Need For Speed PS4/XB1 Resolution and Frame Rate to Be Confirmed Later, No Problems From eSRAM

Ghost Games producer talks about developing for current gen consoles.

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Need for Speed

Ghost Games saw a resurrection of sorts when the new Need for Speed was announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This will be the first new game in the series since its suspension following Need for Speed Rivals. GamingBolt had a chance to speak to producer Lianne Lim about the upcoming racer.

Concerning the resolution and frame rate on Xbox One and PS4, and whether it would be 1080p resolution and 60 FPS, Lim said, “So we’re not talking about exact requirements/specs right now cause we’re still kind of confirming some of that and going through the development phase. We can confirm that a bit later on.”

Has Ghost Games experienced any trouble with the Xbox One’s eSRAM and programming for it? Lim said, “No, not really. It’s on Frostbite 3 so we get a lot of fidelity through that anyway and obviously certain development things we have to go through (laughs) but nothing too specific or crazy.”

Need for Speed releases on November 3rd for current gen platforms.

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  • *Also On PC

    792P/900P 30FPS confirmed for consoles

    • Michael Norris

      Doubt that idiot racing games like this are less cpu intensive than something like BF4.

    • *Also On PC

      900P :^)

  • Leonardo Muniz

    Oh God! The crappy Frostbite 3 on consoles is the worst thing they could use.

    • Demetrius Radford

      its gonna use a different type of render system which looks way better than the one they were using

    • Leonardo Muniz

      The news says it will be Frosbite 3. Don’t know if EA has made any effort in updating it since it performed the same in all games released under it until now.

    • Demetrius Radford

      they’ve updated it. ik becuase it uses physical based rendering but performance wise. idk

    • Michael Norris

      Depends…i know the last need for speed game ran at 1080p/30fps on both consoles.I would like to see 60fps for this title,as 30fps for a racing game just feels off to me.Maybe it’s my Pc that has really showed 60fps is a must.

  • otherZinc


    Here’s a follow-up question for the Need For Speed developers at Ghost Games:
    *With another racing game (Forza Motorsport 6) releasing before Need For Speed this same year; why is Forza Motorsport 6 Featuring Real World Tracks, 450+ Cars, Day, Night, Wet Weather, 24 Racers On Track, And 1080p 60fps Locked on XBOX ONE…and you at Ghost Games cant on the PS4 & XBOX ONE with Need For Speed? What’s the problem?

    Ask them that, GamingBolt.

    • rudero

      Probably because it is more of demanding game. Forza does not really put a bunch of bells and whistles in the games. ie anything other than cars and the track. They keep static backgrounds. Need for speed usually puts more in the environments. More particles and physics.
      And after Forza 5s boosted PC showings all the way to release, I think we were taught to actually wait till the real world copies are in people’s hands to be able to judge the actual game in graphics and locked frame rate. Not that I do not think they will hit the locked frame rate just, what will be compromised.

    • otherZinc


      Lol; what? You must be kidding, must be. Or, you’ve never played Forza Motorsport 5 for a few hours.

      There are zero games on the market more technically advanced than Forza Motorsport Games. Turn 10 told the President of Pirelli Tires information on their own tires performance that they (Pirelli Tires) didn’t know. That’s how deep Turn 10 gets into their games.

      AND Features!, You can’t combine 5 Racing Games to = the Features of Forza Motorsport 6!

      Forza Motorsport 5 has the most accurate tracks & detailed rendered locations of any Racer on the market.

      There isn’t 1 thing cheaply made on Forza Motorsport. Especially the physics.

      You need to see the making of Forza Motorsport 5 & Forza Motorsport 6 before spreading false information about Forza Motorsport Games again. Educate yourself.

