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If You Didn’t Get Your Xbox One First Year Anniversary Gift, This Would Be Why

'You need to opt in to marketing emails.'

Itagaki: Devil’s Third Will Smash All Standards of Console Multiplayer

'Almost everything I wanted to do, I did.'

Phil Spencer: PS4 Had A Great First Year

Nice to see some sportsmanship.

Star Citizen Nearing $63 Million in Crowdfunding

Chris Roberts hoping for $100 million.

Microsoft Delays Ori and the Blind Forest

Xbox 360 version delayed even further.

PS4 Will Be Launched And Sold By Same Company in China as Xbox One

The console war turns into console fraternity.

Xbox Team: We Were Not Hacked

'No Microsoft site or service was compromised.'

Insider Hinting at New PS4 JRPG Announcement at the PlayStation Experience Event

All good things come to those who wait.

PS4 SDK 2.0 Unveiled, New Features Detailed

The new SDK opens up new doors for developers.

Sony Says There’s “No Evidence” That The PSN Was Hacked

There's "no evidence" of a hack, but act cautiously anyway.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Issues Continue Affecting “Far Too Many” Players

Even after a recent update, the multiplayer aspect continues to suffer.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is Biggest Selling UK Title of All Time

Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition make strong debuts according to latest charts.

Dragon Age Inquisition Visual Analysis: PS4 Vs. Xbox One vs. PC, PS3 Vs. Xbox 360

Read our final verdict on Dragon Age Inquisition across all five platforms.

EA Origin Servers Suffer DDoS Attack, Several Games Affected

Hackers disrupt services for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Titanfall and many more titles.

Evolve DLC Maps Will be Free for All Players

Turtle Rock Studios says that, "We can’t break the community up."

Steam Fall Sale Beginning on November 26th?

A recent email from PayPal indicates as much.

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