Not All Developers Will Be Able To Reap The Benefits of DirectX 12

The new API will appeal more to AAA studios that have the muscle power to push, says Paradox Interactive’s Gordon Van Dyke.

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There is a lot of hype and confusion regarding Microsoft’s upcoming graphics API, DirectX 12. Scheduled for release in late 2015, the new API has garnered a lot of praise as well as a bit of criticism. There have been reports that DX12 will give Xbox One a massive boost but at the same time several developers have stated that it won’t have as big a impact as it will on the PCs. Regardless, from a developer’s point of view, will it be beneficial to every type of developer out there?

We raised this question in our interview with Paradox Interactive’s Gordon Van Dyke. “Not being an AAA developer that [DirectX 12] is far off our radar for now,” Gordon said to GamingBolt. He thinks that the new API will be more beneficial to AAA developers and smaller devs still need to tackle with current technology. “DirectX 11 and Shader 4.0 is only now being showing up as the minimum required. DirectX 12 is something AAA Studio’s have the muscle to push, and being a smaller AA Studio we need to focus on the current tech.”

We also asked him whether War of the Vikings will make its way to the PS4 and Xbox One at any point, to which he replied: “We’d love to bring it to console, but our first focus is perfecting it on PC before we venture into uncharted water.”

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • corvusmd

    It doesn’t seem to be that they are saying they “can’t” reap the benefits of dx12…its that they are small enough that they don’t “have” to. The title is a bit misleading

    • Edonus

      This is Flamingbolt…. what would you expect. Sensationalized title made to make the X1 sound lacking. Even though the story was good enough. I am surprised they didnt have something in there about how the Ps4 is more powerful. I know the Ps4 has nothing to do with this information but sites like this regularly don’t. Baby steps I guess. Maybe in 5 years we will have a a site that is not blatantly bias.

    • Guest

      Always defending, always on high alert.

    • Overhyped_And_Underpowered

      And the Sony shills right behind them. Alerted by the keywords on their Salesforce™ ExactTarget™ marketing cloud.

      For PC gamers. It’s all starting to get very “They Live” lately.

    • corvusmd

      I apologize, I hate when people use overly “click-bait-able” vocab for something that isn’t seriously that dramatic. Its ok to have a favorite system, and not to like another one….but this culture of aggressive misrepresnting/misquoting things just so you can have something negative to say is pathetic and annoying. It has to stop before it kills gaming.

      Now shhhh, there are people with a brain talking here, please move along quietly….and please stop stalking me on high alert, defending against everything I have to say.

    • Guest

      “Now shhhh, there are people with a brain talking here, please move along quietly”

      Ha ha ha, where? Not from you.

      “and please stop stalking me on high alert, defending against everything I have to say”
      Delusional, you wish I was stalking you. I just notice the stupid ish you say. Cuz its obvious you are a MS fantard that thinks you’re fooling people into thinking you’re not biased. When the only person you’re fooling is,…YOU!
      Now go sweat MS some more, fanny.

    • corvusmd

      I said shhhh….

      I’m not hiding that I like X1 the most of the three, but I do love having all three. I’m sorry that X1 has pulled away as my favorite….sue me.

    • Richardo

      The reason is it adds alot more work on the developer to manage the resources that the api normally handles. Small devs/indies that license the Unreal4 engine will eventually have access to DX12 benefits.

      Developer getting explicit low level control over things isn’t without its downsides. To get a significantly lower level api than DX11 it has to be hardware or OS specific. There are positives and negatives.

  • Guest

    Of course smaller developers (indie) won’t have the time or resources to invest into it. But ones that do have bigger projects at hand will definitely benefit.
    DX12 isn’t for the low poly or sprite based indie games that PS4 is pushing so much for, it’s for system capability pushing games that require all the data pipelines.

    • Guest

      Or the inferior multiplatform and exclusives the X1 is pushing.

    • Overhyped_And_Underpowered

      The inferior multiplatforms PS4 and X1 are pushing you mean.

    • Generalkidd

      Lol with all these constant arguments going on between Xbox and PS fans, I wonder where are all the Wii U fans?

  • Overhyped_And_Underpowered

    Well duh. Paradox games are designed to run on lower level specs. They aren’t pushing the limits like other games will be. Some genres simply don’t need it.

    Of course, the genres that do need it will curbstomp consoles. It will be hilarious.


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