‘Next Car Game’ Dev on PS4’s RAM Latency Claims And Next Gen Development Costs

Joonas Laakso also talks about scalability.

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Next Car Game
We recently had a chance to speak to Bugbear Entertainment producer Joonas Laakso, who is currently working on Next Car Game (the developer’s credits also include the famous FlatOut series). On being quizzed about his thoughts on PS4’s 8GB GDDR5 RAM and unified architecture, and whether there would be any latency issues, Laakso stated, “We’re developing for mainstream PC hardware, so some 2-3 years behind the curve right now. We are mostly interested in scalability. We have a lot of fans who are telling us to keep it light, and we’re doing our best to comply.”

Given that they’re developing so far behind the latest technology, it makes sense there will be no problems when faced with GDDR5 RAM. But that power won’t be limited to the PS4 version alone. “There is going to be room to flex your big power PC’s muscles, too, don’t worry – our emphasis on physics uses up pretty much all processing power it can get its hands on. Sorry for giving a more technical answer than that!”

As of now, Next Car Game will only be heading to the PC, but with proper funding, it will head to the Xbox One and PS4. However, when asked if development costs for next-gen consoles would be cheaper, given their similarities to the PC in architecture, does this mean less time and cost to port Next Car Game over? Laakso responded, Yes, it looks like it will be cheaper.

“There’s still a relatively large cost associated with any new versions, about two months of work at a minimum. Some of the work and costs just can’t be helped – for example the QA is probably just as expensive as ever, as well as all the per-platform requirements to do with their user experience: Achievements, Trophies, and the like.”

You can head here for more information on Next Car Game or simply visit the game’s Steam Greenlight page.

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  • Guest

    There is not one single mention of GDDR5 latency here in this article. In fact, the article asserts that the memory make the PS4 “powerful”.
    What interview are you referring to? I can’t find any references to him ever being questioned about GDDR5 RAM. Why is their no link to the interview in this article?

    • Ravi Sinha

      The question we asked was regarding GDDR5 latency. The answer came about that they’re developing behind the tech curve, so naturally we thought this meant there weren’t any latency problems. Apologies if that wasn’t made clear. As for our full interview, it will be published in the coming week.

    • Jason Mounce

      So… “PS4′s RAM Latency Claims” in the title. You’re essentially telling us you’re deliberately grasping at straws for hits then…?

      Or that you jumped to conclusions for hits.

    • torreth

      I hope you get banned forever you racist jerk!!!! Your comment is so uncalled for!!

    • kreammer

      The 1.8TF plastic toy has already been crushed before launch.



    • HDShatter .

      If you own a decent desktop its cheaper to add a GPU than buy a new console anyway:

      Raderon R9-280x (improved 7970 thats cheaper), out right now – $300

      PS4: not out for 1 more month – $400

      2048 Stream Processors
      3GB Vram + System ram (newer boards support up to 32 or 64.), ddr4 is becoming the standard next year and will blow away the gddr5 and have super low latency.
      384-bit GDDR5
      Core Clock 1000MHz
      Boost Clock 1050MHz
      Effective Memory Clock 6000MHz
      4.8 Teraflops, overclocks to over 5
      System Memory Bandwidth: 288GB/sec

      PS4 GPU:
      1152 Stream Processors
      8GB of GDDR5, shared between vram and ram usage so its really only 2-3 available for vram and the rest for ram
      256-bit GDDR5
      Effective Memory Clock 5500MHz
      1.84 teraflops
      System Memory Bandwidth: 176.0GB/s

      As you can see the new upper mid range PC card from AMD blows away the PS4.

    • George Valkhoun

      who cares.

    • Michael Lee Kunschner

      Was looking at 7970 for next build, with the law of diminishing return, it alone should outlast this gen of consoles. So beastly.

    • George Valkhoun

      Nobody cares. It’s all about the games. Besides, the PC is dying. Also, console optimization goes a long way. Nothing is really optimized on PCs. You’re just adding more Mhz to make everything run faster. PCs lose once again. PS4 for the win.

    • Michael Lee Kunschner



    “We’re developing for mainstream PC hardware, so some 2-3 years behind the curve right now.” END QUOTE…..

    They are talking about it in comparison to the Current development cycles and that the PC architecture is “actually behind” the consoles in terms of likeness.

    There is nothing… NOTHING. directly correlated to RAM being higher and or lower in latency at all….

    You people on here even trying to fight the fact that things are the way they are is almost sickening.

