Microsoft’s New IPs Need To Sell For Microsoft To Continue Pursuing Them- Phil Spencer

Sales are a part of it.

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Microsoft have tried pushing out a lot of new IPs this generation so far- they started this generation by pushing Ryse: Son of Rome and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die for the Xbox One, then pushed out Sunset Overdrive the next year. This year alone saw them try with Quantum Break and ReCore, while next year sees them release Sea of Thieves and Scalebound.

The problem, of course, has been the uncertainty surrounding all of these new games- when Sony push out a new title, chances are that it will be developed further beyond that one game, and into a series or a franchise. However, at this point, are you really expecting a Sunset Overdrive, Ryse, or Quantum Break follow up? Especially given that the developers for all three of those games are now openly working on other projects not exclusive to Xbox One? At that point, can you even hope that Microsoft’s new IP next year will get follow ups, ever?

Speaking on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussed Microsoft’s need to balance the push for new IPs with commercial success, noting that new IPs need sales and room to expand if Microsoft is to look into developing them further. “Sales are part, IP has to have room to expand and team to expand. I’m always learning, sometimes painful, sometimes with a smile,” Spencer said on Twitter. In response to a fan stating that not knowing whether or not they will get to return to the world makes them enjoy a game’s characters less, Spencer added, ” It’s the same with TV shows or movies. But we’ve also all seen sequels that did as much harm as good. Balance is really tough.”

I suppose I must give Spencer credit for being honest here, if nothing else- at least he hasn’t strung people along with false hopes that every single game that Microsoft put out may be something that gets revisited eventually in the future. That said, I hope some of Microsoft’s new IP next yer fare better than their efforts so far have.

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  • The truth-ier

    This person who wrote this article is a fanboy, he has no idea what MS 1st party games have sold, Forza, Halo, Gears sell millions, just like sony with naughty dog games, GT,and maybe one more that escape my mind. Most of sony exclusives are niche games that dont sell that well at all, well they do, just not on the level of sony mega exclusives, and its the same for MS, there exclusives sell fine, just not like there mega exclusives.
    On the business side, none of us really know how successful a game is due to the marketing budget, the production budget of a game. Its a reason why the blair witch project is one of the most successful movies, its due to the cost associated with making it, and the actual profit.

    • Mark

      Yeah, every publisher needs to sell good on their new IPs…I think Pramath misinterpreted Phil’s words as “Our new IPs aren’t selling well”. All that he said was “Our IPs new ROOM”. In other words it has to sell GREAT, for them to pursue a sequel. But we know this already

  • crazy_black_man-

    Alright Xbox fans! You heard uncle Phil. You’d better support all those crappy new IPs or else!

    This shet is FUNNY.

    • Michael

      Yea, you dont want to end up like vita and psvr…lol

    • Mark

      Ahaha. I bought Ryse, Sunset, D4, u name it. Phil ain’t lookin at me, lol. And no they weren’t crappy to me

  • Mr Xrat

    Phil Spencer talking the obvious for once. No wonder he has to put them on PC.

    Maybe someone should impart that info to Xgimps.

    • Mark

      Lookin at Sony’s games performance, just goin by this year alone, they need to start throwin their games on PC too haha

    • Christinejduncan

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  • crazy_black_man-

    Well, the fact that Xbox exclusives are selling like crap and in order to make up for those losses, they are now on PC…hmmmm… might be overlooking that.

    • Mark

      Well if u say they’re selling crappy, u should throw Sony in there too lol. I could run down a chunky list of failz by them, this yr alone. S’why I said “This is the case for all publishers”…I doubt we’ll be seeing much of any sequels to Sony’s new IP, in contrast to what good old Pramath just said above ahaha.

  • Retsuprae

    Problem is games like ReCore and QB kinda of sucked. Sunset was great but no one bought it.

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