Microsoft’s Position With Exclusive Games Is Getting Concering After Scalebound Cancellation

What Scalebound’s cancellation could mean.

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So, you’ve probably heard the news by now- Scalebound is cancelled. Microsoft announced that the eagerly anticipated Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive from Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya (known for classics like Resident Evil 2, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry, Okami, Bayonetta, and The Wonderful 101) was cancelled yesterday, after nearly four years of development.

I don’t want to get into a post mortem of what happened during the game’s development, and why we ultimately reached the stage we did- I am sure there will be reports in the coming months and years that explain exactly what went down. But for now, I want to talk about something else, something that should concern us all as fans of games- Microsoft’s position with exclusives for Xbox One and Windows 10 currently looks to be a bit dire.

With the news of Scalebound‘s cancellation, the only exclusives lined up for the system, currently announced, are Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, Halo Wars 2, Below, and State of Decay 2. That’s… not a lot, and it’s certainly not enough to endear the system to people beyond its immediate fanbase. Apart from maybe Sea of Thieves, Microsoft have no exclusive in the pipeline that looks like it would be a major critical success, or system selling.

xbox one scorpio

And this is a problem- no matter what analysts might tell us, exclusives remain an alluring proposition that continue to sell systems. Just look at the performance of Uncharted 4, and how well it boded for the PS4, as an example. Without many games to set the Xbox apart, and give it its own identity, customers won’t have much reason to pick the system up. Microsoft may not need many exclusives – it’s not a numbers game, no matter what console warriors toting lists might tell you – but they need some that prompt someone to pick their system up. Something like Mass Effect was back in the day.

The one bit of hope we have here is that Microsoft don’t have a habit of announcing games years in advance like Sony do- so it is possible that they have more titles, some of them alluring and system selling, on the way, and that we will learn about them come E3. But if, when E3 comes, all Microsoft are pushing is another Halo, and another Forza, and expecting people to buy into the Xbox Scorpio in spite of that because it is ‘the most powerful console ever made…’ well, then there might be a problem as far as their longer prospects go.

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  • Starman

    For the first time , I’m gonna have to agree with yo “Pramath”… this sucks and it’s scary…not a good look.


    When games like Phantom Dust or Fable Legends got canceled the outcry wasn’t that big, it was sad but not as big as with Scalebound an action RPG that would have made the Xbox One worthwhile for console gamers more so than the other two games.

    Like I said and even more now with this news, this E3 is Microsoft’s real last shot to get new gamers to buy their console. The Xbox Scorpio better be revealed and with a price range of $400 to $500 and deliever on their promise of it being the strongest console but most importantly reveal new IP’s, some which should be released this year.

    • Mark

      Yessir, agreed. They gotta show some great new ip at E3, I’d luv a Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden! But I’ll say I’m still excited for Crackdown, Decay 2, Thieves and Cuphead, along with Scorpio of course

  • Mark

    They need to lock up a Shinobi deal!

  • Gamez Rule


    I was looking forward to this title and it’s one of the reasons I bought Xbone.. But even worse is that I’ve just seen people stating that Shinobi602 is saying (he’s heard) that Crackdown 3’s development is not going well either.

    I really hope this is not true.

  • BelAirBoss

    “The one bit of hope we have here is that Microsoft don’t have a habit of announcing games years in advance like Sony do”….this guys joking, right? He must have missed every E3 since, well, forever. Microsoft has a fabulous history of making promises they don’t keep, and showing games that don’t release….remember Fable Legends? Phantom Dust? Anybody? Anybody??

    How about the “entertainment gaming” focused studios Microsoft shut down? Ever get that Halo show? No? What a shock. I would be very worried about Crackdown if I were an xbox only gamer….that game was also showed in 2014 along with Scalebound and Phantom Dust. Promise much, deliver little. The new xbox motto.

    • theduckofdeath

      We know the date of all those games; they were cancelled. The Spielberg/Showtime Halo show was also cancelled. The one that precedes Halo 5, starring Locke (same actor who plays Powerman), was released years ago.

      Crackdown is the one that is worrisome now. MS hasn’t shown anything significant in some time. Likely MS has undisclosed exclusive games in the pipe for Holiday 2017 into 2018. Scalebound, Cuphead, and Crackdown were all targeting 2016 at some point.

    • BelAirBoss

      Yes sir. I am aware those games were cancelled. That was kind of the point to the author. Hard to attempt making a comparision about Sony delaying games when Microsoft keeps canceling projects and shutting down studios.

  • theduckofdeath

    “With the cancellation of Scalebound‘s cancellation”…???

