Paradox on PS4 As Potential High End Gaming PC: “Pretty Good Way to Put It”

Associate Producer Peter Cornelius also praises DualShock 4, won’t personally go back to mouse and keyboard.

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The team at Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive are hard at work on developing the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of Magicka 2. In our interview with the game’s Associate Producer Peter Cornelius, we asked his thoughts on the PS4 and whether it is safe to assume that the console is basically a gaming PC with potential for high end capabilities.

Peter’s reply was short but upto the point. “That’s a pretty good way to put it,” he said to GamingBolt. We also asked about how Paradox’s partnership came about with Sony, to which he replied,”How did chocolate ice cream come about? Some combinations are just meant to happen.”

He was also all praise for the DualShock 4 and explained how he prefers it over a mouse and keyboard. “I know many think of Magicka as a mouse and keyboard game and it still is for those who want to play that way. I however have completely converted to the game pad.”

“The game pad works incredibly well. One stick is for moving around, the other for directing ones’ spells. It makes magic casting simple without making it easy. But the difficulty is in the game–the wave of long toothed beasts coming at you, making you stressed and accidentally trying to heal yourself with death magic. The game pad is your friend, not an extra obstacle.”

“I will personally not go back to mouse and keyboard,” he added.

Magicka 2 is due this year for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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  • Starman

    Are you kidding me , that controller sucks , it’s for little baby hands .. all they did was stretch it out , tell them to fix the latency … in that POS controller , and turn off the gardamn light … this will never measure up to the gaming mouse . it doesn’t feel natural like the XB1 controller.

    • Adrian

      Xbox one has nothing to do with this article however nothing will measure up to gaming mouse and keyboard on many genres, yet at least blizzard managed to get Diablo III work on the consoles with an PS and Xbox controller pads.

    • Guest

      The keyboard sucks balls bigtime though, so what good is a mouse if you gotta use it with the kb? And what you pc clowns cant adjust to the controller? Its fine once you do and a million times more comfortable.

    • Starman

      You talk big but hide who you are , GUEST …. you’re probably the one who wrote this crap article ..

    • someguy-_-

      It clear to see who here is really the fan boy…

      1. “that controller sucks” – your opinion and millions disagree with you.

      2. “it’s for little baby hands”- I am 6′ 4″ and it works just fine for me. Also if your were speaking in strictly facts the absolute dimension of the xbone and ps4 control are almost the same size but ps4 is LARGER. See link to support.

      3. “tell them to fix the latency”- Both system have reported lag issue in their controller and all you have to do is Google to confirm. Also as in both system, there are procedures to system placement and control setup. Both also have a reset in case of issues.

      4. “in that POS controller”- your opinion which my list is showing means little or nothing.

      5. “and turn off the gardamn light”- This is 100% dead on. We need to be able to kill it not just dim the damn thing.

      6. “this will never measure up to the gaming mouse”- not now and maybe not this gen but its the closest we have ever been. It actually very easy to see the idea and sliding your figure across the touch pad and press it to act as the function of a mouse. You really need to stop being so closed minded.

      7. “it doesn’t feel natural like the XB1 controller.”- once again your opinion. Maybe you have small hands and need the analog stick need the edge?

      8. rest of your crap. – fanboy’s bad attempt to insult someone. Shows lower intelligence, obtuse state of mind and major insecurities.

      If you bad mouth something have supporting facts or make it clear your stating your opinion and full details to why your believe in what you do. Someone might think your just another stupid person if you don’t.

    • Starman

      Okay little girl fanboy

    • someguy-_-

      It really quite sad that is the only response you have.

      I invite people to look at “starman” comments on other topics in his profile. It truly shows a “fanboy” with little to no intelligence. Thank you in supporting my statements above Starman.

      I also offer people to see mine as I support and defend all consoles and PC with supported links.

    • Starman

      I support all , and I have all . I even own a PS4 ,but what kills me is every article about something positive for MS is down played along with the support from gaming sites , Sony can make a piece of crap game and all should bow down and believe , this is the best thing happening in gaming …If you did have a PS4 and XB1 as you claimed , then you know yourself all this hype about PS4 have been proven time after time ,it was and still is all hype.

      I want to know what MS did to everyone to make you all act like little girl fanboys that doesn’t have a clue….you act as if they came to your dinner table and disrespected your mother or wife .Further more I’ve been gaming since ‘Intelevision’ then you little kids come along and think you know all … Sony has been liars , frauds and deceivers long before they came into to gaming …so do me a favor , and shut your mouth the next time you hear grown folks talking ….

      PS: Old enough to drink doesn’t make you experienced …young fanboy .

    • someguy-_-

      Reading my history proves I am no fanboy of any system. I simply take pleasure in making real fanboys such as yourself miserable. Secondly, you clearly don’t support all, any member of Disqus can read your comment history and your are clearly a hater of anything not xbox.

