Overkill: Xbox One SDK Updates Will Bring In Benefits, Excited To Use Xbox One Specific Features

‘The Xbox One has many features that we’re excited for.’

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Payday 2: Crimewave Edition  ps4 xbox one

Earlier today it was announced that PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition will be hitting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June and it will come loaded with a year of paid DLC for free. Accompanying this announcement, GamingBolt got the chance to speak to Almir Listo who is the Producer on PAYDAY 2.

Ever since the advent of current generation consoles, there has been some concern regarding how the Xbox One version of a multiplatform game will shape up. Multiplatform games on the Xbox One, for the most part have performed slightly inferior in the past and although the situation is improving, the problem still persists.

So how is Overkill managing things with the Xbox One version?

“I can’t go into specifics, as with any new platform you develop a game to you’re bound to face new challenges. The Xbox One has many features that we’re excited for and that will make PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition an awesome game to play together with your crew,” Almir said to GamingBolt.

It also seems they are utilizing Xbox One’s latest SDK update which allows developers to use extra CPU processing power. “As developers we’re excited with the new features that the Xbox One brings to the table. Any update for the SDK will most likely benefit us in one way or another,” he added.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions are already confirmed to be running at 1080p, so that’s a start.  Do you plan to pick up the the remaster? I think you should given how solid the original was.

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  • d0x360

    Wow…im sorry guys but this is your worst interview ever. He says NOTHING. His answer could be applied to any game on any system ever made.

    • andy

      And the whole point of the article, which is SDK UPDATE FTW, can be said about every console ever made. If the Xbone was an awesome next gen console, this wouldn’t need to be desperately pointed out every day. But the sad truth is that this has become the norm for this console.

    • d0x360

      You entirely missed the point of my post Andy. Shocking!

      Let me simplify.. I mean I already laid it out fairly basically but I’ll try again.

      FANBOYS like to ARGUE so much about SPECS that it drives TRAFFIC to websites. MICROSOFT nor SONY nor NINTENDO are doing anything different than in the past. The ONLY reason we keep seeing pointless stories about SPECS is because people (like you?) are constantly FIGHTING about them and IGNORING what’s IMPORTANT which is GAMES.

      if GAMERS would stop FIGHTING about SPECS and RESOLUTION differences these POINTLESS UNIMPORTANT stories would stop being posted.

      So if you want to blame someone for the furor over which system is better on paper blame fanboys and the media who feeds them. Dont blame the companies making the boxes.

      Some day we will get back to talking civilly about games again.

    • rodney patrick

      Exactly,that was spot on

    • Guest

      Exactly, but andy is a desperate Sony Pau Per. He’s too poor to afford anything else than his overhyped brick from a dying company. All he has to look forward to is this:

    • d0x360

      lol nice pic. I can’t really comment on Andy’s financial standing in life but I remember back when I could only afford one console and couldn’t depend on my parents buying the other for me. Saturn, ps1 or n64 Dreamcast or ps2. Sad times indeed but I was more envious at people who owned the others instead of angry. I wanted access to the games they could play too. Luckily around then I got my first job and it took a while but eventually I had them all. It was great! Having access to more great titles was the best thing I could imagine in gaming. Today its a bit different since there are way less exclusive games on each system but even that considered there are enough to warrant at least a future purchase.

      Even if you never intent to buy one or the other we need to find a way to get people past this wall. Its something just about everyone eventually grows out of but there has to be a way to get it to happen soon. I think I started growing out of fanboyism around 15-16.

      One of my fav old school memories. I had a Genesis and my best friend has an snes. For like 2 years we would fight over which was better than one day we exchanged systems. Neither of us wanted to give them back and we would go on to exchange many times. Despite that we would never admit how much we liked them to each other.

    • Mark

      Good stuff man. Personally I feel this is how humans are. Look how they drive. How about arguing over iphones vs Galaxy? Or spiritual beliefs. Or political values. Or who’s got the better job or girl?

      I say THEM, because although I have preference (or bias), I won’t step on ur feet and scream in ur ear why I’m better! I have zero problems admitting I’m wrong or someone’s better at something than I. To be straight up, we may be developing technology lightning fast, but man humans disgust me. Lol! The only way, that hate comes outta me, is when I see people hating someone because of a difference. U can never get back ur actions, u can only give a “sorry” or “my bad bro”. People die everyday man, my goodness.

    • Agent_Blade

      *yawn*. Even my 7 year old boy can come up with something better then that. And i wont even waste my time with how bad that troll was. You need to be slapped. Seriously.

    • trfe

      Right. Because people are begging to read articles like this. You’re a moron.

  • andy

    Another day, another SDK UPDATE OVERHYPE article from Gamingbolt.

  • Matt

    Payday graphics aren’t anything special… kinda have a hitman 2 vibe to them.

  • Mark

    There’s nothing inherently wrong about learning what’s goin on behind the Xbox. But it seems it’s the people screaming at each other about who’s system is superior, where this stuff becomes toxic and obnoxious. Lol!

  • trfe

    This article said absolutely nothing. What a waste of 30 seconds.



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