Nintendo Wii 2 controller image leaked

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Nintendo confirmed that a new console is in production and will be unveiled and playable at E3 this year, earlier today.

Various information has crept up since then, but most interestingly, a image which is said to be of the controller for the console has surfaced aswell.

As you can see, it has a touch screen and buttons, all tucked into the controller. Although, this might just be an concept but rumours suggests that the final design would be similar to this one.

Nintendo’s set to unleash a flood of details regarding their new console in the coming E3 event, to be held in LA in June.


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  • There’s no way that the new Nintendo console’s controller will be anything similar to that. The analog stick and button placement is awful and the ergonomics of holding something like that would be terrible. It’s has to be just a concept, there’s no way Nintendo would release something that atrociously bad.

  • This isn`t Nintendo`s new controler, damn some ppl are living under a rock these days…

  • This isn’t the controller, it’s simply the closest mockup to the real thing according to How close it is isn’t known.

  • This IS the controller. Since N64 Nintendo has been designing freaky looking/stupid controllers. This controller fits the bill perfectly. and for those that say the placement is off and blah blah blah, the placement was off on the Gamecube controller too and it sucked like ass but Nintendo went with it anyway.

  • I saw this picture in another site…. It was an art work by the site admin! This is ridiculous….!

  • I REALLY hope this controller isn’t going to be the primary controller. it is going to suck to have to go back to duel analog sticks.

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  • Mukkinese

    I see no problem with this controller, the layout isn’t that different from the 3DS, except this has two slide-pads instead of one, and those controls are getting good reviews. Nintendo aren’t new at this, the layout will be ergonomically comfortable for 99% of users. If the “feel” rumours are true, this kind of layout will allow easier access to the touch-screen. Having said that, it would be unthinkable that the Wiimote is not supported too and, in my opinion, very likely that an upgraded Wiimote will be included in the launch package.


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