    Yaaaay! LOL

  • Hvd

    um 4 exclusives already released this year for xbox and how many for sony???????????????????????????????????????????????????
    uncharted 4 thats it where is your article on how sony hasnt had any decent exclusives before and after uncharted and al;l their delayed exclusives.where is your article on that.

    we still got as lot of exclusives to play for last year 2016.where are SONYS EXCLUSIVES?? DELAYED…..LMAO thats why its called the dleay station where delays await..lmao

    • theduckofdeath

      MS needs to get a few more mainstream franchises going. Sony pumps out these Mad Libs 3rd person games every year or two. The gameplay isn’t anything special, challenging enough with good graphics, heavy cinematics and a relatable, movie leveraging story. That’s what the average person will buy.

      Delays, requirements creep, and cancelations happen. Losing Scalebound right now hurts their library though. Too bad MS and Platinum couldn’t right the ship earlier.

      The publisher needs to put more confidence into the smaller-to-mid-sized devs, and help steer the project without being obstructive. Recore is a game that could have used a slightly greater budget and more assets.

    • Hvd

      nope xbox is fine.i bet you cant even remember the exclusive before uncharted 4 with out its been 2 years and only 1 exclusive from sony and everything else is delayed till some time this year..lmao

    • Joshua Rizk

      don’t be silly it’s called PlayStation

    • Hvd

      delay station..lmao

    • Riggybro

      Playstation just has a more diverse line up and a better image.

      I game on PC but things like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Bloodborne, Last Guardian, JRPG’s, Last of us, Ratchet and Clank, God of War… etc are all unique enough to make me get a PS4. There is a definite style and trend there that makes me think in the future there will be more risk taking/unique/weird games.
      I mean I just couldn’t imagine something like Beyond: Two Souls on Xbox. Xbox needs to change its public image from Dudebro FPS USA heavyweight gaming machine if it wants to conquer the world 360 style again.

    • Hvd

      like what a lot of jrpg games i dont care about?the only exclusive worth anything since launch on the ps4 is uncharted dont care for dark souls games so i dont give a crap about bloodbourne.a lot of those games are crap and i wouldnt even buy them if i owned a ps4.gravity rush 2???…lmao

    • Riggybro

      Good for you.

      But for the other tens of millions of XB and PS gamers the situation may be different.

    • Hvd

      thats just your opinion you have no clue what any ones situation mite be.

    • Riggybro


      Let’s never discuss anything again in fear that our speculation is not backed up by 100% pure statistical analysis.

    • Thank You Based Nippon

      You’re a sad troll. I hope you get a life some day.

  • Joshua Rizk

    ahhh scalebound was announced before horizon, as was crackdown. phantom dust still hasn’t come out…. i am still patiently waiting for cup head and below as well.

    Quantum Break was announced at the xbox reveal.

    Microsoft certainly announces games way in advance as well.

  • Riggybro

    I know Scalebound cancelation could be seen as a watershed moment (or indication of a trend) but why hasn’t this XB exclusives issue been brought up earlier?
    i.e. – from yesterday there is only -1 less “exclusive” on XB.
    So that is just ONE “exclusive” less than they had say 6 months ago and so all of a sudden the situation is “dire”?
    Has XB really been completely hanging so perilously on this one exclusive for the last 6 months or so?

    Seems like reality has been buried under marketing narrative, click baiting, specs analysis and console warrior-ing…

    • Luke Skywalker

      I think this news is just magnified because of the momentum the Xbox had going. i’m not trying to say a game that people were looking forward isn’t a bit a let down but i’m sure they’ll have some new games to announce E3 coming

    • crazy_black_man-

      Shut up. This so called “momentum” you just spoke of was manufactured from lies and propaganda too. Without sales numbers or some other tangible proof, there was no such “momentum”. A lie is still a lie no matter where you read it.

    • Psionicinversion

      like an official playstation channel lying about it having sea of thieves?!

    • crazy_black_man-

      You can shut up too. You damn fools are just plain damn fools. Phil Spencer is trolling you idiots.

    • Psionicinversion

      you be so crazy!

  • Truthhurts24

    An an Xbox fan I fully agree with this article because if Microsoft believes they can continue to milk us Xbox players with another year of Gears Forza and Halo they will be in for a very rude awakening like that E3 2013 disaster. Phil Spencer has a ton of expectations he has to meet now this E3 2017 for not only the Xbox Scorpio but new games in general. He really has to deliver on all fronts or the brands image will suffer back into obscurity.

  • Mr Xrat

    Only just now getting concerned?

    MS is moving to a service-based business model and that’ll mean doubling down on known money-spinners and milking them to death instead of taking a risk.


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