MLB 14: The Show PS4 Screens Versus Real Life: How SCE San Diego Is Pushing The PS4’s Potential

How do in game character models stack up against real life Major League Baseball players?

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When SCE San Diego Studio revealed MLB 14: The Show for the PS4, there was collective awe even amongst those of us who didn’t really care all that much about baseball. This was of course due to the spiffy photo-realistic visuals and it certainly helped that the developer compared it to its PS3 version just to outline the differences. Needless to say, next gen was out in full force.

That being said, this is baseball and the whole point is to be realistic and true to life to the sport as possible. We’ll see how the physics and animation hold up when MLB 14: The Show is out in May for PS4, but how do the textures and overall quality compare to real life Major League Baseball players? Check out our comparison below to find out.

Admittedly it won’t be as good looking as real life but the recreation of certain details like skin tone and texture, facial hair and more is a marvel to behold. While not a direct comparison, it’s nonetheless interesting to see how the PS4’s ability to render realistic models matches up to real life.

Mike Napoli

Mike Napoli

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  • Jakarta

    Off course real life looks miles better, a shiny plastic toy cannot duplicate human face 1:1. Until you can see bacterias and pores on it, it isn’t real next gen graphics.
    Lots of character models are still low in poly counts with stiff/scripted hair animation or hairless/soul-less faces hiding in beanies, hats, helmets, blah blah.

    • jtr777

      w/e douche

    • Dikan45

      Blah blah precisely!! have a day off!

    • luvthesnapper

      damn dude. you need a beer.

    • THEundying27

      If you want to see bacteria inside pores just look in the mirror because I’m sure your face has a ton of it.Your expectations are Way to high. Your better off buying tickets to go watch a real game.

    • Sea-HAWK fan

      For real.. The Show on PS4 will look awesome and as good as it can for the timeline and system.. They don’t fool around

  • JTrip

    Where are the textures? This doesn’t look so great.

    • Sea-HAWK fan

      Sorry but games can’t be real! Just isn’t in the books right now! Game looks awesome, just look at the ps3 version compared to ps4

  • Sticky Notes

    It looks incredible.

  • Trim Dose

    aww I think they need to do some work on the shadows, color, texture and lighning if they are aiming for real life comparison.

  • Arnold Stallone

    Those pics are from the ps3 version!

    Just watched a ps3-ps4 comparison article, and these pics are from the ps3 version.
    On wei Chen pic, the ps4 has a nice grass texture ,and panels and text are much better looking.

    So, author, why are you using ps3 pics instead of ps4 ones? You don’t like Sony, is that right?

    Edit : add link to website

    • Sea-HAWK fan

      Theres no way PS3 can do beards like that on Dustin and Nap

    • JTrip

      So which one is which? The grass and stadium look better in the one screen shot and the player animation looks better in the other.

    • hush404

      Huh, i was thinking they didn’t look that nice XD

  • Me

    These are all PS3 pics. False article. Ps4 version looks far and beyond what these screens entail.

  • lulzz



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