New Fear 3 Trailer Features Paxton as Playable Character

Posted By | On 14th, Feb. 2011 Under News, Video News

Warner Brothers Interactive along with Fear 3 developer Day 1 Studios have released a new trailer for FEAR 3.  The trailer showcases that you can play as Paxton Fettel in the game, in all story levels after you’ve played a level as ‘Point Man’. F.E.A.R. 3 will be out this May for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

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  • rak33n

    Cant wait!!

  • dh4645

    only played fear 1, it was fun, but the achievements were crazy hard. haven’t played a fear game since.

  • Thatruth86

    never played the second but it looked ok nothing scary really n playing as pax doesnt make it any better

  • Bone_Apart216

    This game always reminded me of Phantoms, with ben affleck.
    I dunno why. Played the demo of the first one a long time ago, and I guess I never gave it a fair chance.
    Oh well, too many games and too little time to be dabbling this year.

  • yodathe3rd

    i have played all of the games and beat all of them pc is the way this game was meant to be played and that is what i will be playing it on when it comes out. These games do a really good job using scare tactics in the game.

    • noxtics

      yess on a pc with surround sound, sli and a really big monitor ..oh and don’t forget the pizza and the coke too heh.

  • This could be an awesome action game if they turned it into that. Can’t wait for F3AR.

  • lukepc92

    Looks like plenty of tasty ass gore, looks a wee bit like The Darkness which is one of my favourite games ever. Hopefully those gruesome kills they were showing vary, rather than becoming repetitive and soul-crushingly dull.

    • noxtics

      yeah hopefully they keep the gore ..made the game so rewarding lol …oh and there’s the darness 2 announced also don’t know if you heard about that.

  • noxtics

    the first version of this game was awesome but i really lost interest when it got into the futuristic weapons and all …my favorite weapon in the first one is the shotgun. On a good sound system and good sound card the game just blew down doors.

    I really hope they don’t go crazy with future weapons on this one.

  • aquaman22

    I never could get into this game. And I’ve yet to understand how and why they keep making them?? I really didn’t think Fear has been that successful but i guess there is a market out there for this game. Trailer looked interesting but the graphics are not the best. I guess i’ll just have to wait for the review on this one.

    • Thatruth86

      From what i remember the 1st one was on the PC only i played wasnt jaw dropping or scary but it was decent at least .. and ohh there is always a market for everything lol

    • dh4645

      it was pc only in 2005, then ported to xbox 360 in 2006 then to ps3 in 2007. i really dont understand the appeal either. i dont see how they keep making sequels since nobody i know has ever bought any of them

  • Thatruth86

    Really year after year they released it like that lol… Well fear 3 looks good n i saw some mp footage i acually liked it so lets wait n see .. U might not know anyone but there always are shows that theres a lot of diverse consumers


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