. The numbers thing was only igniting the console wars nonsense. No numbers give less ammunition to console wars propaganda and helps to focus on better things.

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