      You say you been around a while which I personally think is a lie because of your grammar and sentence structure. Your likely in your teens. But if your interested in having an mature conversation with a real adult then…

      You asked why people are being really hard on Xbox.

      Xbox bombed it from the start this time just like Sony did last gen but to an entire new level. They lost all trust in their community but this isn’t the the entire reason people hard so hard on the Xbox.

      Its really a few things-

      1. The fanboys- Now both systems have their fanboys and I take pleasure in crushing both their BS with real facts, But the xbox fanboy is by far the worst of the fanboys. There are a unnamed number of sites and you tube videos complaining endlessly about them.

      2. Microsoft- No one wants to see someone like that win the console wars. If Sony wasn’t around the world would be forced a BS DRM system.

      3. Nostalgia- Since Sony’s first console they have won every gen by numbers sold and people want to see that keep going.

      Sorry for jumping around but as for your first paragraph on MS downplaying, Sony’s “hype” and game quality.

      1. The down playing is all MS fault. When designing any system, you build it to what you need out of it and the situation it has to be placed in. MS told us, we are getting a cable box that plays games. Then the gamer rebelled and bought the other system. MS is quickly tries turning it around to gaming system, Now, why should any praise go out to them for something it should of had in the first place. Do you see Sony tweaking their API or SKD? NO! They did it right in the first place. Now they are spending their time adding media feature as a second thought.

      2. Bad games- Yes, Sony has release some real crap, but its clear there is a tunnel vision going on here. Ryse and killzone both crap, master chief collection and driveclub’s network issues. Sunset overdrive, second son both great games. I personally had more fun with sunset. FH2 is a better racer thank driveclub but drive looks better and with the new weather patch it looks amazing. All companies are releasing crap before its truly ready and this applies to 3rd party as well (ubisoft).

      3. The hype- Or better to say what hype? I see everyone jumping on the bandwagon and not for hype. PS4 is a stronger system and even the numbers prove this. PS4 has more exclusive coming because of this and they are in a great position to leverage for even more like street fighter. They are also patching in things the customer wants to add features. Even though they need another patch to fix the first one lol.

      I also started in the Atari 2600, which was release the same year as the Intellivision. Expect for mine sold 10X more. 30 Million to your 10 Million.

    • jayflow

      Agreed with all of your points. Its sad you get called “little girl fanboy”, but we all can see who the sensitive one is in this discussion.

    • someguy-_-

      Thank you sir.

    • Guest

      Are you kidding me, that x1 controller sucks, it’s for little baby hands .. all they did was make it even worst than the 360 controller and tell them to fix the latency… in that POS controller, and turn off the gawd damn disgusting trigger rumble, what a gimmicky pointless POS that is… this will never measure up to the gaming mouse. it doesn’t feel natural like the PS4 controller.
      And p.s. learn how to spell, and properly structure paragraphs and use proper punctuation, you illiterate public school baby.

    • Starman

      Coming from a little girl , who is afraid to show her name …


    Yeah I’d have to agree that the controller itself is a true marvel. Playing a game that takes full functionality of all of its exclusive/innovative features is something to truly behold. The speaker alone allows for far more submersion in a game and that touch pad is just plain crazy awesome. All of the features of the DS4 truly adds to the game and how you can interact with so many more core features and opportunies than ever before.

    I am not certain of how some people have latency issues and or complications with certain hardware, but for myself everything since launch has been cake regarding hardware. I guess personal opinions are hard weighing on some and must make it difficult to swallow most things…..

  • Mark

    My question is this; if the PS4 is a high end PC, what is an i5Core with a GTX 780 system? Let alone an i7Core with GTX 980? An ULTRA PC? Personally I feel journos need to stop throwing around words with consoles like this. Have no prob with understanding the PS4 is a capable system. But it fans the flames of this system “war”. No disrespect or anything idiotic to any Playstation owners (I have an X1), but it isn’t even holding a steady 60fps on even half of its games, including exclusives……let alone render in 2k or above. It’s like, we have CONSOLES. U can’t just pay $400 and expect a high end PC. Console owners have always just wanted great games and services, that’s it.

    U know what, maybe some of these devs r saying that, since the PS4 is a single spec, they can get outta it, 2x performance than they could on a PC, because of its nature. That makes more sense to me. But still, we have consoles, where we expect to have a great, albeit “lesser” experience than on an actual, GTX 980 PC! Lol. This is making some PS4 owners expect insane kinds of performance. Where did this argument come from man?

  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    Pretty sure that massive cash injection from Sony for platform exclusivity did not influence their opinion on the budget tier GPU massively outperformed by Nvidia cards as a “Potential High End PC”. No sir.


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