    • rudero

      Never said cheap. I know what goes into it. You are confusing my statement. Edge to edge screen not just what goes into the cars and on the closed tracks. Assets that change the use of the engines that are built for games.
      Forza is built for forza. It does nothing else. Frostbite is built for everything. In games like this need for speed there are assets being used all over the place. Lighting, reflections, debris on the streets etc etc.
      If any of that makes sense.
      Forza 5 was also a step child compared to what was released with forza 4. Anyone that played it knows it. It was a 360 game ported in hd.
      I unsterstand your love for the game but there are things that makes a game demanding over what goes into what makes the game. Mapping tracks to be as real as possible has nothing to do with the games engine. It is just, as you say, harder work. That is why they are releasing one every year, to pay for all of that detail but that detail does not hinder the games ability to hit certain frame rates or resolution.

    • otherZinc


      I see, you know nothing about Forza via experiencing Forza Games for yourself. You can’t listento biased highly inaccurate information on Forza Games. It’s apparent in your comment of “Forza Motorsport 5 is a step child to what was released with Forza Motorsport 4”. You saying Forza Motorsport 5 is a 360 port clearly displays your ignorance of Forza Motorsport. You must mean GT 5& 6, that used PS2 Cars and Tracks. In features, yes, in Racing, Detail, & Performance, No Chance!

      Frostbites engine can’t compare to Turn 10 Forza Engine.

      More misinformation from you:
      Forza Motorsport isn’t released every year; Need For Speed is! With exception of last year. Forza Motorsport is released every TWO Years. Forza Horizon is released every TWO Years. By TWO Different Teams, on each side of the World.

      Forza Horizon, is an Open World Racing Game

    • rudero

      Ugh. You’re one of those salty bots aren’t you.
      Please, list the technical leaps from forza 4 to 5 please. I mean, for you to defend it so passionately, please, enlighten me. With real work not pr talk used to sell the port with less content.

    • Kidd

      What about Forza Horizon 2 a port to it won an award!!! And Forza motorsport 6 will have 24 players real effect’s!! If you think Need for Speed is more taxing than Forza games it’s not!! There is no reason Need For speed Cant be 1080p 60 fps or 30fps!! 30fps Locked.

    • rudero

      First, in no way am I bashing forza other than what was released with forza 5 and by bashing I mean what was released vs what was before it.
      Second, what I am saying is about assets and the game engine. A game like need for speed is most likely using more assets in lots of different areas.
      Forza will look better due to the specific needs that the developers want for their closed circuit sim racer. Very polished and very streamlined with very little assets being used except for those specific areas like sounds and driving physics (and yes more but those two areas are less taxing on a game engine) where as need for speed will be using twice the assets in more areas that tax a consoles power. Can I name them? No but an engine from third party developers will be heavier on consoles power. With a heavier use of engine just so the console can do all the things a console needs etc.
      In no way am I saying is better than the other or better made, purely building engines between the two games.

    • archfiendx

      He’s just an upset fanboy. Forza isn’t a sim, its an arcade racer, and they copy/paste the game every year. Forza doesn’t have the most advanced anything.

    • Michael Norris

      If NfS is open world than it will take more resources than Forza 6.

    • Cinnamon267

      The new Need for Speed, much like Forza Horizon 2, is an open world game. Never expect open world games to target 60. You didn’t watch the E3 demo because it took place at night when it was wet. You could see water drops hit the player camera and wetness on the road plus droplets of water on the car in the shed. Day/night cycle seems likely. Weather we already saw in the demo.

      We don’t know number of cars in the game or how many cars that can participate in
      races. Don.t expect as many as a closed circuit track racer. How do you implement real world tracks into an open world game? It doesn’t make sense.

  • TOM

    Ha silly kids Forza’s for babies.. In all seriousness though Forza five is a pretty good game. you couldn’t tell me anything that Forza wasn’t the best racing game. But when your saying that Forza I king is not accurate anymore. Yes it is king in some aspects al la experience of the Top Gear built in. other than that there’s no way you can say it tops the like of Project cars or Driveclub IN GRAPHICS, SIM , CAR DETAIL (MAYBE TRACKS!) . But if you have seen any footage of NFS (I cant believe I’m saying this) but in person the open world environments and visuals of the cars, pavement and such graphics wise pushes NFS to be the best looking game on the any platform al la PC with the best version 4k 60fps. but what ever you see on YouTube no matter your set up is a compressed version of what your going to experience hands on.

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