Microsoft On Xbox One Resolution Issues: “It’s Not Just About The Specs,” Quality Matters As Well

Aaron Greenberg on narrowing the technical gap with the PS4.

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If there is one topic which is a hotly debated one, it’s the resolution differences between Xbox One and PS4 games. At launch, the Xbox One’s SDK was not matured enough to handle games in 1080p without sacrificing other facets of graphics and visual parameters. As time progressed, the gap between the PS4 and Xbox One has reduced and although the resolution difference is still present in some games, there is no denying that the situation is far better compared to launch and early 2014.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg believes that although specs are important, the quality of games is important as well. “We’re seeing fantastic performance from developers on the hardware side. I think even some of the choices that we’re making from the first-party side with performance optimizations [Halo 5 locking at 60FPS] Really deliver smooth, high-quality visual gameplay and experiences. Every year, more innovation is happening and people are unlocking more power from the box. For us, performance is definitely not the issue; what we’re seeing is games continue to look and play and get better, which I think is a good thing. It’s not just about the specs of the title, but also about the quality of the games. So we want to be the platform that has the best-quality games; that is what gamers are looking for when they’re deciding what console do they buy or when do they migrate to the Xbox One.”

And I think Aaron is right. Xbox One arguably has the best line up for the next few months but the PS4 is expected to deliver the goods with some fantastic titles that were announced back at E3 and the Paris Games Week event yesterday. It will be interesting to see whether the differences will become narrower and more games will be rendered in native 1080p on the Xbox One in the future.

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  • HAppY_KrAToS

    Of course, my comment will surely get deleted… because who loves to hear the truth?

    Last Gen, all the websites were doing 2 separate reviews of the ps3 and x360 games, because, due to the parity policies and tons of cash, developers were kindly ‘asked’ to spend more time on the x360 version. And of course, despite the more powerful hardware on the ps3, des would spend 60% of the time on the x360 version, polishing it, and maxing out the hardware. At the end, the x360 version ran max 5% better, and had 5% better textures and contrast. Normal, because the extra time, and because MS paid and forced devs through policies, so the x360 version was never inferior.

    And of course, all the pro Xbox websites were happy, doing their separate reviews, so they could show the world ‘you see, the x360 has a better contrast and 1%better textures, that’s why it gets a 9.5/10, and a 9.2/10 for the ps3 was important to show how the x360 version was superior. So more people would buy it.

    Even with the RROD issues, that many websites barely talked about, to avoid people from going to buy a much more reliable ps3, RROD fiasco that still today, websites like ‘..Spot’, don’t show any results when we search that keyword, the x360 kept selling and getting a lot of praise from everybody : everybody and his dog just hated Sony, people were so happy their favorite brand was winning, they would wish Sony to die and disappear. The whole press was so harsh with Sony, any exclusive title, any announcement, etc, would get thousands of negative articles.
    How to forget the thousands articles like ‘why the ps3 will flop’, ‘why you shouldn’t buy a psvita ‘, ‘ why Sony already lost the war’.

    Yeah. Last Gen, even if Microsoft would only lead by 1 million units, for the press, the was was ‘OVER’. 1 freaking million units advance? Poor Sony, it’s the end for them’.

    How to forget all those face2face reviews, Ala lens of truth, with the sole and unique goal of , again, telling the world that indeed, the ps3 version of the game had 2 blurred textures and 2% less contrast and 28fps only, during 4 10-second gameplay sequences.

    Again, the x360 was the winner, the big champion, the best, with the 9/10 instead of 8.8/100.

    Damn, it was so important, that every single review, the author would praise the ‘definitely ‘ better graphics and resolution, where a blurred texture would cost -1 on graphics. I remember reading reviews on IG N, where the ps3 would get an inferior score despite being 100% identical, and worse, the ps3 version had the 3D option (that alone was a great feature and would deserve a higher score on graphics), but the reviewer was like “oh, for the 3D, we don’t have a 3D TV here to test it). BUT, if the x360 version had 3D, suddenly, it would be the best thing ever, on this planet!

    Why saying all this?
    To tell people that last Gen, when the x360 versions, reviews, etc, we’re supposedly ‘superior’, well, guys and girls, let me tell you that GRAPHICS, RESOLUTION, TEXTURES, FEATURES *D I D* matter. A lot. A slightly better contrast WAS enough to grant the x360 a higher score. 3 blurred textures on the ps3 version were enough to grant a lower score.

