Outlast Dev On How They Managed To Bypass ID@Xbox Policy, Game Not Using Latest SDK Update

“We didn’t do anything special.”

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Microsoft has this clause in its ID@Xbox where indie developers need to launch the Xbox version of their games first or together with other SKUs. But Red Barrels studios, the developers of the hit survival horror game Outlast have managed to launch it on Xbox One despite the game being already available on the PlayStation 4.

So how were they able to bring Outlast to Xbox One, given the game is already on the PlayStation 4 and wouldn’t this be a violation of ID@Xbox policy?

“We didn’t do anything special. We applied to the ID@Xbox program and we got approved,” Philippe Morin who is the founder of Red Barrels studios explained to GamingBolt. “We’re very happy to be on the Xbox One. Our goal has always been to bring Outlast to a maximum [number] of gamers, but we didn’t have the resources to ship on all platforms at once.”

Philippe also revealed to GamingBolt that they were not able to utilize the June SDK update for Outlast. “No, the June XDK update came out while we were at the very end of development, so we did not upgrade. The system is still getting its 10% reservation.”

This indicates they were also not able to use the 10% GPU reservation for games that do not use Kinect.

Outlast is now available for the Xbox One.

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  • Guest

    What bypass then? LIES!

    • EmpeRawD

      Derp, Derp, WE GOT DERP HERE!!!

      Wow, who thumbs up their own comment? Oh I forgot…you!

    • Guest

      You think every guest is derp now?

    • EmpeRawD

      No, just the Guest who are actually Derp

  • starscream1180

    m/s will most likely do away with the id@xbox bs …

  • d0x360

    I own it on both ps4 and Xbox one. Fantastic game. They appear to be identical. same flaws and all. Eurogamer is going to do a h2h on it and based on some emails to the Dev team (they are very open) their is no difference between the 2 versions.

    Regardless of where you play it you should give it a shot. Its an all around well made title.

    • I tried it on PS4 and shat myself so gave up.

  • jent

    Amazingly this is an article about nothing at all. Grats Gamingbolt, you turned an article on nothing into 330 on n4g

  • joevsyou

    I heard that any dev that does not take use of the free dev kits provided by ms or suppourt. this first/sametime release does not apply.

  • Arron Clements

    They use the clause if ever they get into a market leading position, anti-competitive Microsoft is always around the corner.

  • HerX

    This indicates they were also not able to use the 10% GPU reservation for games that do not use Kinect.

    So much trolling in one single sentence. Yes, it was said in a quote directly above your captain obvious moment, but yet you still made the sentence look like the dev didn’t utilize 10% system reservation and also another 10% GPU reservation. I hope you realize those 10% are the same, because the way you summarized it it sure doesn’t look like it.


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