Microsoft’s Albert Penello On Xbox One’s Support For HD DVD, Recording Commands And Launch Supply

The lead planner for all things Xbox reveals interesting information.

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Albert Penello who is leading the planning for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Kinect at Microsoft has shared some  interesting information about the company’s next generation gaming console.

Do you remember the good old HD DVD? It was a media format that was heavily pushed by Toshiba. Microsoft even included a HD DVD add on for the Xbox 360 that can play movies and other forms of media. However it lost the format war to Blu Ray. Sony was one of the supporters for Blu Ray and the decision to include one in every PS3 was to make the format more common.

But what about the folks who have a HD DVD and want to use it with the Xbox One? After all it should support since it is a USB device. A HD DVD owner asked the same question to Penello. He replied with the following:

So there you go, no HD DVD support for the Xbox One.

One of the interesting features of the Xbox One is the ability to record gameplay footage. As of right now this can be done manually via the controller but since the Xbox One comes packed with Kinect, will it be possible to record via voice commands? Nope. Atleast, not at launch.

Furthermore, Penello has reassured fans that Xbox One supply at launch will be better than the Xbox 360’s.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will launch on November 22nd.

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  • jimmy

    The voice commands comment is incorrect… the user was referring to cable/sat box, not recording game footage. I think game dvr works with voice as reported many times before.

  • Hey now! One of those was my tweets!

    • Gavin

      Was that an honest question or were you trolling Penello?

    • Why would I troll him? I have around 20 HD-DVD’s and I wanted to know if I could hook up the player to the new X1. I’d figure I could since it’s USB. Kinda sucks. I wanted it in my main game room still, but looks like I’ll just hook it up to the 42 inch in the front living room now. It would be much easier and better for me to have my hd dvds and bluray’s together in my game room with the 55 inch 3d tv and my 7.1 surround sound. 🙁

      But why would anyone think I’m trolling him with that question?

      Also, edit… On my site we have given away a new Kinect with games, 2 copies of Halo 4.. Red Dead for the PS3, a Year of PSN+ and are giving away either a PS4 or X1 in march/april.

      Why would I troll someone like that? I may play a fanboy on a few sites to rile some people up, but deep down it’s game time baby. I play video games.

    • Gavin

      Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. I just thought you were joking with him. I honestly have never seen an HD DVD in the flesh. When you said you have lots of them in your tweet, I thought you were kidding and trying to jab him on the failure of HD DVDs.

    • No offense taken, but I didn’t have a blu ray player right away but I did have a 360.. so when the HD DVD add on came out I wanted to watch high def movies too. They look just as good as blus and sound great too. And they were cheap and sold as DVD’s on the other sides of some of them. Once that died I went to blu and had a PS3 finally, but I still have my add on with my movies.

    • Vaughan Elphick

      Wish they would of supported it. They personally missed out on some sales that I know of, like with myself and others who had bought the HD-DVD player. I’ve got about 40 titles on HD-DVD so not going to waste purchasing all those again on BLU-RAY when they are the same quality and more expensive. So basically I’ve still the got Xbox 360 due to that fact, even though I wanted to upgrade to the Xbox One.

      Really wouldn’t take much to have a driver support this. As X1 is a really good media player solution and that’s the main reason I wanted to buy it.

  • kevin

    Cool , feel bad for those HD DVD owners, but something tells me not being able to support it has to do with the BD deal .

    • I wonder. I’d like to play my movies on there for convenience.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    so I can only watch Bluray on Xbox One? Fine with me; I rarely watch the movies I have anymore anway. Oh how time has flown by since the age of VHS. LOL. Anybody have those memories?


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