    And then, one day, the ps4 is announced, with much better specs than the X1.

    And since the beginning, the press was calming everybody down, trying to make the ps4 not look that better, and instead, the X1 would even get more praise and higher scores from the press. Press that would praise the fantastic vcr/TV features (who does use that today?), would praise the fantastic kinekt2 experience (where is it today, how many hundreds people still try to use it via voice commands vs a controller ?), would praise the incredible dashboard, its design, EVERYTHING.

    Even the huge power brick looked sexy and fantastic, for that press.

    after downplaying the ps4, trying to make it look as nothing really special, NOT SUPERIOR than the X1, etc,

    the 2 consoles got released.
    of course, because the ps4 was clearly more powerful, better design, cheaper, etc,
    something had to be done, to make the X1 look great, and more important, BETTER.

    AND so the ps4 exclusive games, one by one, we’re rewarded by that press with low scores, with Knack getting as low as 3/10, killzone shadow fall got murdered by the press, who gave it scores like 6/10, because ‘the story wasn’t great ‘ or ‘this killzone plays like the other killzone games’, etc etc.

    and so it was done. The ps4 superior advantages, after the hardware has been bashed, the only thing left, were the games. And those games got ultra poor scores, so people could think ‘oh, at the end, the ps4 isn’t that powerful! Look at those poor reviews! Bhahaha! ‘

    And came the time to review the X1 titles.
    and of course, with no surprise, its exclusive games got perfect scores, games like for a and its low resolution graphics, empty tracks, few cars and tracks, no day night, no rain, 2d cardboard public, huge downgrade from e3, etc etc, and its micro transactions, where the most expensive cars could cost as much as $50, OF COURSE, it received tons of fabulous incredible perfect scores and reviews.
    do you remember the journalist that left the games industry , after the resolution-gate…
    he gave it a perfect 5/5. Cars are shiny. Perfect.
    but not even a single word about the micro transactions, during the whole review.

    he was just one of the thousands who gave the X1 games, perfect scores.

    so there we have it.
    the press did it: the ps4 didn’t look powerful anymore, it stopped being the ‘best’ offer, and with the ps4 low scores and the X1 great scores, the press could go on and CLAIM
    ‘OK, the X1 is the best next-gen console, it may look slightly less powerful on paper, but it has the best lineup titles. So do us a favor, go and buy one’.

    But , unexpectedly, for our biggest surprise, there was no parity from the devs, this time around. And so the first 3rd party games looked much better on the ps4, with call of duty ghosts running at 7th only, on the x1, and 1080p on ps4. ‘On paper, they sad?’
    that was 2.2times more power, on these version.

    and many other games, all were running better on the ps4, even 1st part MS games struggled to run at 720p or 900p, on x1.

    and you know what? Some people aren’t stupid, and quickly noticed the ps4 was much more powerful, and future proof, with tons of great titles announced, and, better, CHEAPER.

    And tons of people started buying the ps4, where the games ran better, at higher resolutions. Despite what the press wanted people to do, WHY paying more, for much much less? Why paying more, for less, just for features like kinekt or vcr/TV?

    And more and more people bought a ps4.

    meanwhile, the press, this generation, stopped making 2 separate reviews. Remember last Gen? Well, why making 2 separate reviews, this time around, if the ps4 version is going to be SUPER, ALL THE TIME?
    why making 2 separate reviews, to even consolidate the ps4 supremacy, with, ex, a 9.5 for the ps4, and a 8.9 for the x1?
    because if they did 2 separate reviews, it would be impossible to not mention the resolutions, better textures, better draw distance, and other things.
    Those reviews would be BAD for the x1, would be some bad advertising , and who needs bad advertising?

    So, this Gen, no more 2 separate reviews. No more face2face bloody combats between the x1 and ps4… we guess we know why, right…

    Meanwhile, titles like titanfall, sunset overdrive, etc, barely move new x1 bundles.
    In Europe, there are huge piles of unsold x1, while the ps4 was out of stock, during months and months. Nobody in Europe wanted a less capable x1, much more expensive, with features like vcr and kinekt that wouldn’t work, outside the US or UK.

    Something had to be done:
    And so, the MS PR GUYS, KEPT on making announcements after announcements, only to convince future buyers that the x1 is the best.
    Cloud computing? Check
    Dr 12? Check
    Over clocked gpu? Check
    Fantastic dev team? Check
    Etc etc

    But People didn’t care about it, and kept on being ps4’s.

