Microsoft’s E3 2016 Will Be All About Xbox One And Windows 10 Integration – Michael Pachter

Big changes are afoot.

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Xbox One Streaming to Windows 10

Sony is launching the PlayStation VR later this year, and they are also rumored to be launching a more powerful PlayStation 4K. Nintendo is obviously bringing the NX this year– but where does that leave Microsoft? One of their big holiday titles, Scalebound, is delayed, and while Xbox head Phil Spencer has openly speculated on the possibility of upgraded Xbox hardware in the future, the lack of leaks suggests that if such a new Xbox exists, it is not coming any time soon.

So what will Microsoft’s year look like? What will they be showing off at E3 this year? We got the chance to ask well known and outspoken industry analyst Michael Pachter, who stated that he believes Microsoft will push for further Windows 10-Xbox One integration.

“I think Microsoft is positioning themselves for the inevitable, which is you won’t need a console,” Pachter said. “They’ll continue to try to integrate, so they’ll continue to try to keep the console as relevant as possible, they’re not getting out of the console business, but you know, it’s the same thing- you don’t need a PC to access the internet. You used to, but now you do it on your phone or tablet! And I have read that there are countries like Vietnam and India where more people access the internet through their phones than their PCs. I don’t know what the number is in a fully developed country, like in western Europe or the US, but I would imagine that it is north of 50% on PC. But I am sure the number drops every year.”

Them readying themselves for this future is what has led to a gradual de-emphasizing of the Xbox hardware at Microsoft, in favor of an overall ecosystem- and the integration of this overall ecosystem is what Pachter thinks will be Microsoft’s big play at E3.

“We’ve had a couple of changes at Microsoft. You don’t have Steve Ballmer running the company anymore, and I think that Nadela, who is the current CEO, is absolutely focused on keeping Microsoft relevant. One aspect of Microsoft’s business is its software, Windows, and obviously they have a Cloud business as well. But I think Xbox was an island before Nadela moved up, and I think Ballmer didn’t really understand it. I’m not sure that Nadela understands it, but he definitely has a strategy to integrate Xbox into everything going on at Microsoft.

“If you look at the leadership at Xbox- although Robbie Bach was a career Microsoft guy, there was Peter Moore, who was from Sega, followed by Don Mattrick, who was from EA. And currently it’s Phil Spencer, who is a 20-something year Microsoft employee. So instead of having a game guy run it, which was the case for the first thirteen years of Xbox, you suddenly have an internal Microsoft guy running it. And I just think it makes sense that they’re now part of the team. I don’t mean to suggest that Peter or Don weren’t good teammates, but I think they were game guys first.

“And Phil is a game guy, but he’s a Microsoft game guy. He went to work there when he was an engineer. He worked there in the ‘90s, when they had Windows, and Excel. That’s the company he went to work for. I think he morphed into a game guy, but I actually think they’re far more unified today than ever. And I think they’re all on the same boat, rowing in the same direction now, and they weren’t necessarily doing that before Phil became head of Xbox.

“[So] one would think [that Microsoft will push for integration]. I mean, we don’t know how close we are to it. It was a modest theme when Microsoft had a showcase a couple weeks ago. It was sort of a theme, but it wasn’t crystal clear how it all worked together and it was primarily a game event. So my guess is E3 will still be primarily a game event, but each time they speak, we’ll get a little bit clearer picture of where they’re going.”

It sounds like big changes are afoot at Microsoft- the company is clearly trying to reinvent itself all around as it tries to tackle a new of computing, and effects of this are likely to be felt on the Xbox front as well. Whatever Microsoft is planning, we should find out soon at E3 this year.

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  • PachterStation

    Phil Spencer thought he could save the Xbox One, but he was flogging a dead horse before he became the boss of Xbox. And all this talk of a new Xbox One console to go up against the rumoured updated PS4, is nonsense. Like Nintendo with the Wii U, Microsoft will let the Xbox One run its course. Games not hitting big sales on the Xbox One, games on Windows was inevitable to pull in extra revenue. No longer is it a case of if you want to play Microsoft’s games, you’ll have to buy an Xbox One. Will Xbox Two surface in the future? Somehow, I think Microsoft will ditch consoles and switch to Windows using the Xbox brand. How this will work is anyone’s guess, as the masses can’t afford a gaming PC. Cloud will play a major part, as with this gen. And we’ll probably see the end of games on discs. The big shake up will come next gen. Could Nintendo kick start something with the NX? It’s a big possibility.

    • d0x360

      Microsoft won’t ditch consoles because they sell more games than pc.

      As for this Xbox and ps4 hardware update what happens if Microsoft ends up with hardware more powerful than ps4.5?

      Its not hard to imagine. Although even if it doesn’t happen. Microsoft doesn’t care. Even nvidia gpu, every amd gpu and every ps4 sold earns Microsoft money. They own multiple gpu patents once of the most important being the combined vertex and pixel shader pipelines introduced in the 360 many months before it hit pc. They also make money on any x86 and x64 cpu sold so really any hardware sale is a good hardware sale.

      As for spencer and his dead horse… The Xbox has become an amazing console. Who gives a **** if the graphics aren’t as good as ps4 when the system itself is more fun to use, easier to use and has more features.

    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      PC Gaming always wins

      PS4K is going to be as hilarious as the PS3 price announcement 🙂

  • d0x360

    The one thing I wish companies would do is let me buy a game and play it anywhere. On console or pc and Microsoft is giving me that and I love it.

  • Mr Xrat

    I sure hope not, MS’ last E3 was already bad enough.

    • Marcia Fuson

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    • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

      Ruggarell you must be looking forward to Sony repeating E3 2006 then? 🙂


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