Microsoft Needs To Launch A New Console Powerful Than PS4 NEO, Make Game Certification Easier – Dev

But Dmitri Ogorodnikov, from Brainy Studio, is not sure whether upgraded consoles are necessarily a good thing for developers.

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I don’t think anyone could have seen Microsoft, who completely dominated the previous generation in terms of being the go to brand for third party developers, and for most costumers, bungle this generation as badly as they did- a lot of which has to do with their somehow doing the exact opposite of the things that brought them so much success with the Xbox 360.

When we sat down with Dmitri Ogorodnikov, from Brainy Studio, an indie game developer from Russia, who are currently working on TurnOn, we decided to pitch the question to him straight up- what can Microsoft do to recover momentum this generation?

“They need to make new updates such as a new console, which could deliver from a productivity point of view and is powerful than the new PlayStation (NEO),” Ogorodnikov said. “Also, not to torment on our game’s certification but since it was our first cert certification it was not easy. We hope it will be easier in the future.”

As for game certification, while in general, it appears as though Microsoft have made efforts to make the indie game certification process easier, it does sound like some lingering problems persist- and Microsoft would do well to address them fast, to garner more support for their platform.

As for the idea of a new, upgraded console, while Ogorodnikov did suggest it as a possible fix for Microsoft, it doesn’t seem like he is too much of a fan of it as a developer.

“These are only rumors at this point but if it’s true, then from the developers point of view you will have to develop, test (QA) and support 2 versions of the game. It cost you more time, money and nerves,” he said, rather candidly.

This sentiment does echo one that other insiders have stated developers are feeling about these new consoles- and it also makes you wonder whether or not Sony may be rushing with the entire initiative.

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  • Mark

    Agreed Pramath, I’m starting to worry as well…

  • red2k

    PSNEO will be a fail. The people are not prepared for buy a PSNEO knowing that Xbox 2 or PS5 will launch in 2018. Its stupid buy a console with a two years lifespan.

    • justerthought

      Warning. What I’m about to say will be a culture shock for the feint hearted lol.

      There will be no PS5. Sony have no need for a gen change because the PS4 is scaleable like PC. They will keep the PS4 architecture and just keep updating it every 3 years with improved hardware. The Neo is the first example of that.

      Devs like new hardware because it rejuvenates interest in their games, but devs don’t like gen changes because they have to learn the new system from scratch. Gamers don’t like gen changes because that means no backwards compatibility. Sony are bringing in a new era of single gen gaming that just expands like PC. All possible because it’s using PC architecture.

      So we will see a PS5 when we see a PC2. In other words. Never.

      We are more likely to see PS4K adopted as the base console for naming with the rest called PS4K2, PS4K3 and PS4K4 etc.

    • Eddie Battikha

      3 year cycles are gonna work perfect for Sony, that way technology and evolution won’t be held back and that backwards compatibility stays.

    • LordCancer Kain

      sonys Shuhei Yoshida in an interview just recently with Lorne Lanning had this exchange. “I said, ‘Well, what does the PlayStation 5 look like?’ And he said, ‘You mean if…’ And I was like, ‘Whoa. Are you willing to say that on stage?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, it’s an if.’” so your wrong.

      amd already announced they are manufacturing three new soc. if you assume one of these is neo then you have to assume that atleast one of these is microsoft and the other is nintendo nx.

      i think the only real possible negative for neo will be the price point, if it is more than $400 it will be a problem. if they hit $400 adoption will be quick and if they put ps4 at $200 the mass market will devour it and the install base will explode.

      you also need to understand that microsoft is doing something similar having hinted at 1.5 or up-gradable xbox platform and it is more than likely with amd as partners your going to see new soc’s released every three years or so as technology and market dictates. fixed hardware for ten years is thankfully dead, neither sony or microsoft are going to allow smart phones to take over. we actually have apple/google and its continuous compatibility across generations to thank for this.

      smart phones are an incredible threat to console gaming because many developers like konami, square enix and nintendo are shifting focus to mobile gaming. even nx is some sort of smart device. so you can continue on being an ignorant luddite or get behind these evolving consoles. fortunately i believe neo and xbox next will be successful because i believe in consoles and i like the unique gaming experiences that will only be made for consoles.

