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The Witcher 3 Developer Discusses Possible Mods for the Game

Modders will be happy.

Take-Two Says PS4 and Xbox One Have Collectively Sold 34 Million Units Worldwide So Far

And are projected to hit 110 million by 2019.

Street Fighter V New Trailer Features the Return of M. Bison

Was there ever any question?

NHL 16 Officially Coming To PS4 And Xbox One In September

PS3 And Xbox 360 Will Get NHL Legacy Edition

Check Out The Video For The Now Scrapped Doom 4

This version of the game has been called a combination of Killzone and Rage with a bit of Gears of War mixed i...

Phil Spencer Admits Kinect Isn’t Useful Any More In Case of Games Like Call of Duty

“If you’re playing Halo or Call Of Duty, there’s not really a scenario that says, ‘Hey, I need a Kinec...

Grand Theft Auto 5 Story DLC Comments Clarified, “No Further Information Released”

Take Two Interactive clarifies the status of story DLC for GTA 5.

2K Games to Reveal “New Triple-A Title”, WWE 2K16 Announced

Also, NBA 2K16 is on the way.

Star Wars Battlefront Resolution Unconfirmed, PC Specs Might Resemble Battlefield 4

EA community manager refutes rumours of Battlefront's resolution.

Destiny Weekly Activities and Featured Crucible Suspended Until House of Wolves Release

Forget about doing the Daily Heroic Story as well.

Destiny House of Wolves Weapons Dropping Early in Salvage

Play the Crucible mode for a chance at new weapons.

The Witcher 3 Available Now on Steam and GOG

Xbox One and PS4 versions also available.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Ships 52 Million Units

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has "exceeded expectations" according to Take Two Interactive.

Soul Axiom Interview: Deep Dive Into an Inner Universe

The upcoming spiritual first person adventure is detailed by Wales Interactive.

Submerged Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know Submerged

Block N Load Review – Mired In Flaws

Does Block N Load build upon the shoulders of giants?

Oculus Suspends Mac and Linux Development

If you wanted Oculus on your Mac or Linux, you may be in for a wait.

Nintendo Confirms Company President Satoru Iwata Will Not Be Attending E3

But developer of beloved franchises such as Mario and Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto, will be there.

Capcom Will Prioritize HD Remasters Going Forward

Because as we all know, Capcom has never been one to re-release games in the past.

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