    And also if you’re information you’re trying to convey is totally wrong then you should probably take it down because you look stupid. Just trying to get hits on your little site…

  • Zachary Carter

    “so far behind the latest technology, it makes sense there will be no problems when faced with GDDR5 RAM.” Ya, because it makes perfect sense that the old hardware operates completely the same. As for the rest of the article, they were digging for a latency issue response, and got nothing but still ran the title of the article as if they had something. Terrible journalism!

  • Junior

    I’ve never knew that Gaming Bolt uses interns to write their articles… Pathetic…
    And by the way, I am going to avoid to access this stupid website!!! Imposing ad advertising with videos?? Really?? Gimme a break…

  • Mitchings

    Sony uses Hynix GDDR5-5500 RAM Modules with a latency of CL15 and a base clock of 1375MHz:

    1 / 1,375,000,000 = 0.000000000727

    0.727ns * 15 = 10.905ns Latency

    Xbox One uses Micron DDR3-2133 RAM Modules with a standard latency of CL14 (and a best-case latency of CL11) and a base clock of approx 1066MHz:

    1 / 1,066,000,000 = 0.000000000938

    0.938ns * 14 = 13.132ns Worst Case Latency
    0.938ns * 11 = 10.318ns Best Case Latency

    There are no latency issues for the PS4’s GDDR5; it’s a myth perpetuated by those citing traditional PC configurations; often used by those who are misinformed and/or want something to cling to so they can go on thinking the XB1 is as powerful as the PS4.

    The eSRAM may have a latency advantage in itself but its use in the XB1 is as a band-aid to the DDR3 for the GPU. The CPU has access to it but it’s incredibly slow, even by CPU standard; even MS have admitted it’s not much use for the CPU.

    Anyways, the PS4’s GDDR5 is at no latency disadvantage compared to the XB1’s DDR3, in fact, PS4’s GDDR5 is most likely to be at a tiny advantage in terms of latency.

    It amazes me just how many people keep bringing this debunked crap up.

    • dirkradke

      It amazes me just how many people keep bringing this non-debunked crap up at all.

    • Guest

      All the low IQ paupers upvoting him. Axe99 being the pinnacle of the N4Gtard NeoFAG!

    • Mitchings

      Bring some facts to the table and don’t talk like cornered idiot and maybe someone will up-vote you.

    • Raja

      Hynix lost half of its facility due to recent fire.
      GDDR5 will good for texture processing, however DDR3 is faster for simulations/physics calculation. The PS4 games will suffer unstable fps.

    • Mitchings

      The first part is kind of irrelevant to the discussion considering the PS4 will still be using those chips, the end users unit price is still the same and it’s been stated that the PS4 won’t be effected. It doesn’t change the fact that the latency argument for XB1 is pointless. That’s just clutching at straws.

      The second part is utter junk. The only reason one RAM pool would be better than another RAM pool for more latency sensitive operations would quite simply be better latency and I’ve already made it clear that XB1’s DDR3 in its worst-case and most likely scenario will have worse latency by 3.2ns and in it’s best and most unlikely case a negligibly better latency of 0.6ns.

      If you want to talk unstable fps you might want to consider the fact that XB1 has 1/2 as many ROPS and 2/3 as many Compute Units on its GPU as well as a highly variable RAM configuration which will often require any decent 1080p framebuffers to overflow from the small, complex eSRAM scratchpad into slow DDR3.

  • olbaiD4283

    You didn’t make the PS4 look bad!!! My Xboner is getting so limp, Imma go listen to Albert Penello he doesn’t lie and tells it how it is….. xP

  • kreator

    XBO FTW!

  • George Valkhoun

    PS4 for the win.

    • Guest

      Only low IQ paupers buy a PoS4. $0N¥ PauperStation = LIES, OVERHYPE and UNDERDELIVER!

    • George Valkhoun

      Once again, PS4 for the win *yawn*…

    • LarZen

      XBO,PS4 and Steam Machine FTW!

  • YnotNDalton

    These latency issues ppl are talking about is a crock of crap … Bandwidth is what graphics processing relies on.. latency has minimal impacts on it thats why nvidia and amd put gddr5 on high end graphics cards not ddr3… ppl need to use thier common sense.

    • Nathan O

      and yet the CPU’s in PC’s are still using DDR RAM

  • Jecht_Sin

    Really? With all the gamelay videos out alredy they are still keeping going on with that latency crap? Which is just 20% higher anyway. Nothing the CPU caches can’t deal with.

  • JoeD

    God damn, everyone just shut the F up!


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