  • Alistein

    I’m not sure a new console is necessary they should just wait it out and release a new nextgen console in 2018 when new tech is doable. Right now they need to focus on the perception image their console conveys to the general public, like resolution, console size, advertising and aesthetic. Regarding resolution it might be good to have the major third parties work with them on exclusive projects giving them the opportunity to learn the inner workings of the X1 and allowing for better coding for example Crystal Dynamics was able to output 1080p native on the 360 because they were able to work exclusively on the X1 you can be certain any game they make would be capable of achieving 1080p from there on. The poor advertising is also a factor it makes it look like MS has no confidence in their console nothing shows pride like good advertising. Most of their exclusives have been a victim of poor marketing, Tomb raider for example came out with hardly any adverts no live action ads even Quantum break was marketed very poorly. Certainly the tv spot would have been good for a game with tv elements. Another would be customized consoles which helps perception and casuals just go for it. In retrospect MS biggest problem has been MS itself as Sony has hardly done anything this gen.

  • justerthought

    MS definitely need a new console to make the market competitive again and balance things up a bit. The XB1 is drastically under powered and designed to perform best as a multimedia console, not a games console.

    I don’t think MS have the option to build an XB1.5 or Neo clone because the base console is wrong. Whereas Sony can iterate on the basic PS4 as a good foundation, and still keep them all working within the same eco system from a dev point of view, MS would need to completely redesign the whole system targeted towards gaming. That means the hardware would be vastly different to the XB1 with not enough gain for devs to justify putting in the same amount of work as a totally new platform.

    MS need to jump straight to XB2 with a totally new design. A new gen. A new platform. That means it won’t be backwards compatible, but like the XB1, MS could fake it with the same downloadable pre-prepared games giving the illusion of backwards compatibility. That’s the only way I see MS getting back into the game and I’m sure they are testing prototypes along those lines.

    If the XB2 is a new next gen platform, then by default it will be more powerful than the PS4 Neo because they can just go mental on it without any restrictions trying to maintain compatibility with the XB1.

    • LordCancer Kain

      you really have no idea how technology works. xbox 360 was built on power pc architecture and xbox 1 is built on x86 architecture. that is why all of those xbox 360 games have to be emulated to run on xbox 1. the same reason why xbox games had to be emulated to run on xbox 360 because the original xbox was x86 and 360 was ppc.

      no research and development has been done on power pc in the last decade and arm, mips are less powerful with less developer infrastructure. anything microsoft does going forward is going to be x86 because it is more widely supported and it integrates with there windows xbox plans, so xbox 1.5, or 2, the name is irrelevant. its going to be x86 and because of this backward compatibility is going to be less of an issue because xbox 1 and xbox 2 are going to share the same architecture, os and graphics api.

      now whatever you call it your only options are intel, nvidia and amd, intel can not yet make an soc with powerful graphics and nvidia does not make cpu’s at all. there is a reason amd is in both consoles because they are the only company that can make an soc that is cheap enough and powerful enough for console gaming. amd also has more incentive to build these budget chips than intel or nvidia both of which have publicly shown there disinterest in working with consoles. amd has already announced they are doing 3 new soc’s and you have to assume there doing one for sony, microsoft and nintendo.

      unfortunately until amd releases there newer zen cpu architecture which is supposed to be refocused on single core performance to better compete with intel cpu’s, your not gonna see much gains here beyond increasing frequencies. as for graphics all they can really do at the moment is add more cores like the leaked neo specs suggest which is still good but your really not going to see more powerful technology in consoles until 2019 if they go with a three year cycle. in 2019 they will be able to include more powerful cpu and gpu cores and maybe pair these soc with some hdbm or hbm2 which is a very fast next generation memory architecture.

      but regardless of the specs, xbox isn’t just going to win if it is marginally more powerful. they just need to make better games and stop canceling developers that get the life drained out of them making the same game over and over. i was more interested in black tusks new ip than microsofts sudden reversal and cancellation in favor of gears which i don’t like at all was very disappointing to me. microsoft really needs to put there money behind some big time games, they need to invest in games and developers. closing down studios and putting rare on kinect duty for 11 years has proven a disaster. there can’t be an 11 year gap between kameo and sea of thieves and they just killed fable and lionhead, its real thin on xbox right now. gears of war and halo are not enough because they target a very narrow audience. a new perfect dark or jetforce gemini gets me excited and of course new ip like sea of thieves. they really need to let rare unleash there creative fury.


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