    Today, Sony is selling 1 ps4 every 2 seconds. Incredible, isn’t it?

    So, last Gen, 1 million extra units, and ‘the was was over, Xbox wins’

    And today, with more than 2-1 sales,
    The press KEEP ON SAYING the was isn’t over yet. Really?

    Still today, with the ton of games that run much better on ps4 (don’t even talk about the 28 vs 26 fps on AC: Unity, or the 2 extra fps on the Witcher 3, during some sequences ), the press still doesn’t DARE SAYING the ps4 IS INDEED SUPERIOR.

    INCREDIBLE, huh? After all these 1080p vs 900-720p differences, the press still hasn’t the courage to ADMIT the ps4 is superior.

    Of course, for the same press,graphics and resolutions aren’t important AT ALL.
    Of course, it’s better to have dedicated servers that having 1080p instead of 720p, right…

    Of course, today, anytime Sony releases a new exclusive title, it gets murdered with no mercy. Driveclub got 5/10 scores only because the online code wasn’t working flawlessly. Of course, halo MMC will get perfect 10/10 from the same press, despite the totally broken online.
    Like The order 1886 got assassinated by the same press, because it had ‘QUICK TIME EVENTS’. Come on…

    Still today, even a deaf, mute or blind can notice the press has been doing all they could, to stop the ps4 momentum, and make the x1 sell more.

    Like the ps4 feature ‘remote play’, that must be one of the best and biggest achievements on the audio-visual field. Just head to dualshockers, and see Giuseppe playing bloldborne with his Psvita, 10000 km from the ps4.
    Another feature, the recent ps4 remote invitations/play, that let people share their game via Internet and let a friend play the game as well, all, frame-synced.

    But surprise, there are almost 0 websites covering those features.
    Of course, if those features were on the x1, oh God, there would be 1 million articles, claiming how incredible the x1 is, how powerful it is, how good the engineers are, to create such feature.

    OK, long comment, but the truth must be said.

    So, as an answer to the article and the whole situation this Gen, I would only say this:

    The games resolution, graphics quality, etc etc AREN’T important only for:

    -The US gaming press
    -the 20-35 million Xbox fans
    – Microsoft

    Because they don’t want to make those things look too much important, because those features are The FEATURES where the ps4 has been and is SUPERIOR.

    COULD you imagine a website giving tons of attention and importance to the graphics and resolution in a game, just to, at the end, have to give a higher score to the ps4 version?

    That would be stupid, specially when one want both versions to look the ‘same’, instead of having an ‘inferior’ xbox1 version.

    So, this time around, those things aren’t important, is that right?

    But I am sure, if, in 2 years, MS releases an xbox2, get ready to retrieve the 2 separate reviews, face2face combats, etc etc, to show, again, the world, that the X2 version has better graphics, resolution, etc etc, and deserves a higher score.

    Ah, that US press. One can only laugh, when reading the recent halo 5 reviews, where the reviewers aren’t happy with a bunch of things, totally dislike the story, but, at the end, still give it a 9.5/10, because they want their national brand and product to be successful.

    • Starman

      Sony can blame themselves for last gen by stubbornly allowing the ps3 to be difficult to develop for.

      Ps you don’t seem like Happy Kratos to me, more like Gets hung up on review scores and perceived media bias too much and consequently writes a huge essay nobody will read all the way Kratos.

    • Triton

      I stopped reading at “Dr12” (DX12) because you’re not very well read on facts and seem to base your “information” on guessing.
      And yes my dog still hates the PS3.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      My tablet somehow replaced dx12 by dr12. I guess I was tired of typing my essay.

      Anyway, I thank Gamingbolt for accepting my huge comment.

      To someone WHO isn’t a Microsoft / Xbox fan, and is living outside the US, my comment will make a lot of sense, believe me. Come back here in a month or two, and you’ll see at least 100 or more up votes.

  • tplarkin7

    This console war has been great for frame rates and resolution. I’m glad these have become more important than special effects. We always want everything, but frame rate should be the highest priority. Now we have a 60 fps Halo 5 instead of the sub 30 fps Halos of the past.

  • Starman

    Of course it’s about more than resolution, sadly the media & gullible kids that fell for sonys pr tricks believe it’s all that matters. Unless it’s Uncharted multiplayer, then it doesn’t. Anyone with an X1 knows when you step away from the comment boards and just play the games you realise what an overblown issue it is. I’ll take lower resolution over the Ps4’s dodgy frame rate any day.


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